Thursday, June 4, 2009

Something New, Borrowed and with Hooves?

Hosted by "Susan and Leigh"

Yahoo! It's Thursday again, our weekly permission to play with dishes! And combined with Leigh's Thrifty Thursday, it just makes it more fun for me! Ok, ok... let's begin. (Whew, all that celebratin's got me dizzy) ;-P

"Fast and Free"

Folk Craft Stoneware "Running Horses"
(My daughter's birthday dinnerware)

When we first saw them in Kroger's almost two summers ago, my middle child, J-Pony, why for the first time in her young life, experienced FIRST LOVE! She practically couldn't leave the spot and gave me those pleading looks until I said, "If it goes on sale."

(Yes, dear readers, that's a close to a resounding yes to the ears of my children. They jump up and down when they hear me say such statement.)

But as with any small "wiggle room" budgets, I did have to wait until it went on sale, which it didn't! I had to force it to go on sale... Yes, indeedy I did! Check this out:

A few months back around late March, after balancing my checkbook and looking at projections, I realized that I can't afford the regular price @ $30 per 16-pcs. (She needed 8 place settings as she wanted to invite 7 friends. The menu was no problem as she is a picky eater and wanted everything she normally eats. )

Of course, every dinnerware had to be tested right? Right! So I did and since my hubby's really in full mode support of my love of tablescaping, this set was my next victim, I mean, target, I mean choice, yeah, choice... ;-P

This handsome set, therefore, is our "SOMETHING NEW, BORROWED AND WITH HOOVES!"

The transferred artwork on this stoneware was done by Scotty Z, a naturalist who has the ability "to capture the spirit and beauty of nature's creatures in his artwork." (from the box)

The theme came from the way the wild horses were drawn to be galloping at full speed and the background of that great open space. Can't you just feel the awesome breeze?

Oooopps! You caught me... I forgot to tell you about how I forced it to go on sale. (sorry 'bout that...)

After I called the manager and told him of my sob story of shallow pockets and birthday requests, the GM manager took off $1o each box!

I paid only $20 each making it only $1.25 a piece! You bet I was able to afford that and loved how he actually walked over two of the boxes to the Customer Service so I can just pick both boxes up, when I come to pay for them. I called in the morning, I picked them up in the afternoon, with my dh. Quick, Inexpensive and Convenient, gotta love that!

Since there are only 5 of us, I set the "centerpiece" on one end (I've given several tips on odd number placesettings). I used my faux geranium flowers (75% off; Michael's) on my Gabbay pitcher, $8.00 (regular $20). The Home (Target) "Garden Greens" napkins, $4.98 for four (I got 8), but it's technically FREE for me because my dear AZ friends, Midori and Randy Foster, they got a me Target giftcard for my graduation gift! (Thanks guys! I still have half on the card!).

And I paired it with the two oil lanterns that will also be used for her birthday tablescape (on the first day of summer)! I then borrowed my office receipt box to create different heights and three different candleholders for a more relaxed country setting.

To give it an extra "oomph!", I used my black woven placemats and I used my dark brown rattan woven placemats as chargers as they are smaller than the black.

The bowls were used for dessert- brownie a la mode!

See the 9" iron with leaves pillar candleholder, remember that's from Kohl's, 80% off or only $2.59!

For blingage, I used my Anchor Hocking "Starfire" glasses (Walmart) and I stuck my utensils in the bowl. For only $9 for 16 pieces a box, that makes each glass only 56 cents each!

How's that for thrifty?

Hubs taught me how to play around with delayed settings. I set mine for 3.2 seconds!

I like how it turned out! Yay!

See the rectangular dishes that are holding the tealight holders (25 cents each), garage sale find in AZ, only 50 cents each!

I like how the centerpiece turned out. ;-D Also, with it on the window end, it becomes a source of privacy and definite focal point as it is human nature to look towards the window for anything interesting.

By using the colors of the design on the plates and minimizing the black to just accent colors (placemats & lanterns), I managed to capture the romance and imagery. I gave this design a more warm feel for a casual family dining experience since for my daughter's birthday, the theme will be more whimsical and playful.

Here's the left side...

And here's the right side...
Look, we're already at the end of this thrifty tablescape and I haven't even told you the best part of this table, the tablecloth is another FREEBIE, it's a VELLUX blanket!

It's my teen's winter blanket. (I told you I get creative sometimes...) LOL

I can't believe I get to have fun and do a show and tell, too!

I love this set of memes! Leigh and Susan, you rock!

Ok, ok... I hope you enjoyed this week's tabletop design as well.

I'm off to see yours! And to all of you... I heart you all for coming by!

Thanks for peeking!


