Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Barrel of A Deal!

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Though my newly returned and well rested feathered "shakers", Lily and Josh are ready to join us again for another TT, I decided to give them another day off for rewarding their choice to return back home. So today, I'd like to show you another deal that dh actually got for me!

I'm also joining in on Jan's Tea Party at Rose Haven. Hence the tablescape I chose today.


" Spring time, Tea time"


Cracker Barrel Tea Set

I have never been to Cracker Barrel, but from "reading" several posts about their Easter dinnerware, I found myself salivating and enjoying all of the Spring tablescapes.

Ok, on to how dh ended up getting me my own CB "Easter Treasures" collection.

Last Sunday, as I am a Nursery Assistant Leader, I had my good friend Amy join me to help feed my "cutie crew". We got to talkin' about the Easter deals the next day and next thing I knew, we were setting a date to go to Cracker Barrel! But as Mondays go, plans change, so I asked dh if we can go to CB for lunch not hoping that I'd find anything since most of you already grabbed them (you know who you all are!) ;-)

So we Googled the location and dh recognized the area right away so off we went. When we got inside, I was quite delighted with the atmosphere of the store and this sweet lady greeted us with the clearance table they had facing the door right behind her. DH saw my eyes get big over this set, go on about how this pattern was on several blogs. Then we both saw then confirmed that all are 50% off, so I when I hinted that I liked them, dh said, "just no mugs, we're not mug people." Yay!!! No more dinnerware though, but plenty of egg cups and as I've mentioned, mugs... That's ok, I have enough for Easter plus I'm holding out for a great white pattern I found...

DH didn't let me get any of the egg cups or any of the mugs since they looked way too big for the dainty tea set. But this teaset would be great to hold Jasmine or Lavender Spearmint tea, the only two flavors of herbal tea I drink. I can see myself holding a tea party with my daughter Jasmine and Ian. Hmmmm... another tablescape perhaps?
Here's the platter... Now I know why most of you fell in love with this collection.
It has a vintage Victorian charm feel and look for its design.
It is big enough to hold various pastries to accompany any tea party.

I set my tablescape on my buffet table / sofa table.

I used three candles to triangulate the lighting and create a more romantic effect.

The napkins were used on my Easter dessert table on Sunday.

The flatware were found by dh at Target back in 2007; no brand name.

Guess what dh said when I did this tablescape?

"That is cute... I like that! Even I couldn't resist how that looks!"


Leigh, everything on that table is discounted, including the table!

That whole Cracker Barrel "Easter Treasures" collection of

4-pc teaset, platter, and 4 dessert plates , I took home for 50% off!

I got the sofa table turned buffet table at a deep discount from Home Depot back in 2008.

It came with two beautiful candlestick lamps for $200, but I paid $50!

The low cabinets (the matching one's on the other side)

are originally bathroom ones from BB&B, originally $120 each,

down to $89 each plus I had a $20 off coupon per piece!

The egg wreath from Kroger is 50% off at $5

{What do you think, does this Easter treasure fit in my home?}

Leigh, Susan, a bunch of thanks to both of you for another great meme!

Apologies are in order; I need to finish my two final essays so even though I'll be participating in the memes, I won't be able to visit most of you until late or even Sunday afternoon. But do know that I will miss you and will feverishly attempt to catch up and give you back some loves for your most assuredly wonderful comments! Thank you all!

Oh yeah, the bird bath/feeding basins for Josh and Lily, they are condiment saucers that were sitting next to them at Target. They are regularly $1.99, but one time, I saw them on clearance for 86 cents and I'm still regretting not grabbing that last one... Oh well... Ok, bye for now!


  1. Chandy,
    That is so very pretty, I love cracker barrel and I need to get to one soon. Love it girl,

  2. Oh Chandy...this set is adorable. Thanks for joining us with your lovely display...for TEA today!!! Now...let's party!!


  3. HI Chandy!
    Are you kidding me? All those deals? Girl, I wish we lived close so we could shop together! I love your wreath! And LOVE cracker barrel. I am going to go today and see if I can find some discounts. WHat a pretty tea party tablescape! I just love it!
    Thanks CHandy, as alaways, for playing along! You are a good friend!
    Good luck on your essays! I know you will do well.

  4. What a lovely setting, Chandy! I agree with your sweet hubby. I love everything about it, so warm and welcoming and cute pieces too. Great finds on all of them. To answer your question about my cutout flatware, I got them from TJ Maxx...Christine

  5. When I see a Cracker Barrel I always tell me husband to pull over so that I can use the rest room because I really just want to see what they have for my house:) Your pieces are too cute!

  6. Your tea set and oval platter are adorable! I especially like the platter!!

  7. I'm with your DH on this one...just so cute...If I would have seen those dishes etc. my eyes would have gotton big too !

    Come on over to "Lynn's Kitchen Life" one of my followers, you've WON a little thank you gift from me ! LOL

  8. Wow! You got some great deals! I love your big platter and sweet tea set. Fun!

  9. This is so cute, Chandy! Gotta love Cracker Barrel! Everytime I'm there I check to see the multicolored rooster glasses are still there. I have resisted temptation, so far, but it isn't easy!

  10. I love the Cracker Barrel set! I love their springtime and Christmas things. Very lovely!
    Hope you're having a wonderful day!

  11. Great tablescape at a great find. I'm going to have to get myself to Cracker Barrel.

  12. This is so sweet, Chandy! Love it!


    Sheila :-)

  13. I love the set, it so adorable! Great tablescape! I love CB, I have to talk my hubby into taking me, for he now knows why! lol Maybe I need to run take a look! I still got Birthday money! lol Good Luck with finals!

  14. Adorable Easter dishes! CB does have some great stuff. I posted that same wreath that I just got at the thrift store. Great deals. :)
    Mrs. Petrie @

  15. Fantastic set - very pretty.

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  16. Thank you ladies! You are all so awesome! Just quickly checking in before dinner then back to the books!

  17. Greetings from a fellow Pinay! I get so excited when I find great deals too! Will be visiting again to see more of your tablescapes.


  18. Maraming salamat, Chandy! It's an honor to be part of the Filipina blog list!

  19. No problem! It's my pleasure! Maraming salamat rin sa pag bisita mo!

  20. Love the C.B. tea set, and love the story about your determination to get there. Wasn't it wonderful that you waited long enough that you got it 50% off? Good luck on your essays. laurie

  21. Hey Chandy, Great job - I love all the details
    on your purhases - I love a "professional shopper" I'm one myself...hee hee . I think the
    bunny plates are sweet ! Hugs ~ Kammy

  22. Thank you ladies, I was so glad I found some! It is a great set!

  23. Yes, this Easter Treasure belongs in your home. It's adorable!

  24. Oh my, what great finds....and it all looks lovely.

    Hope your day is beautiful

  25. Chandy,
    I think this is the sweetest set I have seen in while. I love viewing your tablescapes, because they are always lovely.

  26. Would you consider selling the Easter Treasure Teapot? I recently broke the one my mother in law bought for my wife.


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