Saturday, July 25, 2009

Last CIJ and more SS

Hosted by Christine

Friday was great but like the rest of this week, crammed with things to do. So going to Petland was a little bit of a respite.

Inside, we saw... parakeets of beautiful colors. That teal one in the middle is the one I want!

If my hubby has his way, he'd snag this English bulldog puppy... Isn't he cute?
Here's my son, with a juvenile cockatiel. I don't know which one is more darling. LOL
This white parrot just hung out there on the ledge and would let others pet him without flinching.
Here's a cute bunny for my little cutie!
We went back to the parakeets and look what we found, kissing ones!
Thank you so much for another great week, Christine!


Hosted by Felecia

Ok, so this is supposed to be the last "Christmas in July", so I'm a little sad... But this "Sparkly Kiss of Red" table certainly put a smile on my face... I used all that I can gather together that seem fitting for Christmas as quickly as I can, but I took longer taking pictures! Isn't that always the case? :-)
I used my "Snowfall Splendor" plates and added a double star gold glittered ornament on top. The napkins and few touches of red among all the gold & white gave it a touch of romance and magic that is always apparent at Christmas time.
Here are all the other bling, crystal and glass. I love my "Rose Serenade" Gorham goblets!
Here's the close-up of the double star ornament...
And the napkin... I sprinkled some of the glitter on the table, but you couldn't see them... Oh, well! Oh! The napkins, paper, and only $1.99 for 16 pcs at Tuesday Morning! It's an orchid print with butterflies with gold touches and edging. It was perfect!Can't forget the "artsy" shot. LOL
Or the "on the table" shot. ;-)
Here's the whole table. I only participated for three weeks so that's three tables, three looks. I can't wait until Christmas!

Thanks, Felecia for this fun meme, and for all for peeking!


  1. Chandy, I love this table! It is so beautiful and romantic. Thank you for participating three times. Be sure to check back through the weekend to see the other tables. I have 5 of my own this weekend! Also be sure to visit the big CIJ party at Just Add Glitter and Stir on Saturday. There is a link on my posts.

  2. That is a very beautiful tablescape. Romantic, peaceful, elegant and inviting. You did it all!

  3. Oh, what cute pets, Chandy! And I love all of your tablescaping. Loved this post.


    Sheila :-)

  4. Petland, always fun to see all the animals...and birds up close and personal.

    Pretty table, does it make you feel all wintery with snowflakes and candles? It is a pretty arrangement.

    Tweet, Tweet, Candy

  5. This is so gorgeous and sparkly!

    Merry Christmas in July!


  6. Chandy, what cute pictures of your son at the Pet place. He is adoreable and I think he out shines all of the adoreable pets. Your tablescape is just gorgeous as always. I love it. Your goblets are absolutely stunning and the plates are beautiful. You always give us such lovely eye candy to look at. Love it all. Hugs, Marty

  7. Hi Chandy,
    Thank you for sharing the adorable pictures of your son at the pet shop!

    Your holiday tablescape is absolutely magical! Great job as always. I've enjoyed looking through some of your older posts ... you're very creative and your comments are fun and interesting!

    Bye for now,

  8. The table is just beautiful! I had two sets of chargers...but NEVER remembered to use them. And now...I don't have them anymore. Just when I had the inspiration :-)

  9. This is beautiful! Love the gold, so elegant! Very good artsy and table shots!

    I just posted two CIJ tablescapes!


  10. Beautiful tablescape Chandy. Everything just sparkles, and I love that. Your son is such a good looking young man. laurie

  11. Thank you everyone! You are all so generous with your comments!

  12. The sparkling table is beautiful& I love the touch of red!Merry Christmas in July! &you are invited to my party.

  13. The goblets are beautiful. Thanks for stopping by and sharing my special SITS day!

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