Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Thrifty Table and Co-Hosting! Yay!

Hosted by Susan and Leigh

Today, since Leigh will be out of town until Wednesday, I'm helping out with the meme.
Ok, many of you have asked me if my "IDEAS" are beyond words. Well, here's proof of my style: inexpensive and stylish tablescapes!

This is from April 6, 2009

TABLESCAPING IDEA: ("Brain" is just so thrilled to have these ideas!) Throw out all the rules of table setting and just have fun with it! Set the table however you want with the pieces you want to use! As long as it's usable, find a way to incorporate it and enjoy your wild and funky tablescape!

I didn't have time to come up with a theme or set of dishes that caught my fancy so I grabbed the first set of items accessible!

"A Single Lovely Moment"

My IVV Italian green glass plate and bowl
This is what I found about this company online:
IVV: Traditional tailor-made glassware from Italy, For more than fifty years of unique handmade technique and design, every piece of IVV's product represents the particular meaning filled by its experienced technicians, which can be found in both the tailor made piece or mass production item. The simply and high-quality products are served in all elegant house appliance boutiques, as well as restaurants and hotels around the world.

I found this glass plate at Tuesday Morning for $2.50; originally $10
The bowl, I got for $2.00; originally $7
The bottoms are ridged and just plain beautiful.
See the platter turned charger? That's a Bordallo "Pineapple"!
Can you see them through my glass plate?
Also from TM for only $6.00! Originally $20.00
The placemat, from Kohl's for 59 cents; originally $5.99
The napkin, Kohl's for 39 cents; originally $3.99
and the flatware, my Farberware "Cameo" since 2000
the glass, a 25 cent (original $1.50) find at Fry's in AZ back in 2005!

See how lovely my table is? I so love it!

Here's another angle of my "table for one".

I wanted to show off the greens with the subtle yellow from the candle, napkin and glaze on the pot. See the band of the placemat? That is deep purple complimenting the mauves on the pot glaze as well.

An aerial view; how do you like it?

Here's a closer look at the glass ridged plate
and the
Bordallo "Pineapple" and Tabletop Galleries "Merida Multi" placemat. The placemat is upside down, the right side is very festive and fun!

Here's the napkin.
I tucked it in like a pocket and folded up the napkin to hug the plate.
I'll be using these napkins for my 9-year old's birthday party.

Even this striped "pregnant" bromeliad is a steal at $2.24!

The comparable one I got a few years back was on sale for $6.00 and it was practically dead!
The pot, mine from last year's "umbrella plant" casualty. :-(

Ok, it's your turn to show your tablescapes and thrifty finds!

If you're participating for Leigh's Thrifty Thursday, please link up with Mr. Linky below. Make sure to add in your permalink after you are done with your post and it's ready for your readers. Please DO NOT link up your regular blog address.

Thank you very much for our hosts, Leigh and Susan.

It was an honor to co-host with Leigh!


Co-Hosting with Leigh for
Thrifty Thursday!


  1. Chandy,
    You have the best ideas! I love this tablescape and the way you combined the dishes together. The greens are an interesting mix and are very effective.
    Also please come to my blog and look at the post called "Twice As Nice" because I am giving you the Attitude of Gratitude Award. I know you have been busy with your studies so don't feel pressured or rushed. I just wanted to be sure you were one of the ladies I passed it on to.. ~Cathy~

  2. I like the napkins folded with the silverware in the pocket! Happy TT Chandy!!

  3. Hi Chandy,
    That's a very stylish tablescape. Looks like something from a high end department store. Very nice! Thanks for hosting Thrifty Thursday. I'll be joining the fun as soon as I get my pictures loaded. See ya soon.

  4. Chandy,
    You got some lovely deals there! Thanks for hosting this and your like me, always looking for the bargain. Thanks, Cindy

  5. I didn't get your comment until just now, but I would be honored to be featured in anyway on any of your blogs Carolyn! If there is time, you can add it. I look forward to meeting the choice women you are aquainted with!

  6. I love the Pineapple plate! I love Tuesday Mornings for finding the neatest things.

  7. Chandy, I love your tablescape. Love the green color. Such pretty dishes and yes indeed you did find some bargains. I've been having so much fun finding different dishes at the local GW. It is such a thrill to find something pretty and at a great price. The way you fold the napkin is lovely. I will have to borrow that idea. Hugs, Marty

  8. Love your green table setting. The layers of dishes are fantastic. I like the way you made the napkin into a pocket for the silver.

    Victoria and I are participating in Thrifty Thursday this week. Victoria has to work tomorrow and I thought her linen post would be just right for this. Look forward to seeing all of the goodies everyone has found.

  9. Hey Girl! I wanted to pop in before I leave....and thank you from the bottom of my heart for filling in on thrifty thursday!
    I love your green lates. I LOVE green. And I can see the pineapples. A sign of welcoming....which I always feel at your blog! Thanks again, my friend. I am grateful!

  10. Very pretty! Love the layering o the gorgeous textured plates...>Christine

  11. Ladies you are awesome! Nothing better than "reading" from all of you!

  12. Oh, I have so much to learn from you about setting a table! I love the simplicity of your setting. The green dish really pops. And the prices were so great. Lovely.
    Mrs. Petrie

  13. Hi Chandy,
    ~WOW~! 39 cents?
    They are so pretty in stipes and the way you folded them.

    Love the gorgeous deep Green plates and the entire "thrifty" tablescape.

    ~An amazing job well done!

