Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blue Welcome

I was contemplating waiting to post this, but since I'm home with my two sick kiddos, I figure this is a good time as ever to do this (I'm sharing, so that's good, right? Right! lol)

Anyway, aside from the typical Blue Plate Special during birthdays and awards dinners (and I do a lot of awards dinners for the three resident brainiacs), I've never really ventured into any blue dishes until I saw these gorgeous cobalt ceramic bowls (and accessories) just after we got back from our snow day adventures in South Jordan, Utah with the in-laws! (Looooove them!)

Of course, these were meant to be Christmas decor, but who cares? I saw them, knew they'd go great with my new Christmas find (you'll see...) and the ol' noggin just flashed with neuron firings for a new idea! So, hubby, asking "what now?" got the gist and said , ok. (Of course, we justified with not being home for Christmas and how much $$$ I saved him from not having another authentic Filipino feast! That sold him on it; yeah, I'm that good... :-D)


Cobalt Serving Bowls and Square Snowflake Plates

Each of these were a steal! The bowls I found at Kroger (Fry's or Smith's) and the plates at Tom Thumb (Safeway).
I found the plates first, just before we graced the beautiful Utahns of the family tree, with our presence. I was scanning the TT ad and saw them in small print and pic. While filling up our cart with some awesome deals, I couldn't find them, but after seeing some cute red Christmas "kanick-knacks", the lightbulb turned on and I quickly asked dh to make a beeline for the dishes aisle. There, almost in disbelief, were two designs (see sample and setting pics), equally beautiful- and made more gorgeous with 60% off tag! What can dh say, but... "What now?"
After our White Christmas fun, I was itching to use the plates, so I looked for "coordinates" when we stumbled upon the "After" sales at Kroger. Actually, I ignored the goblets back in Nov until I saw the whole line on Dec 31! Wowie!!! We're talking instant "ding!"

I can't believe and I'm relieved that I ignored this little cutie the first few times I saw it! Can't beat 50 cents a goblet!(Ok, you can. 2 weeks later, 25 cents a pop!)
This place setting below came to me since we just enjoyed some super cool snow, it's still winter, and we are in the U.S. of A! Cool noggin, huh? Another use for the RW&B combo!!!

I love taking pictures of candlelight glows, hence the above picture. Plus, I wanted to have a mini-dinner before the big midnight party to welcome in 2009, so we dined on surf and turf. Yum!!! The drink I made, I called it "Grape Sierra Fizzy" and the dh and kiddos loved it! (I think I still have the imaginary crown they bestowed on me as "Queen of mixers" somewhere. lol)

The Nana Mac Bread is my own recipe too; I tweaked Emeril's banana nut concoction after scoping out Food Network. I used the chargers and the fun 'fetti poppers as additional bursts of color on this casual but definitely festive buffet scape.
The candle plate, my middle child chose from Ross after Thanksgiving while the blue holders were from an earlier purchase, so they're FREE to me! The tablecloth design reminded us of the snowstorm we had fun watching from the windows. I had a lot of fun. I think I sang the whole time (in my head of course, didn't want to bust any windows!)

Square Red Plates- Lucerne/Snowflake, Tom Thumb;(2008)($2.40ea)
Serving Bowls- Holiday Home/Winter Flurry Swirls, Kroger;(2008)($7.00ea)
Goblets- Holliday Home/Winter Flurry Swirls, Kroger;(2008)($6/12)
Chargers- Clear blue glass- (FREE-Gift)
Utensils- Gibson/Chrome Bamboo, Ross; (2008)($18/20-pc box)
Napkins and Tablecloth- Holiday Home/Winter Flurry Swirls, Kroger;(2008)(8/$4 & $8.49; respectively)

Dinner- 6pm

Shrimp Cocktail (not the prepped kind)
Pork chops
Steamed Veggies
Steamed Jasmine rice
Grape juice with Sierra Mist

New Year's Eve Feast- 11pm
Milano cookies (for wishes of sweet life)
Nana Mac Bread- I baked it
Brie cheese & crackers (dh's choice)
Skyflakes crackers- Filipino treat
Caramel popcorn (VT gift)
Fruits (for wishes of prosperity)
Creamy Angel Hair with Shrimp & Parsley (for wishes of longevity)
Sierra Mist

Poppers- Albertson's; $5

Hope you like this one, too! Remember, I love comments!

Ok, gotta finish my game of UNO with the kiddos, bye!


  1. What a feast for the eyes! I love the red, white, and blue for Christmas and New Years. That is what they did for the WHite House this year. I was debating where to comment because they all look so wonderful. I can't wait to add this to my new blog list! Thanks C. for the new blog!

  2. Hi Anne! I missed you! I'm having so much fun doing this blog. And the DH is very impressed! Yay, me!!!

    Ok, keep checking...

  3. This one is just gorgeous Carolyn! My favorite so far....I love the way you mixed the red and blue dishes.

  4. The table looks amazing...not to mention the food:o) Lara sent me BTW, and I love what you're doing with your blog! It's fun to see so much creativity!!

  5. Thank you, thank you! They're like my other set of babies! :-D

  6. Lara: Since we also love just having a snow theme on Christmas, I can so qualify this as a Christmas candidate, too!

    Holly: Welcome and good luck!


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