Friday, May 8, 2009

Bad Cupcakes, Baaaad Cupcakes!

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Why? Because they are so good! Each one is so moist, soft, fluffy and full of cheesecake frosting with cinnamon sugar sprinkles goodness!

Mmmm... I. AM. SO. GLAD. TO. HAVE. EATEN. ONLY. ONE!!! Yay for will power!

I just used a regular Devil's Food Chocolate Cake mix but instead of the time that said in the box, I pulled the pans out two-three minutes earlier and let them cool for about 10 minutes. Then, instead of making my own chocolate frosting, I found some whipped cheesecake frosting, topped each one, spiked it up with the spreader then carefully sprinkled cinnamon sugar that we made ourselves! It. is. to. die. for.... Please, please only take one- for your own sake! ;-)

An aerial view to show off my milkware cake stand I got thru Freecycle! It is perfect for all things worth showing off! ;-) Here is my attempt at sneaking up to one, hee, hee!

I couldn't help myself, I've been in the tablescape mode all week, so of course, I'd do a simple one again to showcase my delish cupcake, Mikasa Annette "dessert plates" (really saucers), and Asian 3-pc coffee and creamer set (in my case, hot cocoa!)

Here's the cupcake upclose, want one? Go ahead! Take one!

Ok, make sure you don't eat it all at once... Isn't it pretty and smells wonderful? It is!

Gollum, thanks for a great theme this week! My children and dh love you right now! ;-)

Make sure you check out all the delish fares today, if not all the cakes!


  1. Chandy, I'm reading your post at 11 pm and it's made me hungry! My mouth is watering and I'm craving chocolate. Oh my!

  2. Your cupcakes look wonderful! It's early am and not only have I not had breakfast but I've not had coffee -- how could you stop at only one?

  3. Yumm....must....have....cupcake....

    Lisa :)

  4. Amazing willpower, they sound and look devine. Cute cake plate, too. I never look at Freecycle Hmmm! I'll have to start checking them out. ~ Robyn

  5. oh yum...I'm going to take one too! Happy Foodie Friday! Have a great Mother's Day ~ Susan

  6. Oh..... Yum! Those looks so..... Yum!!!

  7. Chandy, these look sooooooooo good. Now I would really have a hard time eating just one. lol Thanks for sharing the recipe, I will give it a try. Hugs, Marty

  8. Oh, Chandy! You are killing me over here with those delights! Yum! I guess mailing one would be impossible. Shoot!!!

    BTW- LOVE the new look!

  9. I want one! I love the cinnamon sugar idea for the top! Happy Foodie Friday!

  10. Good afternoon, ladies! They are good! Hubby was quite pleased...

  11. The cupcakes look so gooood! Thanks for the tip on timing. I think, though, I am mostly in love with the cake stand!

  12. Chandy: Are you talking my drapes? Or the pictures? The fabric from Joann's, a true damask. We lined the drapes so I can't check the manufacturer or name. The bird prints with the flowers are actually prints from the 1940s and are very large. They are part of a series done by Roger Tory Peterson. Although they aren't terribly expensive now, they are rare. I paid $1.00 total at a garage sale for them in Florida and framed them myself. Hate to admit it, but I used IKEA frames because I was trying to sell our Texas home and needed a quick way to fill a 15 foot wall. These are very large.

  13. What beautiful cupcakes! I'll just take one please! Your dishes and cake stand are gorgeous!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. Eat just one? Me? Never. I usually eat 1/2 dozen in a day and then wonder why I don't lose any weight:) These look wonderful. Happy Mother's day.

  15. Thank you ladies, sorry for not visiting much of you; still organizing!

  16. Oh, these are beauties. I love how you play with mixes and icing! Your dishes are, as always, gorgeous. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  17. Only One !!! They so look so very the cinnamon sprinkle on top!

    The dessert plates are beautiful!

  18. I have a big cup of coffee with me right now and really need one of these to go with it.


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