Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tiny Life Source Under the Dark Sky

It's unbelievable how quickly Saturday came today, and that means I get to share some Sightseeing adventure and Precious Pink Pretties!

Sometimes, sightseeing means looking up and seeing "what's up!" (LOL)

These wispy clouds resemble an eye... We were on our way to a baby shower.

While on our way home from a quick lunch date, this greeted us on the road!
This "wringed" cloud was so long, I had to...
take a second picture! We had to park so I can take a shot of both ends!

Here's part of it as we caught up... Closer and closer to our complex.
It was darker than what my cell took.
It was a rather unnerving sight...

A "frog" cloud watches over the commuters on our way to Forth Worth.
See its eyes and big mouth? It made me smile. ;-) See?

But not before this "bunny" cloud shows off its hopping skills! ;-)

Hosted by "How Sweet the Sound"

Do you ever wonder how tiny a life source can be?
I was curious so I went outside yesterday and...
Visited inside my purplish pink & deep pink petunias to have a look...
Inside each bloom is a pollen that eventually mixes with another that stirs the botany soup.
Scientists use the rNA of the pollens to create new colors, type and size!
The center of Petunia x hybrida looks like a whole new world up close.
Indeed it is a whole new world, it is the reproductive area of each flower you see.
Biology is not merely a science of life. It is a gift to discover how life finds a way.
Let me share something with you.
Back in California, about late 90s, as a new gardener, I was naturally curious about all the different colors in this one plant. I bought a candy striped one, a yellow, burgundy and white.
Then, after I saw more blooms, I decided to open dead blooms just to see how it looks inside.
I got this idea and mixed the burgundy, white and yellow petunias through their pollens during a rather slow day. When a blossom died down, I would pluck it off, open it up and "sprinkle" the pollen into another mature bloom then left them on the soil.
After one rainy week, I noticed more blooms, but rather small ones. Upon closer inspection, I created my very own burgundy/white candy stripe, white with red trim, and yellow with red striping from the inside blooms!
I couldn't believe my eyes!!!
I separated each plant of these new colors and proudly showed them off
on the ledge on a rectangular pot I originally intended for some marigold seeds.
(I think I took some pictures, but I'll have to check)
About a week after, I signed up to host a Neighborhood Watch Meeting.
The next day, the pot of my new petunia colors was gone!
The other plants produced the common colors and no matter how
I tried again the same process, I couldn't recreate the same colors.
The ones that followed came out mangled and tinier that practically died within two days.
I was so sad and shocked that I actually reported it to the cop who spoke at the meeting!
(It seems funny now, but I was devastated)
I looked and looked all around the neighborhood but no luck...
So now, I grow petunias, in hopes that one day, I can reproduce different colors again,
all on my own... The new colors are beautiful, especially the deep purples or "Dreams Midnight" that are common now, but there's something about creating a life, a new life... No wonder some scientists feel like they are gods. That's not what I felt...

It redefined to me the meaning of being a mother.
I felt that I was carefully chosen to house a truly magnificent treasure, three times,
and for that, I am truly grateful to God for my children.

I have "Hurrah Red, Picobella White, Dreams Midnight, Dreams Burgundy (2nd photo from top), and Picobella Rose" to enjoy everytime I visit out to my yet to be cleaned patio and lucky front door & window. (Deep sigh...)

Thank you Christine and Beverly for hosting today!


  1. Chandy,
    I was amazed by that long circular cloud. How lucky you had your camera ready. I was absolutely awed by the flower story. Your clever mind amazes me. ~Cathy~

  2. OMG! When did you get that cloud pic? I asked because while flying home last Wed., I saw a cloud so similar to that in the skies and I went for my camera so fast but the airplane flies faster that I missed taking a shot. Darn! Beautiful petunias! And what a fascinating story. I hope you get to recreate the unique color. Have a wonderful weekend!...Christine

  3. Hi Chandy! I love your cloud pics...and those shots of teh flowers are amazing! Have a great weekend...hugs...Debbie

  4. Your photographs are amazing, and I'm awed that you know how to mix the pollen and create your own blooms!

  5. Pretty ! You photos are ver Georgia O'Keeffe today! Happy Pink Saturday:)

  6. Wonderful post for this l♥vely Pink Saturday. This is one morning of the week that I sit back, stroll from blog to blog and indulge myself surrounded by my favorite color.

    I wish you a blessed weekend filled with sunshine and surrounded by those you l♥ve.

  7. Beautiful! Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. Thanks, ladies! I love it, too! Those clouds were amazing weren't they?

  9. Beautiful photos! I remember those cloud and the dark sky in Dallas. Your flowers are just wonderful. Happy PS!

  10. your flower photography is awesome.but not as awesome as your imagination.i saw the long scary strange cloud.i don't think i have EVER seen anything like it.but honey,am i the only one that couldn't see the frog OR the bunny?i am going to go back and read your comments and if i am the only one.i am going to cry///ann

  11. Amazing cloud pictures, and amazing flower pictures. Loved your story about creating the new flower. Good luck trying it again. laurie

  12. Nancy, thanks! You seen it, too?

    Ann, I hope you do, because they really are there... ;-)

    Laurie, I do, too!

  13. You took some great pictures and that takes both time and talent. The florals are gorgeous and the color is to die for. Happy PInk Saturday, Char

  14. loved the cloud pics! my kids and i used to lay on the trampoline and find things in the clouds!! love the petunia story too and how it relates to being a mother-surely nothing so beautiful!! happy pink week!

  15. Running late this week visiting blogs....Hope you had a Happy Pink Saturday ~ Susan


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