  1. Chandy,
    I just love it! It's so romantic and the centerpiece is outstanding! Great deals of course my friend, and you are a great bargain shopper!! Cindy

  2. Oh you are so funny, Chandy! I would really have so much fun shopping with you, you can even force a sale! LOL! Love the dinnerware, perfect for horse lovers. And I love how you paired them with the green napkins. What a great combo! Your centerpiece creation turned out very pretty! BTWm love the new look of your blog too....Christine

  3. This is very creative -- as was your wrangling of the dishes! Love it!


  4. Man, Chandy! I need to go shopping with you and get some of these deals! You're a hoot! I'm glad you were able to purchase these very unique dishes for your daughter! The table looks wonderful!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Oh goodness! I LOVE those dishes and you did this all on a budget. Gotta admire that.

    I have that glassware, but it never looked that good.


    Aunt May's Cottage

  6. What a cool tablescape. I loved that story...and even better I loved that you told your story to the manager and convinced him to give it to you cheaper! Awesome! Work it, bay-bee! I know she had a great party with a tablescape so beautiful! THe plates are pretty and do evoke a mood of "freedom" on the range. Great work. Great thrifting! Well done!

  7. I just love the black and green together.
    Those black dishes are so awesome. I am always on the hunt; well my husband is now for dishes. He is still hope that I will cook more. LOL

  8. Love the table Chandy and love the thritiness!! Well done...

  9. Hi, thank you for telling me about Thrifty Thursday, I'm going to link to that. I love your horse dishes! And I love the napkins and the unique way in which they're folded, and all of the candles you used, very nice! :O) Mary @Boogieboard Cottage

  10. Beautiful! My daughter loves horses more than air. Seriously! She would make me use these dishes every day! Great find!

  11. Yes, I loved your table this week, but just as much I loved your story of making the dishes go on sale! It never hurts to ask, does it?

  12. How sweet...I bet your daughter was THRILLED!
    Happy TT!

  13. Very pretty! I like the way you draped your linens over the bowls and they hold your flatware too, very clever!

  14. Chandy it looks so PRETTY! I love that you forced the sale (how cool that it worked out for you). I have dishes put up for my daughters too!

  15. Chandy, as usual your tablescape is just gorgeous. I LOVE the dishes, and your accessories are just perfect. The way you folded the napkin and placed on top of the setting is so pretty and really draws your eye to the table. Your centerpiece is just beautiful. You asked if the yellow dishes went on for l/2 off yet and so sad they havn't. I will let you know when they do. Hugs, Marty

  16. I really like the idea to put the center piece at the end of the table when the space will not be used for dining. Good Idea! I would have never thought to call the store and ask for a discount. Double good job!

  17. Chandy,
    I am sure no store manager would ever get the better of you when a sale is involved! Your daughter’s dishes are so unusual and I can’t believe you found them at the grocery store! My store doesn’t stock much dishware, which is probably a good thing. Nice post as always!

  18. A blanket too? You are so creative. It is all so lovely.

  19. are amazing! Way to go on asking for a better price...worse thing he could have said was no, right! You rock! I love this beatiful tablescape...and I love that your daughter is already noticing cute is that! Beautiful tablesetting...and you totally win on getting great deals! Happy TT! Susan

  20. Beautiful! You have such a talent for tablescapes. (and getting great deals on your tablescap-ing supplies!)


  21. Beautiful setting and I loved the story about your daughter and the dishes. What a great idea to call the store manager.

    Love the blanket tablecloth too.

  22. So creative, and thrifty, too! LOVE it!

  23. What a terrific story! so glad you got the plates, and what a great price.
    I think I will have to use your method next time!
    Lovely table, Chandy!

  24. Ladies, you are welcome to any tips that worked for me. Good luck!

  25. Hey Chandy !
    Love what you did with those cute your daughter wanted sweet ! I really love how you put the napkins and flatware in the bowls !
    Hugs ~Kammy

  26. A tablescape Blog, what a great idea! I just love your horse dishes, and the way you got them on Great job all the way.

  27. You have got to be the bargain shopping queen! I bow to you. I love your tablescape. I really like the centerpiece. I love that your daughter wanted them. I have all boys & they could care less about tablescaping. I learn so much from visiting your blog. Thanks for visiting my tablescape & leaving me a comment or two.

  28. Thanks for bringing some bling into my life. Say that 3 times fast. I am kinda primitive girl but I like to see what other people do! xo Joan

  29. Thank you ladies, it's always a pleasure to "read" from all of you!

  30. Chandy, this turned out great! I love that you used a blanket for the tablecloth, and I don't blame your daughter for wanting you to get those dishes. They are so special. Your napkins are so pretty, and the centerpiece (not in the center) is perfect! laurie

  31. Hello Laurie, thanks for commenting on my tablescape!

  32. From Midori: (e-mail)

    I love love love your tablescape. What amazes me is you can do those gorgeous million $ settings without spending much. I need go shopping with you someday.

    Love, Midori

  33. Thanks Midori, glad you got to see it! ;-)


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