Thursday, July 23, 2009

Black and White

Hosted by Susan and Leigh

Hello! Isn't it a wonderful Thursday? Great day for something inexpensive but elegant.

"Black Ties On"

My B&W pieces

Want to party? Let's go... I found just the right one. Hope your little black dress is ready or have dusted that ol' tuxedo up in the attic. Because... Look... there's a classy placesetting just for you! Are you comfy?
Let's turn down the lights and let the glow of the candle illuminate your wondrous glamour...
Let's look at you from above and make the stars smile.
Let's see some of the special touches... A pair of chic IKEA S&P shakers. At $2.99 a pair, you can afford a juicy filet mignon!
This little gem of a lowball glass with black glass strip on the inside! Marshall's thought you deserve something unique and "just right"... (The price of $1.99 a piece is the "just right" factor) LOL

So... did you enjoy your formal evening? Sure hope you did; I had a great time with you. Thank you for coming along...

To our lovely hosts, a big thank you and glad to see you here again!


  1. Hi Chandy,
    You can't ever go wrong with classic black and white! Nicely done, and photographed from an intriguing perspective.

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving the generous comments. Always nice to hear from you!

    Bye for now,

  2. Love black and white.

    Have a Tremendous Thursday!

  3. Chandy, you've done it again. The dishes are wonderful. You are so creative...the invitation in the folded napkin. You go girl! I like just a tad of sea salt on my's just a Crystal thing! Oh yes, that is perfect. Thank you much for inviting me to be apart of this special evening. Take care and may you be blessed!

  4. Hello, Chandy, and Happy Tablescape Thurs to you! Black and white is always timelessly in style, and I enjoyed the very unique way you photographed your table. And I also enjoyed my evening with you very much!


    Sheila :-)

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed my formal evening - the atmosphere was wonderful!

  6. Stunning! I love the look of black and white. It is so clean looking.

  7. I love black and white.

    Hope you return to the final CIJ Tablescape Party this weekend.

  8. You're back already?

    Black and white - such classics. I love how you paper napkins are folded like an envelope and holding that invitation. What a treat!


  9. Hi Chandy! Love black and classic! And I love the way you added the invitation! Cute!...Debbie

  10. The black and white is so elegant!


  11. Love the black patterened dishes. Very nice table!

  12. know I am a huge black and white lover!!! This is so classic and pretty!!!

    Happy TT!!!


  13. Such a totally elegant tablescape. I love fancy table settings.They really can be so much fun. Amy

  14. Chandy, My sweet, presious and classy friend...thank you so much for inviting me to the black and white affair. It's my first time attending such a fine and classy occassion. I am most honored. Such class and elegance on a budget, bravo! You rock it sister!Well done! Thank you for linking up to Thrifty Thursday this week! Be sure and drop by to see what the other thrifty participants are showing off. Some really great finds!
    Thanks again!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  15. Very nice. Black and white is always a winner:)

  16. Very eleagantly set with just the right formal touch...Christine

  17. Chandy,
    It feels like I have not visited for a long time, work has been so busy the past few weeks. I really like the way you folded the napkin with the silverware. I have been sitting here trying to figure out how it stays that way. It is very neat looking! I hope summer is going well for you and your children, it has been rainy all season, but at least I don’t have to shovel snow. Take care.

  18. Cute theme for a tablescape. I love black tie affairs as long as I can fit into my little black dress but those high heels kill me:)

  19. Great job Chandy! It does remind me of a black tux affair, or prom! Cool ideas! Cindy

  20. Black and white is so classy and elegant! Nicely done, love the envelop/napkin/invitation! Very creative!


  21. Now how did you know that it's been too long since I've been to a black tie affair? Almost two years... so i appreciate the chance to experience a little formal ZING in this charming post.

    I love those glasses, with the stripe. Very chic! Now, I wonder if Howard still fits his tuxedo?

  22. Love black & white and your setting is great!


  23. What a classy table. this is certainly something I would love to try . Thanks for the inspriration.... hope your Friday is all that you want it to be.. hugs ~lynne~


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