Monday, February 9, 2009

Fall Gal

It would seem that I remember to take more pictures of my Thanksgiving tables than any other holiday. I wonder why that is? Did I have more time? Nah! Did my kids remind me? Nah! Did I subconsciously ensured some pictures? Maybe...
Well, whatever it was, my Fall tables had had more exposure to the public eye. I think they're gorgeous, what do you think? (Humor me, would ya?)


"Grateful for a Penny"

Picture of Jesus Christ

Back in February 2004, my DH moved us to ASU Williamsfield Campus Housing while he was a full time Aviation Mechanics student. We were so grateful for so many things despite the lack of infusion of cash that just finding most of our stuff intact was enough to celebrate! (Wouldn't you?) I put together all that we owned, as nicely as I could on this table. Our son Ian was only 2, so of course his placemat would be different so he knew where he'd sit!
The theme was because at the end of all of my preparation, my cute, cute son decided to inspect his saucer plate and dropped it on the linoleum floor that's covering cement! (good thing it only broke into three big pieces! I was beside myself for a while, but you know what? It was fine, my son did not have a scratch on him! I saw the video of it recently and it was so cute to see Ian's reaction of using the utensils to cover his ears from the noise it made! LOL) I knew I would have to scrape more pennies just to replace this $35 saucer plate. Five years later, I finally have the $35, but now I can't remember the name of this Nikko beaut! Down with "stuff" prisons! Lol)
(LDS married students + young kids? Always = Flat Broke!)

"Glamorous Fall"

Embossed Off-white Ceramic Dinner Plate

In 2006, less than two weeks into Thanksgiving, Linens & Things decided to slash this set 50-75% off. Before that, when we first saw it, even the dh was impressed with the embossed design (lucky for me, he didn't see the enormous slobber puddle happening between me and these beauts; it would have been embarrassing- again!)
Anyway, when we came back and saw the clearance tags, I just started my third semester of my own Elem Ed degree, and we had some moolah to play with (can you believe it? I didn't either, but we did!)
So I took the plunge and grabbed these- the plates were 50% off while the service items were 75% off! Love that!
The tablecloth, $2- from the Albertson's grocery stores GOOB closeout; green napkins, candles and placemats- all 2005 finds for 75-90% clearance; napkin rings were really candleholder decor, Michael's- 90% off (2005); goblets, my Luigi Bormioli's and Target find. Those two pink goblets were a gift from my lovely sis from CA. The runner was $1 from RS activity and the leaves in hurricanes, from an AD activity that I did a month before; placecards- simple scrapbook paper, Michael's- 20 cents.

"Simply Grateful"

Beautiful Scented Candles

By November 2007, while still recovering from our summer AZ to TX move, we quickly realized that dh's Apprentice salary wasn't cutting the mustard (I hate mustard; thought I'd just throw that in for purely FYI reasons). It called for some serious belt tightening.
Lucky for us (I really mean ME), we were able to find these heavenly scented candles for $2.50 each at Ross, the candelabra was from a Costco trip back in 2002- gift from dh, and the tablecloth, $3 at Walmart. We waited a week before "Thanks Day" to decide on a tablecloth because the bills got in the way (again!) and were pleasantly surprised (ok, ok, more like "made sure to cross my fingers behind my back" hoping) that they've already marked most of the items down (see, it pays off to be patient).
The plates were my "Mocha Swirl" Easter ones from 2006- 50 cents each at Fry's in Mesa, AZ; the glasses- a Target steal at 1.99 for a box of 4! The dessert table were all from our kitchen in Gilbert, AZ- the plate stacker was an anniv gift from dh (he surprised me...). The bowl from Great Indoors- 60% off, the linen (we found on Thanks day evening inside one of the boxes)- 50% off.

And last but not least... Actually it's the best!

"Autumn Romance"

Texas Autumn at Dusk

2008 was a great year for us; we approached it with a very "Penny Pincher" attitude and it was reflected on this abundant table.
This is by far my crowning achievement for my Thanksgiving line of tablescapes. I wanted to bring a casual tone to an otherwise formal affair, hence the placesetting. I think Sandra would approve and Martha would label it, "it's a really, really good thing." (How about you?)
I was inspired by the beauty of Texas autumn so the theme reflected that. I used the same plates as last year (so now, my mocha swirl plates, is now for Easter and Thanksgiving, sa-weeet!) Though they matched, the "Autumn Leaves (or is it Fall Foliage?)" runner, placemats and dessert table linen from holiday leftovers of different stores (Ross, LNT & Kohls)- for really cheap.
Garden ridge on the day of Thanksgiving, slashed most of the leaf-shaped candles and ceramic trays 50 & 75% off, so those were great last minute additions. I made my own floral arrangements (dh chose the blooms from TT- great choice, honey!). The tablecloth for the dinner table, Walmart-$7; chargers, LNT GOOB closeout-$9/12; glasses, Walmart- $9/16; napkins, Party City- 60% off. The mugs on the dessert table, Kroger (2007)- 75 cents each.
I made the cookies, cupcakes and the filling for the puff pastry shells. The curnocopia, Walmart- $3 and the ceramic gourds, Garden Ridge- $2 each.

Do you agree? Isn't this a gorgeous table?

This last picture is of the dinner table. I really loved this one; my rooster is the star of the show! (I took the shot at dusk, creating a romantic glow) The rooster, hubby's late b-day gift, and the Asian vases in the background? Ross- $3.99 each! How talented are my kiddos? They made those place cards; Jasmine got the idea from school and we sized it down for our table! Cool huh?

Alright, you know the drill, let me know what you think. I'd love to hear from all of you. Thanks!


  1. Beautiful! I usually count myself pretty lucky as long as I don't have any spills on the table! I love the deals on the right.

    I toodled over here on your recommendation from the SITS site.

  2. WOW loady you have tallent! I love to do a beautiful table as well. My mother-in-law doesn't understand it, BUT she tells EVERYONE how great my tables are.. BONUS!! I LOVE Tuesday Morning as well. I even use mismatched stuff from there with a common theme or color and it's amazing how good it looks. I'm with ya on the no BIRDCAGES too! Hey you should try the odds and ends baskets at Joanne's fabrics. You can get great fabrics to make simple runners for less than $5!! AND did you know that places like Michaels, Joannes and AC Moore take eachother's coupons? I always carry them arround with me. I came over from SITS roll call this morning... so you refered me.. I'd love to win the Target card! I could do SO much with them. Stop by my blog too I'm always giving something away, right now it's the Woo Hoo Box.

  3. Thank you so much ladies!

    Monica: I love all the deals I find! So fun!

    Di Paola: Yes, actually, we frequent Jo-Ann's and Michael's (we're clearance stalkers). Good luck!

  4. The last one is beautiful, but the one with Ians story is so sweet, and really shows how anyone can make it a special day through cooking and special matter where they are or what they have. How do you figure out where they keep the clearance stuff in each store?

  5. Hi Anne! I just love seeing your comments on here.

    Charlie and I, we love to look for clearance, it's our main date; he goes for the electronics and I scope out the dinnerware. Sometimes, we fill up the carts with all the clearance dishes together to see if they go together, then we put it back and exit holding hands, proud that we didn't buy anything! :-D


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