Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some Dish Spotting While in AZ

Hosted by "The Gypsy's Corner"

While we were in Arizona, Hertz surprised us with an extra $200 Pre-Authorization Fee for our rental car, so we had to be creative with our food budget and it meant no spending money! We hit the Fry's grocery store in Fountain Hills and on Saturday evening on the way to a family friends' home, my teen's braces were starting to hurt her gums so we had to stop at the old Basha's we used to go (back when we lived in Mesa) on the way to get some wax for her.

What's a girl to do with a camera in stores? Snap up pictures of dishes of course! I mixed up the pictures while uploading so I can't remember which store had what. I'm sure Marty of "A Stroll Thru Life" can help us. She lives in Scottsdale, AZ! She is one lucky duck!

Can you say Arizona is ready for summer time? Look at all these beautiful shades of summer in the tumblers. A whole rack of them!

Here's more for those outdoor cocktail entertaining ideas... You see the drink dispensers? I think those are built in ice tubes to keep your drinks cold! Great idea!

Look at these dessert stemware and bowls, even ones for margaritas! I am lovin' those cobalt ones!

A close-up of the ice cream bowls... I almost begged dh for some cash to buy the lavender ones,but I stopped myself. ;-) $1.99, that's it and they are ceramic!
More cobalt plastic stemware and look at those yellow margarita stemware. The floral dishes are just adorable! I am getting more furious with Hertz! Aarrrggghhh!!!!

Look at these plastic black dip bowls. They each resemble a mortar! They even came in cheese colored ones!

And here are the ones I've really salivated over. Wide snack sharing ceramic bowls from Mulberry. They are gorgeous! And how can you not want them at $1.50 a piece and they are twice the size of a regular bowl.

Thank you again Tam for hosting another great week of looking for Three or More great items.

TABLESCAPING IDEA: ("Brain" had a blast snapping up pics in the store) Never be afraid to bring your camera inside stores. If you find great ideas or inspiration items, snap up pictures and catalog them for future use.


  1. Oh, I am so sorry about the problem with Hertz. I'm sure that put a damper on the whole trip! But these really are some happy, Springtime colors you've shown. laurie

  2. Laurie, glad to see you here again! Hello! I know Hertz was not nice... ;-(

  3. Hi! I missed you. I was with my friend who had the miscarriage. She was having a really hard time and then I got to take Ryan into the hospital an all together fun weekend. I wish we could have gotten together for lunch or something. I don't live on campus. I moved a while ago. I'll email you the details, but right now I gotta go get a little beauty back to sleep! write soon!

  4. Yeah. we use a lotta plastic tumblers here in Arizona. Most people are around their pools all summer. I really love the colors in that first photo! I hope you enjoyed your stay in AZ... I'm sure it was pretty hot for ya!
    ~Really Rainey~

  5. I love plastic tumblers and dishes to use outdoors in the summer, especially when it's hard to tell that they are plastic.
    I'm sorry you had trouble with the car rental company but it looks like you enjoyed yourself regardless.
    Have a great Tuesday,

  6. Okay I'm letting you know...I really like your blog. Your pictures scream SUMMER. Now if only our weather would hear it.

  7. I took the quiz and I too am a thoughtful hostess. May I please use your pretty award on my page. Pretty please. Did you create it yourself it is very nice.

  8. DArn Hertz!
    Love that blue "stemware" too! I can just see myself sipping a "cold" one as I lounge on the back patio :0)
    'Enjoy your day!

  9. So colorful and fun for summer. Way to be free with your camera Chandy!!

  10. Oh Chandy, I am so glad you had a good time while you were here. I think a lot of the photos came from Fry's. Bashas also has a good selection, but Fry's always has the best. I have one of their super stores near my house and what a treat. They have a complete housewares section complete with dishes, linens and gadgets. Also some great outdoor things. Wish we could have met, but again I am so proud of your graduation and Congratulations. That is such an accomplishment. Hugs, Marty

  11. Ladies you all rock for coming by. Thank you!

    Marty, I would have loved to have met you too!

  12. No wonder, Marty always gets good buys on everything. My goodness, the state is full of beautiful bargains, how lucky can she be! Sorry about the Hertz situation. Don't you just hate surprises like that? Anyway, I am sure you still had a great time...Christine

  13. Boo to Hertz!!! How dare they put a damper on your moment of glory. I need to get me some of these glasses to use out by the pool. Here in SoCal the Fry's is a electronic store, not a grocery store. Maybe I need to make a trip to Arizona. We stayed in Cave Creek, AZ last summer & had a great time. Even though it was blasted hot. But it is almost that hot at my house in SoCal as well. Congrats to you again and curses to Hertz!!!!

  14. Oh Chandy I feel your pain! All those beautiful colors and you had to leave them all behind.

    I really LOVE those big bowls... almost worth a trip to Arizona from New Jersey!


  15. Fun and festive dishes, Chandy! Loved seeing these...


    Sheila :-)

  16. LOve those ice cream bowls. Do not like hertz.

  17. I love those ice cream bowls, I'd buy two in every color! lol!


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