Friday, March 16, 2012

Irish Tranquility

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and I wouldn't have time to take pictures tomorrow or of tomorrow's dinner since that's typical of our household.

Ever since I decided to do another St. Patrick's Day tablescape this year, back in February, I can't stop thinking about how the Irish show their love for their country and how beautiful it must be to see miles and miles of green hillsides and coastline full of life.

But I was more inspired of the thoughts of how a typical Irish family takes a big sigh and just soak it all in.

"The Tranquil Irish Springtime"

The Muggy Days in Ireland

I went to Tuesday Morning yesterday and found these 6 cool b&w dessert plates called, "Pasadena Blackbirds" by Coastline Imports. I got them for $3,99 each or 60% off! Sweet!

I then paired them with my Ambiance "Aristocrat" in butter yellow, my new silverware, "Embossed Scroll" from BHG, and Classic Smoke by Anchor Hocking.

Ireland have also their own local flock of blackbirds: Grackels, Starlings, Sparrows, Thrush.

    I love how flat these plates are! The picture is barely interrupted.

 Before the candles were lit...

 After we turned off the dining room lights and lit the candles.
 Can't you just imagine this being in an Irish home with the weather muggy and wet?

 I set my previous centerpiece on one end since there'll only be 4 of us, I kept the middle clear.
 On the end, a "LUCKY" wood sign from Hobby Lobby.

 At Kohl's, I found these Food Network 4-pc Monogrammed Napkins, C and M, our initials, both my  husband and I. They were 80% off!

Thank you for stopping by and hope to see you all again!

TABLESCAPING IDEAS: (Brain is feeling calm...) Wonder how another country lives when they're not celebrating their holidays? Probably over a relaxing table. So why not put together a table that says this is my time to breathe... Use colors that draw your eyes to the center and keep it there. Muted colors against neutral; use colors of what calms you down or scenes of tranquility often depicting nature.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Early St. Pat's Dinner...


We had a back to back celebration in three, count it, three days. So I've been busy. But I'm joining in the St. Pat's parties at Cuisine Kathleen's and A Holiday Haven so here I am!!! I'm also linking up at Leigh's Thrifty Thursdays meme at Tales from Bloggeritaville. Thanks for hosting this much fun, ladies!

First, last Saturday, my son turned 10, so we had the house looking like this:  We used blue, green and black, but I wasn't paying attention to the colors of the balloons and I accidentally picked up purple ones. lol

Dining Room turned birthday party central!

Then, we had our church missionaries come over for dinner and I wanted to participate in Kathleen Cuisine's St. Pat's party, so I had the Dining Room looking like this!

Dreaming of Ireland

Ireland's Lush Green Hills

I wanted a more organic feel to my St. Pat's table, an homage to the luscious green that is Ireland rather than just the holiday so... I used real greenery from my own front yard! The necklaces adorning the chandelier were from DT. I got 5 of them since it held 2 each.
Here are what I used:
PLATE: Canopy "Golden Wheat"- $1 each, Walmart, 2009
BOWL: Ikea Earthenware Beige- 86 cents each, 2010
GLASSES: Anchor Hocking "Classic Smoke" - $1 each, Target, 2010
TABLECLOTH: Fabric Shower Curtain-Unused- FREE, GIFT, 2010
RUNNER: Ross, 2009
NAPKINS: Ross, 2009
RIBBON: Dippin' Dots (Green/Brown) - $2.97, Walmart, 2012
UTENSILS: BHG "Embossed Scroll" - $1.25 each, Walmart, 2012
 These branches came off our trees in the front, the runner is an upside down of a regularly Fall runner and the vases were from the DT, $1 each. The whole look gave me a sense of being on a hillside in Ireland during a windy, muggy day... Which was how it was that day for us outside!
 If you notice the middle of the centerpiece is a nice gap so I saw my DH just fine and our guests loved all the green!

 There's the gap...

 The chargers, called "Emerald Green" was a great find at Goodwill near where I work. And for $1.50 for 6, it was perfect!!! The glass stones were also from DT.
 I didn't get to light the candles, but that's ok, it just added to the "green-ness" of the whole table!

We started with a hearty, creamy soup, "Potato and Crab" (Ireland is known for their seafood markets and potatoes and beef) and the traditional "Brown Bread" or "Irish Soda Bread".
This is not a great picture of the delicious "Irish Beef Stew" I made. This is what's left over after serving 6 people.
For dessert, I made a pretend "Irish Coffee" mousse without any alcohol but from the vanilla. The whipped topping is freshly made, too. It had mock coffee because we don't drink any.
That whipped cream was so perfect that it suspended two big raspberries!
We also served them ice water and "Green" lemonade! Lemonade with 5 drops of green food coloring. So cool!

We get to use this table again this Saturday, but with a different look. Until then, thank you for stopping by and let's party like the Irish! Erin go bragh!

TABLESCAPING IDEAS: (Brain is seeing Green) No need to go to the grocery store to make centerpieces. Just use the local greenery and bring it in to cozy up the holidays!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Little Green Never Hurt Anyone

Happy Met Monday 
and let's enjoy another 
St. Patrick's Party!

 Normally, this twin frame of a potted orchid graces this either side of the bay window, but for March...
 ... mainly for St. Patrick's Day...
I hung the stained glass clover wreath that my uber talented FIL made a few years ago over the bay window and that gave me another idea.

I wanted the rest of the Dining Room to be a part of the holiday (like most of you do it), so I turned to Microsoft Office Clipart file and found these two great Celtic Knot drawings! This whole thing, only cost me $12! Sweet and long lasting! So until the 17th, this is what part of my DR will show!

Thanks galore to our lovely hosts, Susan of "Between Naps on the Porch" and Jessa of "A Holiday Haven" for keeping us smiling every single day with all these wonderful memes! So don't forget to link up!

To tide you over, here's some:

TABLESCAPING IDEAS: (Brain is loving green!) Tables are a small surface to play with, so why not have fun with it? Imagine that each table is your own stage even if it's just you that will be eating!

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