Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pure and Simple!

My 16-year old daughter recently attended a Modest Prom that our church sponsors for all youth ages 16-18 years of age. This is an alternative party for a regular highschool prom that normally gets a little bit too risque for a lot of mild-mannered teenagers. And since it is her FIRST prom and St. Pat's is coming around, the idea for my theme came together.
She's only had a boyfriend for a month, hence the name of the theme. Also the theme was inspired by the coming of Spring when "buds" grace the earth to welcome the new season...(Pretty clever, huh?) The title of the post refers to the purity of innocent love and for the simplicity of my life. I couldn't ask for anything more...

"Budding Romance"

Two-toned Green Table Runner

I love how it's embroidered and two toned (sage & mint). It went with my Bordallo plates very well!

The placesetting is fairly simple, my signature in doing tablescapes. I used my scalloped white plates and my Bordallo salad plates. I folded the napkin from a website another blogger posted about. It was perfect for the look I wanted. I also found eight (8) yellowish green round placemats that complimented the runner. (Can you see me taking the picture on the spoon?)
Do you love my Bordallos? I can use these for St. Pat's, Thanksgiving, Christmas and even Easter. How versatile is that? Plus, I got them at 75% off!

This is my daughter's crystal stemware by Gorham, for when she gets married. Here, you can see more of the pretty runner.

This table was taken on "speed" setting. while there's no light.
I found these two frosted glass with green swirls and I used them as candle lanterns. I placed the other higher on a platform so they can have a greater presentation value.
It turned out beautifully when I took the pictures. The dark pitcher is actually a green striped with brown splotches. It's really pretty. The flowers were chosen by hubby at Costco while he had a flat tire replaced. The fold of the napkin I found from another blogger's post. It is pretty easy. This next picture is with one light on, taken by hubby.

After they ate, I also made them a great dessert from an angel cake muffin that hubby found in Costco.
Doesn't it look yummy?
My daughter and her date, Daniel enjoyed being able to dine on their own with only candlelights in front of them. My next door neighbor Annette helped me out by providing the main dish for them. She is so awesome!

Plates- Bordallo "Hen and Rooster" salad plates, Sur La Table; $2.49 each
Plates- Thomson- "Bianca" dinner plates, Ross; $1 each
Flatware- Farberware "Cameo" stainless 18/10, Dollar Tree; FREE- Hostess Gift
Napkins- Holiday Home- "White Ivory", Kroger (CC); $8.50 with tablecloth & 6 napkins
Crystal- Gorham "Flowering Meadow", Tuesday Morning; $4.99 each
Runner- Green Embroidered, Ross; $4.99
Pitcher- 10L Green Stripe, Ross; 50% off
Vases- White Frost with swirl glass, Ross; $2.99 each
Flowers- White Agapanthus and Mums with Rosemary, Costco; $10

T-bone steak, grilled
Mashed red potatoes w/ parmesan and parsley
Broccoli w/ cheese
Angel food cake muffin with strawberry surprise and whipped cream topping
Berry Blush mock cocktail
Ice Water

They loved the food and the Modesty Prom in Dallas, which ended at midnight, was great, so all in all it was a magical evening... Complete with glass (looking silver) slippers and a grand blue gown!

The gown, she found in 20 minutes, while the shoes, we've seen at Ross several times since January but have had no reason to buy. I guess the pair was meant for her after all... Remind you of anyone? (When I made this comparison, it made her laugh!)

My St. Pat's table will be very similar, but with extra touches... Watch out for it!


  1. Beautiful and a thoughtful addition for you daughter's prom night!

  2. What a pretty table (I like your style!) and I bet those two kids had a great time! You helped to create magical memories for your daughter and she will always remember that! ~ Robyn

  3. What a pretty presentation and how nice of you to make it so special for your daughter and her boyfirend...Christine

  4. WinnyNinny PooPoo: Thank you very much; I agree!

    Robyn: Thank you, that's so nice to "read"! It was magical for them; and they loved the food the best! Her boyfriend just adored the table.

    Christine: I love how it all turned out! I was quite pleased with myself! :-)

  5. Hi Carolyn! Oh, what a wonderful Mother you are! What a precious thing to do for your daughter! Everything looks so nice and the food sounds wonderful! Love the fancy folded napkin!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  6. Beautiful tablescape!! :-)
    Loved your runner!! :-)

    Have a great week!

  7. Shelia: You are such a sweetie for stopping by! Just love seeing you here! :-)

    Monica: Thank you, I had fun doing it!

  8. Ohh! how sweet of you for doing that for your daughter. Loved everything.

  9. Chandy, This is beautiful! You and I are kindred your enthusiasm for tablescapes! Hubby did great in picking the flowers...perfect! Dessert looked delicious! The runner is stunning...everything was perfect. Bet your daughter and her date, Daniel...loved it! Susan

  10. Susan, it's so great to see you here again! I love tablescapes. It's so fun! The flowers are gorgeous indeed and that dessert, yummy! Thanks so much!


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