Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Little Sparkly Dust?

Hosted by "Playing With Dishes"

It's another week of "Christmas in July" with Felecia, our host who just loves Christmas all year round. This week, since I'm on vacation (and having so much fun...) I decided to share one sparkly holiday decor that I did for my teen daughter's "White Elephant" Party back in Arizona. We had one each December, for the last three years we lived there.

This is called Holiday Sparkle because the snowflakes had iridescent glitter and the gold wired ribbon was sparkly. It was the focal point for...

... this table centerpiece! I created my own glittered glass ball ornaments by swirling paints in them with glitter. So easy! The hurricanes were from the previous thanksgiving and the flower rings and linens, all deep, deep, clearance priced!
Hope you enjoyed my little sparkly holiday memory... It was a good year!


Hosted by "Christine's Home and Travel Adventures"

Since it's also Saturday, we get to join our other lovely host, Christine for some sightseeing! Last Monday, my in-laws took us to the Bingham Copper Mines where 17% of the world's copper is extracted from Utah's Bingham Canyon. It is currently operated by Kinecott Mining Co.

It also happened to be just a few minutes drive from where they live!

Here's the fam looking down into the mine, over 120 years old!
With enough zoom power, Mr. Man was able to show us a digger...
I took a perspective shot for how big the "delivery" trucks are. You'll see one soon...
There you see the bottom of the mine... More digging!
Oh look! There's a school bus touring the mine. See how little it is compared to the "delivery" trucks? With the naked eye, it looked like an ant! LOL
Here's a piece of Molybdenite that they normally find there along with copper, gold and silver!
Here's one of the many display cases of the items used or found in this mine. They have a whole visitor's center on the site for the curious visitors like us! Beautiful museum!
Here's one of the "delivery trucks". I call them that because they "deliver" up the extracted dirt back up to the processing plants that separate the ores from regular earth! They create so much dust that so often, a watering truck follows or precedes them. We sure had an eyeful of how a mine operates at the source! So cool!
In the museum, they've found dinosaur bones and mouth fragments, just 70 feet down! Amazing huh?
We have so much more pictures, but I barely got back from another hectic but very fun day, so I'll have to share more next SS! Thanks for peeking! Make sure to join next Saturday and share with us the answer to this weekly question, "What did you see out there?"

TABLESCAPING IDEA: ("Brain" just had another idea) After visiting a museum, create a table reflecting that visit. Either it be just the color, books about it, the souvenirs you bought, anything and relive the memory by discussing it during dinner or whenever you do it!


  1. What an interesting post, Chandy. How awesome to see dinasour bones! I have always wondered what they did in mines. Thanks for showing us and for joining another SS. And what a cool Christmas decor....Christine

  2. I like the glittery snowflakes! :-)

    Chandy, that is one huge wheel! And very interesting seeing those rocks/gems. Must be quite an adventure for the kids.

  3. Very interesting, Chandy! I enjoyed this. They mine phosphate in Florida, and I'm familiar with large equipment... but it's always fun to see what they find in other areas, too. They find sharks teeth a lot here. I guess that's because we were under water many years ago!


    Sheila :-)

  4. Chandy such a gorgeous tablescape as usual. You alway have such imagination and creativity with all of your tables. I also love the tour of the mine. They are always so fascinating. Also, the next "Cloche Party" is scheduled for Sept. 11th for the Fall season. Grab the button on my sidebar to remind you and to tell your friends. See you there. Hugs, Marty

  5. Hello to all! Glad to see you and yes we had a blast!

    Marty, I'll be there!

  6. Chandy, I love the glittery snowflake table. I'd love to hear more about your daughter's white elephant party. I have a friend who hosts an ornament exchange for a group of teacher friends after work one day right before Christmas. I am thinking of doing one with my other job collegues. It is one more reason to be able to decorate another holiday table!

    I am going to try the glitter ornaments. Do you have more info on how to do this???

    Thank you for stopping by and showing off your pretty tablescape.

  7. Pretty tablescape as usual! It looks like your family is enjoying their vacation. That is one HUGE wheel! It's fascinating to see what our earth will reveal.

  8. Thank you for your sweet visit! It looks like you and your family have had quite a fun adventure! Thanks for the share and your pretty tablescape as well.

  9. Oh, how fun and interesting...I love that Christmas in July post too. All Such pretty tablescapes.

  10. Thanks for the pictures! My dad was vice president of an Engineering firm and when I was around 8 he took me to see the kennicott copper mine in Utah. He was visiting the site to talk about environmental remediation and to view their setup. We got the royal treatment, and he was allowed to go down to the bottom of the mine, while a secretary babysat me and gave me a pink hardhat and fed me soda and cookies. It was fun, but scary. I never could remember where the place was and almost thought it was a dream (I kept picturing the drive to the entrance) until I stumbled on pictures and confirmed it with my mom. The workers are the nicest anywhere, or at least they were back then. I hope you guys had a great time, and thanks for the reminder of such a good memory!

  11. Hi Chandy,
    I liked the table ideas and the neat tour your family went on~ The pic of you and your son is really cute! He looks like he'll be as big as his mama before long! Hugs, Cindy

  12. Your glittery table looks like fun. I like your pictures of your family fun:)


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