Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Single Candle

Hosted by "Between Naps on the Porch"

I know Spring is just around the corner. How because my son turned one year older! Since my son's birthday was on Sunday, we also celebrated it on Monday night by inviting friends over for a dinner party. We hit Walmart that morning for some last minute ideas for the menu since it was also my week for finals, the menu planning escaped my mind.
While cruising the clearance aisles, I found this light yellow candle without any tags and I quickly formed an idea for a tablescape. I certainly didn't have time for any elaborate centerpiece and since I am a Feng Shui practitioner, often my ideas are simple and harmonious to my family dynamic and to the people we often invite into our home. (Plus, "Brain" would like to point out that we are dirt poor and are currently apartment dwellers. Meaning, we don't have that much space to entertain and yet we do anyway! LOL)

"Start of Spring"

A yellow mildly scented candle

It had no tag and it was almost hidden away at the bottom shelf. I happen to be looking for candles (to bring life and light to any gathering, just like my son), and it seemed odd that the only ones available for my budget happened to be squares. So it was a very nice surprise that I found it. I used only one candle as my main centerpiece to symbolize my only and very special little boy who we love very much. I quickly stashed it in my cart and since it was tagless, the customer service people gave it to me for 50 cents! The picture is reflective of its actual size, so its price is that much sweeter.

The placesetting was dictated by the menu and the guest combination of children, teens and adults. It was a rather formal table for an informal gathering, but the look of the table allowed for a more mature conversation that engaged everyone. I did have to employ a card table to stand as an additional children's table for four as we had a total of 10 people dining plus 5 others came for the cake.

As you can see, the plates were from a previous Thrifty Thursday post. Again, I focused the tablescape on the foods that would be served. Do you like the tablecloth? It is very nice that you can even hang them on your windows. Why, because they are drapes! Yes, I couldn't find any inexpensive dark taupe tablecloth for my budget but when I saw these at a great clearance price, I snapped it up! They were originally $25 as a set, but I got them for $11.00!

The rectangular serving dishes, I ignored those for several weeks until last Monday morning when I realized that they will hold the amount of food I needed to serve. They are normally $20 each, at least that's what I saw in one of the covered up tags, but I got each of them for only $8.96! The dishes and placemats are off white, so these very white serving pieces stood out nicely, anchoring the sole candle in the middle. They are heavy and each holds a lot of food.

Plates- "Spectrum Stripes" by Culinary Arts- Kroger; $1 each
Flatware- "Highrise Sand" by Cambridge International- Kroger; $22 for 20-piece set
Glasses- "Fire and Ice" by Anchor Hocking- Walmart; $9 for 16
Placemats- "Fresh Ivory" by Home Trends- Walmart; 75 cents each
Serving dishes- Walmart; $8.96 each
Tablecloth (2 window tab drapes)- Walmart; $11
Candle- Walmart; 50 cents

Garlic and Olive oil Vermicelli with kielbasa
Steamed Broccoli with light scampi sauce & diced tomatoes
Wheat dinner rolls with homemade honey butter
Chocolate "Hot Wheels" birthday cake
Calamansi juice (Filipino citrus)

Thank you for stopping by; I hope to see your tablescape for today, too! And make sure to visit and thank Susan of Between Naps on the Porch with me for hosting again today. See you all at the next table!


  1. Chandy, I loved seeing your tablescape! I'm glad you went back for the square dishes as they are very smart! Your table has such a peaceful quality, and I like the variation in shapes combined with the subtle colors. It just seems like the perfect place to relax and dine with good friends or family.

    Happy Tablescape Thursday!


    Sheila :-)

  2. Sheila: That's exactly what I was going for! Great eye you have! Thank you! Happy Tablescape Thursday to you as well...

  3. Hi Chandy! I love your tablescape and the candle is the perfect touch! You are so clever to repurpose drapes as a tablecloth! Your mneu sounds sounds as though you had a wonderful evening! Happy birthday to your son!!...Debbie

  4. Love the story of the table cover...Scarlet! 'Just saw it in the window and had to have it.'
    Menu sounds yummy, are you taking reservation? Birdie 'dishes' I got at Ross just yesterday. They were unpacked and laid out on the sofa as I looked at how really cute they are...idea!!! Tablescape. And now you know the rest of the story.
    Blessings, Candy

  5. Debbie: Thanks, we did have a great time!

    Candy: That's a great way to be inspired! I better check my local Ross; hopefully today! Thank you!

  6. A very pretty table..I love that you found the drapes to use for your cloth. I know you all had an excellent time...
    Happy day, bj

  7. BJ: Thank you, it was a stroke of genius! :-)

  8. What a lovely birthday tablescape!
    I have used drapes and bed coverings for my table...isn't that fun?!
    Have a fabulous day!

  9. You really got a great look from some clever shopping. Good job! Linda

  10. Hello Chandy! I really like your square dishes. Happy TT!

  11. What a lovely table.
    It's simplicity is so soothing.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Oh, I love your writing style too.

    Barbara Jean

  12. Wonderful tablescape. The meal sounds delish...I would love to have supper! YUM!

  13. A beautiful table, Chandy. The menu sounds scrumptious.

    I love that you set the table and make things special!

  14. When I was growing up, the children were always seated at a card table.

    You menu sounds wonderful. I would love to have been there.

  15. MMM, everything sounds so good and will be displayed perfectly on your table!

  16. Thank you ladies! I felt really good about how the table turned out. And since we had a mix of ages, the simplicity appealed to all of them!

  17. Hi Chandy,
    I love that you thought outside the box and used drapes for a tablecloth!
    I am starving right now so reading that delish menu is sort of like torture. :)

  18. Thanks, Zoey! I assure you, it was torture for the guests too when they had to wait for the food because I forgot the serving utensils! :-)

  19. Hello!
    Thank you for your precious words! They were much appreciated!
    Your tablescape is simple and perfectly displayed... and the menu JUST DIVINE!!!!
    Happy Tablescape Thursday!

  20. Hi,
    Your table looks great and your menu sounds yummy. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Monica: Thank you for visiting and the lovely comment and you are welcome, too!

    D: Thanks! I loved setting up the table and the food was yummy!

  22. Chandy,
    You are one clever lady, and I enjoy learning your Feng Shui tips!

  23. Happy Tablescape Thursday


  24. The table is lovely and menu sounds great.

  25. Love your square plates.I have been meaning to get me some of them .

  26. Thank you ladies! I'm glad you visited! :-)

  27. Theresa: See if your Walmart has them on clearance. Thank you for visiting!

  28. Great deals Chandy! and you are right, it is hard to find a serving dish large enough. Your table is lovely!

  29. Melissa: Thanks, and you are awesome for agreeing with me! :-)

  30. Geometric, clean lines -- very Zen. Peaceful and beautiful!

  31. Pretty table!
    I use fabric shower curtains or duvet covers for tablecloths too..only if they are on clearnace..:)
    Love the :history" of your tables!
    Please join the party on the 17th, and thanks for your visit to my blog!

  32. Hi Chandy....I love someone that can scout out a bargain...your table is simple but the 50 cent candle....great spotting it...

  33. Mary, Kathleen and Sue: Thanks! Sometimes, I amaze myself at the kinds of stuff that I find.


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