Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just Throw Them All In!

It's Thursday again, and that means... Tablescape Thursday and Thrifty Thursday are here again! Susan and Leigh are so cool to host these two fun and creative things that get my idea juices flowing for my next table! Make sure to check out who else are participating because I'm sure they are all just gorgeous!

Hosted by "Between Naps on the Porch"

For today's Tablescape Thursday, I went through my pictures and quickly realized that I love doing buffet tablescapes as well as traditional ones. Of course, since my children are little still, with my oldest only a teenager, elaborate ones are not quite in order yet.

So here are the ones I've done over the past years:

Mesa, Arizona- In the Philippines, it is traditional
to some households,
like mine with Chinese heritage,
to saturate a table with practically
every food item we have on the table with hopes for a prosperous and happy New Year.
The picture below was New Year's Eve 2007.

This was one of my better 4th of July buffet tables. Everything you see was deliberate; my chidren love to sneak food off the table, so before they did that, I created a focal point using all the food we bought.

I didn't do a tablescape that year, but I did have to make sure that I took a picture of our "impromptu" dessert table, my husband's new toolbox, a tall and wide Craftsman!

And here's my Thrifty Thursday...

Hosted by "Tales from Bloggeritaville"

I found these all in one week!

Like always, thanks for peeking! Now go peek at other beautiful tablescapes and thrifty finds...

Oh, and did you notice, there are now 20 awesome and fabulous ladies following this blog. I feel so loved!
Thank you , thank you, thank you!!! You all rock even for just visiting!


  1. I love your candle holders from Hobby Lobby!! LOVE that place! Cool tablescapes too.

  2. Jennifer: Thank you! I do, too! Welcome!

  3. Yummy tablescapes! I love those Bianca plates too. Great find! ♥

  4. Shoot! I typed a long comment and I think it got lost.
    Ok, I will start over....
    First of all, thank you for participatin gin Thrifty Thursday, you did a great job! I love those glass candlesticks, they can be used over and over. Great bargains there. Well done!
    Your tablescapes are amazing. I Love that you did a little something differnt than everyone. And I learned something about the Philippean culture. Very interesting! And great ideals. Those other tablescapes look delicious, It made me very hungry looking at it. YUM! I cant blame the kids!
    Thanks so much for playing along!
    Leigh, Tales From Bloggeritaville

  5. Everything is so lovely! You can really set a table. Although, I'm hungry now! :P
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. You can find the bargains.I love the idea of putting ALL the food on the table..Ann

  7. Love those pretty candle holders, C!...Christine

  8. Those candle holders are neat and the price can't be beat!
    I so wish we had a Hobby Lobby here. I know I'm missing out!

  9. Love: Welcome and thank you!

    Betty Jo: Welcome and yes, I was so excited to have found them!

    Leigh: I love Thrifty Thursday. I'll be there every week! :-D

  10. Shelia: NYE is one of my fave table adventures. Thanks! You are so sweet!

    Ann: Hello and welcome!!! Thank you for following. My dh and I love looking them. :-D

  11. Christine:I love them, too! I was so excited when I found them, lol!

    Brenda: Hello and welcome! I have a great friend named Brenda, too! I thought the HL was rather pricey, so I come sparingly. Thank you for stopping by!

  12. I love that you have to take pictures quickly, before your kids sneak food off the buffet table! lol That's so cute! I don't have kids, so it really made me laugh! Your New Year's table is really the colors you used, and your thrifty finds are great! I've not yet seen Thrifty Thursday...sounds like lots of fun! Thanks for sharing the link. :-)

  13. Belinda: Thanks! They are such sneaks, especially my son. LOL Welcome to my blog!

  14. I loved hearing about your traditions and seeing your buffet tables. Lovely. Hey, I saw the hostess quiz on your sidebar and took it. Sure enough, I'm a thoughtful hostess too. Fun little quiz and award!

  15. Great New Years table with all the festive snowflakes, very pretty! You did very well with your thrifty finds - great job!

  16. Great candlestics, and WOW what a bountiful table. My family is Norwegian, and I'm afraid on New Year's we eat . . . herring. Yours looks way better!

    I've got a giveaway on my blog today if you are interested. Thanks for sharing your family celebration traditions.

  17. I love tablescapes and you have some really good ones:-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments. I hope to see you back there soon:-)

  18. Running late this week visiting blogs....again...
    Hope you had a great Tablescape Thursday

  19. Elaine: Hello and welcom! I'm glad you're a thoughtful hostess, too!

    Tracy: Welcome and thank you! I love my tables!

    Cass: Welcome and thank you! It's one time of the year where I really make sure we have one of everything, hee, hee...

  20. Susie: Welcome. I will definitely be back! Thanks for the great comment!

    Susan: Hello, I did have a great Tablescape Thursday! Thanks!

  21. Thanks for stopping in and saying hello. I see we like the same dish ware and you shop at lot of the same stores. I LOVE a good bargain, especially for the table. Have a great weekend!

  22. What a good time I had today here at your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine hope you come back soon! Oh, I adore Martha Stewart so I took the quiz Too fun, I am a hostess inspired by Martha LOL

  23. Ceekay: Welcome! I love seeing people having the same table goodies as I do! It's just the coolest thing!

    Bama Belle: Great to know you're also a Hostess Diva! I'm glad to see you here and don't be a stranger. Thanks! I definitely will be back at your blog... :-D

  24. Chandy~ Your blog is so pretty and colorful ~ great job!

    I love your tablescapes, it makes me happy to see them.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments. ((hugs)) ~m.

  25. Mari: You are welcome! Thank you for liking my blog as well...

    Theresa: Let's eat indeed! Thanks for stopping by and welcome, welcome!

  26. You make me hungry for an excuse for a Filipino buffet and to try to copy your tablescape.

  27. Marivic, hello again! You so rock for exploring my blog! Yes, do some of the tablescapes and see how pretty a Filipino table can be! Hugs!

  28. You have a knack for making your table look so inviting! I had to chuckle at the "impromptu table" comment! I've found myself setting up buffets on some very interesting surfaces! I guess that's why God made tablecloths!!! ;^)



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