Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Yellow Ones Again?

Hosted by Susan and Leigh

By 9AM today, we're on our way to the airport and onto Phoenix... But I wanted to share with you one more thrifty tablescape!

Yesterday, I hosted a Post-Mother's Day Brunch but out of the original five other ladies I invited last week, four said yes, then by 9AM, only one was able to join me. Truly, a mother's job is never done... I did have a great time with my next door neighbor and friend, Annette, so it was all worth it!

"I Love Me Some Herbs!"

Walmart "Herb Garden" Kitchen Towel

When I found these kitchen towel multi-set (1 mitt, 2 hotpot, 2 dish towel, 3 kitchen towels) at Walmart a few months back, I truly didn't know what to do with the dish towels as I don't normally use them. Then I got the idea to throw a Pre-Mother's Day Brunch on May 5th that got postponed to Tuesday morning, the 12th, now Post-Mother's Day Brunch. I was having a hard time coming up with a tablescape idea for a wonderful group of women, though most of them didn't make it.

I used only the dinner plates as it is a casual brunch and the seagrass round placemats were used as chargers. I needed another brown element to bring out the browns on the design.

Here are the favors... a packet of Basil seeds, a tulle ball of Spring-colored MnMs, and a grocery notepad. I used natural mini-bags to round out the theme.

Here's my Easter Bunny 6-egg plate stand. My dh tried to "wipe him clean" as he has a shabby chic looking schmootz all over! LOL

He may be small, but he is quite dense! Loved him at first sight. (So much so that I gave up a very cute 3-piece Easter dinnerware placesettings for 6! Now that's love, right?)

First there were to be 6 of us, then down to 4, hence the final tablescape look, but by 9AM, only two of us gathered... I used white mums to bring the white and green up and keep the eyes on the focal point.

I put in the straws for our ice tea, indicating where Annette and I decided to sit during our brunch for six turned "for two". ;-)

An aerial view... are you hungry yet? You remember my lace ceramic trinket boxes? I still love them and was actually thrilled when I was able to add them in!

It also looks good from Annette's view... ;-)

Maybe next year, they'll be able to join me...

Ambiance "Aristocrat" Yellow Dinnerplates - Ebay; $1.87 each
Holiday Inspirations "Easter Bunny" Egg Plate - JoAnn's; $9 (70% off)
Franco "Herb Garden" Kitchen Towel - Walmart; 75 cents each (in a multi-pkg of 8/$5.99)
White Mums - Walmart; $10 for 2 bunches
Footed Glass Vase, 10-inch high - Tom Thumb; $2.99
Milk Glass fluted cake stand - Freecycle; FREE
Square White Serving Trays, 3 - Walmart; $7.99 each
Seagrass Round Placemats, 4 - Kohl's; $2.99 each (70% off)
Bamboo "Ting-Ting" Placemats - Kohl's; 37.5 cents each (90% off)
Old Twin-sized flat sheet, butter yellow - (1996); FREE
Favor: Basil Herb Seeds / MnMs / Grocery Notepad - $3 a bag

Pilsbury "Cheese and Spinach" Savorings
Honey Wheat w/ Sausage Muffins
Grapes and Strawberries
Honey and Redi-Whip
Quiche samplers
Ferrerro "Rondnoir" dark chocolate
Lipton "Lemon" Herbal CF sweet ice tea

As always, a big big thank you to our hosts, Susan and Leigh! I still love these memes! To those who visited a great big thank you! I will be posting for the memes but won't be able to visit anyone until Monday...


  1. Everything looks great! I bet everyone had a wonderful time! I hope you have a safe trip! Happy Tablescape Thursday ~ Susan

  2. Mmmmm looks lovely! Love the yellow cream plates!!! :-)

    Thanks for all of your kindness!!! :-)


  3. I knew it would be pretty! You always have fantastic tablescapes.

  4. How disappointing for you and what a loss for them!!! I hate it when you plan and work and then something happens! Wel, your table is lovely and you were sweet to entertain your neighbor!

  5. Chandy,
    Very pretty! I love those brown straw chargers! I would have loved to be eating on this table! Cindy

  6. Oh, Chandy, it's too bad you did all the work and then they backed out. It was definately their loss!

    Your favors look so nice in those little handled bags with the green sticking out. I do love the whole color scheme.

  7. Looks like everyone had a great time at your home and the table look wonderful. I love the bags with the riboon looks so cute.

  8. The bag favors are adorable! Great colors too! A total success and the people that could not make it lost out on a great time!

  9. There's those dishes again!...beautiful table!

  10. So pretty. Your favors are perfect! I love those little tea light houses - so pretty!

  11. Hi Chandy! I like this. I really like the look of the brown chargers on the sage green. Really is nice looking. The whole theme is lovely! Have a blessed day!

  12. Oh such soft and pretty colors! Love your "goody bags!"

  13. Hi Chandy,
    I love the colors of your tablescape. It's so organic. I also like the favors. Well done!

  14. You were very creative with your combination of various materials and accesories for the setting. It is very appealing. Those cancelling guests missed a very nice time.

  15. What more can I say...YUM! I was distracted by the menu and food-YUM!!!!I love the garden dishes! So pretty!

  16. Such a fun tablescape and so yummy too!

  17. Aw, too bad they couldn't come..I would have!
    Love the bag cute with the dotted ribbon!

  18. A lovely brunch....I love your herb theme.

    Have a beautiful weekend.

  19. I love the tablescape! The colors and the shapes - it's all gorgeous!

  20. Love the idea of the dishtowls for napkins. They are just perfect with your theme and with your colors on the table. Your little gift bags are sooo cute! if they had know what cute gifts they were getting, maybe all six would have shown up!! laurie

  21. I am so sorry after all that work you were disappointed. I appreciate all your efforts and the lovely, thoughtful tablescapes you create !


  22. Thank you so much ladies! I just love reading all of your great comments...

  23. I love your Tablescape! Adore the trinket boxes! So sorry you had only one guest to show, send me the left overs for it all looks so yummy!


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