    Your new blog dress is beautiful too!Have a wonderful day my friend.
    ~Melissa :)

  14. Fabulous idea, carried out with panache!!

  15. Hi Chandy...

    First of all...just want to say thank you for helping Leigh out and co-hosting "Thrifty Thursday"...sure is sweet of you!!!

    Girl, I love your table for one! It's so sweet, serene...I love it! I'm really just becoming familiar with Bordallo...I didn't realize that they had a pineapple pattern...I like that!!! Your IVV Italian glassware is looks beautiful with the Bordallo!!! Very pretty, my friend...creative and so inexpensively done!!!

    Thanks for coming by and taking a peek at my treasure finds!
    Warmest wishes,

  16. again! I forgot and really wanted to mention that I love your new blog dress...I love pretty!!!


  17. I would love to participate and thanks for knowing ahead of time that I always need a reminder ;-)

  18. Love your table for one! The combination of greens is so fresh and pretty!

  19. Chandy,

    Such a great idea , table for 1 ! I can't believe your buys (steals) I love it ! I
    do enjoy your creativity .Thanks so much
    for sharing and have a great Thursday !

    Hugs ~

  20. LOVE the green!

    Thank you for hosting for Leigh too. That's very thoughtful of you.

    Have a great week!

  21. Thanks, ladies! I wish you all a great Thursday!

  22. Happy Table Scape Thursday!

    I am stopping by to visit From Between Naps on The Porch and your green table scape is lovely. Thank you for sharing.

    from Roberta Anne = The Raggedy Girl

  23. I think it's cool that you used Green so close to Earth Day AND I LOVE that little napkin silverware pouch. Too cool.

  24. Hi Chandy,
    I just love your simple table for one. I just want to sit down and enjoy my meal there. I especially love how you found your items for table at great savings. I am always looking for a bargain, and you showed that you can really make a beautiful table setting for very little money. Happy TT! Amy :)

  25. Roberta, Keetha, Amy; glad to see you all here! Your comments are always such a nice addition to my blog! ;-)

  26. very impressive Ms looks very elegant ans classy.honey when you've got it,you've just GOT IT.ann

  27. Ann, this is why I look forward to your comments. You are so sweet! ;-)

  28. Love your blog make over, what a cool design.
    And as far as your table, you can really put together a lovely green setting without spending that is!
    Cheers, Candy

  29. Thanks so much for guest hosting this week. I've wanted to join in on Thrift Thursday and this is my first time.

  30. Lovely table for one! Isn't funny how a few beautiful items make us feel so special! Beautiful!

  31. Chandy I updated my post to include a link to you. I apologize for the oversight as my post was scheduled in advance. Thanks again for hosting!

  32. Candy, thanks I didn't even realize that! ;-)

    Michelle, welcome, welcome!

    Janie and Jennifer; thanks for stopping by and enjoying this meme with me!

  33. I love plates and just cant resist them. I gave away many when we moved to a smaller home. I have since replaced them! Nowhere to put them!!!
    Your finds are beautiful!

  34. Chandy, thank you for such a great compliment! Thank you for co-hosting with Leigh. I love that I can show a pretty table, but still stay "Thrifty"! I love your blog as well!

    Hugs to you,

  35. Lyn, I know what you mean! LOL

    Victoria; no problem, I love seeing great looking tables! ;-)

  36. What a great idea to just use whatever you find first...stretches our creativity, doesn't it?! great job!

  37. Very zen and relaxing.

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  38. Hi Chandy,
    Love your green stylish table for one. Just because you are eating alone doesn't mean you can't have a pretty table. I eat alone often and sometimes set a pretty spot just for me, too.

  39. Christi and Zoey, thank you so much! I am loving it more and more through your eyes! ;-)

    Blessed Nest: I couldn't comment on your site but your finds are just wonderful!

  40. Kathleen, I agree! I still surprise myself how it all turned out! ;-)

  41. Hi Chandy! Wow -- GREAT bargains in your post today. I love how you break it all down for us. LOVE the green glass plates, how you can see "thru" them but they still have so much color and presence.

    I have a bromeliad, too -- one that was given to me already in "bloom" and I'm hoping to keep it living as long as possible. I'm not too familiar with them. Do I water it from the top of the stem, into the "bloom?" Not into the dirt? I vaguely remember learning that years ago!

    Thanks for hosting! Cass

  42. Hi there Chandy!
    Stopped by to visit today. Love your "Single Lovely Moment". Some days I feel that I need a single lovely moment. :-) Like the napkin and flatware - I will steal that idea. Ha, ha. and the cool green colors of the plates are my favorite.

  43. Hello Alisa, nice to see you here! The idea's yours! ;-)

  44. First off - Thanks for helping Leigh out this week. It was a pleasure to be a part of your group.

    Your tablescape is beautiful, although I am a pottery girl and I can hardly take my eyes off of the container holding the bromeliad.

  45. Kirby, it is my pleasure. Leigh is a great blog buddy! Thank you for joining!

  46. Love your you play on green.
    I also love how the pineapples of "the platter turned charger" shows through the green glass plate. Lovely....

    Hope your day has been beautiful

  47. Always love green, seems to go with everything!
    My mother had those green glass dishes in the 60s I think.
    Linda Q

  48. Robin and Linda; hello and thank you for visiting! I agree, the table turned out great!

  49. Chandy...great tablescape! Love all the layering of the green...beautiful! I love the flatware pouch...I need to learn to do that!
    :-) Susan

  50. Susan, that'll be my Met Monday post! Glad to see you here!


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