Monday, April 26, 2010

House Adventures #1: Master Disaster

Hosted by Susan of Between Naps on the Porch

Hello everyone! Happy Spring! Can't believe April's almost done!

So sorry haven't been posting for a while. As you know, we moved and so being new homeowners, we are delving into completely new territory. Hence my post today...

This is my new Master Bedroom; spacious, raised ceiling, two separate walk-ins, plush carpeting and huge windows and a bay. Lovely, lovely, lovely...

I was sold on this room. So of course, I took this picture. Making sure I get to show off the raised ceiling housing the original ceiling fan. It works, so no hurry to change it on our part.

Well... The day after we got the keys, we met with our ceiling retexturing guy (popcorn gotta go!), we all went up to the master to talk options. Mr. Man noticed that one of the blades were tilted down so he went up to it. Before he can touch it, it broke! And fell just barely missing his head! (I guess the poor fan couldn't handle another decade of use (LOL). Actually, I was secretly hoping to change all the old ones ASAP, so talk about great coinkidink!)
So 5 becomes 4, but since it broke at the arm, it became instantly unusable... *mad face*
(closer look of the damage. broken blade on the carpet)

What to do? (or should I say... What Now?) :-) No problem. I had one I owned in Arizona, in the storage. So off we go there to fix this dilemma. We get there ready only to realize that it's buried way back and don't know exactly where! Nice...

What Now? ("Brain" says, That's ok, I can wait. Summer's not for a few months away and the weather's been cool. We'll just open all the windows. Then my mom calls while we were dining out with the whole family with some good news!)

My F&MIL's were over for two weeks to help us move (LOVE THEM) and they agreed we can wait until we can grab the fan out of the storage. But we were all so happy when we realized Mr. Man and I didn't have to wait at all! Off to Western Union!

So... Presto-chang-0! With my mom's housewarming gift, we were off to the nearest Lowe's to pick out a new ceiling fan! I followed my Mama's instructions: "Get exactly the one I want." (Listen to your moms, they know what they're talking about. LOL) And with my mom in-law helping to make sure Mr. Man got to see what he's doing and that he didn't fall (I was the photographer) while Mr. Man's gladly installed it, we now enjoy a new ceiling fan! Yay!!!

It's the one we both fell in love with the last time we were at Lowe's.
He assembled the whole fan on the floor and installed it as one piece. It was heavy because of the separate motors for the fan and light. And as a surprise gift to me, hubby sprung for a remote control! He's a keeper!
There's my wonderful MIL. She's such a great lady. (Glad my ILs came and helped us pack, move, pack... Good thing, we moved only 2 minutes away from our old apartment.)
And here's my new fan! (see the antenna for the remote peeking?) I love those blades!

And there you have it... Master Disaster and how we "morphed" a problem into a solution!

Susan, our lovely host; thank you once again for letting us have fun "changing" our lives one project at a time.

Heart to all of you who stopped by!

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