Monday, February 14, 2011

Two Dozen


Hope you all had a great time celebratin' and spreading love to all!

I'm joining Marty, Susan and Leigh again this week. Woot! It's so rare that I get to join in that it's an occasion in itself!

"Collecting Two Dozen of Love"

Two dozen beautiful roses and Two "Love" Collection Glassware

Well... This year, I decided that no matter how hectic our pace still is, we will celebrate V-Day. Nothing fancy, but definitely some flowers are involved and since roses are abundant this month, I managed to receive not one, but TWO DOZEN! (How lucky can one gal be?)

This morning, Mr. Man surprised me with a dozen white roses, and some purple and green filler stems to make a beautiful bouquet. He knows I prefer making my own, so he doesn't bother to wait and have a store do it for me.
Our dinner and table plans were simple enough: No fuss and the kids dictate the menu to include them in the celebration. So we used my Wachterbach "Terra Cotta Cherry" dinner plates, everyday American Living white handled utensils, paper heart napkins and Kane Home "Love" Collection champagne flutes from the closing Albertsons nearby.
We just lit some tealights and opted to have a bare table since it will be fully sanded and re-stained soon.
We feasted on Penne Alfredo with Smoked Sausage, Steamed Broccoli and Basil Garlic Bread along with some Garlic Parmesan Wings that we got FREE from Pizza Hut since they messed up our original order.
I transferred the white roses on to one of my smaller cabinets and the lamp light gave it a very romantic feel, fitting of a V-Day picture.

On Sunday, we had a Pre-Valentine dinner to use the cute glasses we got from the Dollar Tree a few weeks back. It's also the Love collection from Anchor Hocking. Only it was brown, pink and burgundy and it had a modern yet whimsical Victorian feel and look to it.
So we used one of our flat sheet sets to provide the pink, burgundy napkins and swirly pink/brown Mulberry Swirl bowl.
...and to highlight the dozen baby pink/mint green roses I got on Saturday. I created a simple bouquet by using some leaves from the bushes out front.
I just put together whatever looked good together. And I found my dancing couple statue and used that.
I think it gave a romantic story to this otherwise simple vignette. It reminds me of young couples who sneak around for that one last kiss of the night. *sigh*


TABLESCAPING IDEAS: (Brain is so in loooove!) Holidays are known for their colors which makes decorating easy. But if what you have don't seem to "match", it can be frustrating. Why not cater the holiday to your typical color scheme? Blue Valentine's Day perhaps? Why not? Just use lots of candles and white or yellow flowers and your romantic setting is ready!

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