Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not Just Another Table

Hosted by Susan and Leigh

Hello all! It's Thursday again! You know what that means right? So which dishes did you play with this week? I wanna see, I wanna see!

This is my from my first post back in early February, when I started this blog, but since I actually did this table in the summer time, I thought I'd share it with you today.

Plus, I didn't have any time to do a new tablescape; we had a thunderstorm/tornado watch happen last night which freaked out my two young children. So I hope you enjoy this as well...



Nikko "Precious" scalloped plates

Think back to October 1997, I'm an almost one-year old bride and we were in Costco salivating over everything! We were poor of course! My husband and I had just decided that whatever big purchase we make, it would have to be a gift for a significant event (like our momentous 1-year anniv) so we wouldn't get into a bad spending habit. The moment I saw those plates, I wanted them! But, I managed to pry myself away (for a few minutes, lol), went around the whole warehouse and found myself back in front of the plates again.

Finally, Mr. Man asked me, "Do you really like those?" (I think all the drool from my mouth to the big puddle on the floor wasn't a big enough hint, so I had to tell him, after swallowing, yes, yes, yes (imagine eyelashes batting too), pleeeeaaaseeee!)

Did we dash for a cart and grabbed them? No, we had to add to the 1-year anniv to justify the steep tag per box of 4 placesettings. That's when we decided to host our very first Thanksgiving as a couple! So, these plates were also my very first Thanksgiving inspiration! (No, no pictures of those, too busy washing 8 plates, bowls and salad plates for 16 people! Trust me, exhausting but fun, plus no one noticed! Yes!)

Noticed the wrought iron planter, did ya? I used that to hold the roses when the food were served. What did you think it was for? LOL

Here's the close up of the candles I used. They were originally used for the 2005 Thanksgiving, but I wanted something more unique, so I hacked at the top! Gave them a more chic look to them. :-)

We hosted a dinner for another couple that was taking over a project that I've handled for a while in our church. When Audrey told me that it would only be her and her husband Derek, then this whole concept came together.

Here are the two dozen of the darkest red carnations I've ever seen! Hubby brought them home from work. He worked at the Phoenician Resort and when guests change their minds about "dressing up" their rooms, the employees benefit! (Yay, me!!!) I thought they were roses! And see the mini roses, they matched the carnations! It tied the living room to the dining room. It was so beautiful, I was very happy how it all looked!

The day before, my then 1st grader's teacher came by to drop off some clothes that might fit her, saw the table and she said,

"Your table reminds me of that host on Food Network, the one who makes her table? Sandra Lee. Yeah, your table looks like something she'd do."

(Wow, I loved that compliment, boosted my obsession, I mean my confidence!)

Look at how THRIFTY it is, too!

Tablecloth- Pearly White, Alberston's closeout- $2
Plate, salad plate and bowl-Nikko "Precious"- FREE (Anniv Gift from DH)(1997)
Silverware- Farberware "Cameo"- FREE (Sis' Thanksgiving Hostess gift)(2000)
Placemat- Plastic white stripes- Albertson's closeout- 10 cents each
Glasses- Reminiscent of my Debut Gold crystal, Target- 50% off (2005)
Candle holder- Easter Garage sale find- 50 cents each (2006)
Candles and tealights- Thanksgiving 2005- Michael's, total $5
Mini roses- Basha's 3 for $5

Pork Adobo
Steamed Rice
Dessert (cheesecake I think)
Ice Water

I made the menu simple because I didn't want our guests to feel that they have to act just so. Despite the daintiness of the table, the food was of the messy, stain everything variety, so no prissy posturing that night. The dessert was served afterwards.

I hope you liked this preview for this blog for those who love to "make up" their table for any occasion.

Don't hesitate, celebrate!


Thanks to Leigh and Susan for hosting!


  1. Chandy your anniversary dishes are just gorgeous. They are so pretty and such a precious memory. YOur table is stunning. I love the flowers too. Just beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  2. Chandy .. they are beautiful! Love the addition of the miniture roses for the centerpiece.. Thanks for sharing the story behind them.

  3. Beautiful as usual!

    Wanted to tell you that when I was in Seattle I went into Sur La Table and was amazed! I ended up buying a gorgeous red pasta serving dish that was 50.00 on clearance for 19.99. Did I do okay, Brain?

  4. Wow, Chandy, you have had a love for dishes for a long time now! The adobo must have tasted extra good on those pretty dishes! You know, I think that even if we had all the money to spend on our dishes, we'd still be looking for bargains, don't you think? Besides, it's much more fun that way!

  5. Are you thinking of the light pink/gray-ish rose pattern that I once used for an Enrichment activity? Probably, since those are the only beautiful plates I really own! My Grandma gave them to me.

    The back of them says PTS International "Interiors" and the pattern is called Antique Rose.

  6. Hi Chandy...

    Ohhh...yet another beautiful tablescape!!! I love this dish pattern...the green and pretty!!! Girl, your carnations DO look like roses...they're gorgeous!!! How sweet of your honey to bring them to you!!!

    My friend, we have been having bad weather every afternoon and evening at our place. They have spotted tornados all around us! I guess it's just that time of the year! We've been getting lots and lots of rain too...but everything looks so lush and green!!!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful tablescape with us!
    Have a terrific Thursday, my friend!

  7. Morning Chandy, I loved your story of the dishes and the tablescape. Thanks for sharing.
    Your dishes are beautiful. I see the quiz and I think I will take it.

    Happy TT.
    Come soon.

  8. I did think of you guys last night while watching the news. Bad weather.

    Those are some very pretty dishes. Love the colors and what a nice compliment to receive.
    Other than here in blogland I don't think many folks set a table for dinner. So kind of a lost pleasure of everyday life.

    Enjoy today,

  9. Absolutley gorgeous.!!
    thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing my special day.

  10. Oh, I am in awe of your ability with tablescapes! I have not found my everyday dishes =even yet= in the boxes! How could I not have marked them? I do, very thankfully, have my cloth napkins; I do not like to use anything else. You inspire me to loveliness with my table. I'm working on it.

  11. Hi Chandy! I hope you are feeling better! Isn't it funny that TT and TT are enough to make a dishaholic feel better? Pretty tablescape. I like how you used an iron stand to put the pots together. And how nice of your dh to give you those beautiful plates!...Christine

  12. Hi!
    Beautiful Table! Love your dishes and the cost of the dinner, WOW! Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!!


  13. Very beautiful dishes. The flowers on the table are a neat touch.

  14. Your couples only tablescape is lovely! I hadn't noticed the striped placemats when i first looked, but when I saw that you found placemats for 10 cents I had to look again. Pretty clever :)

  15. Hi Chandy....your table is so pretty. The dishes are lovely. I have some teacups to match this pattern....always just loved it and them.

    Really, really pretty!!


  16. always the prettiest tablescapes... just stopping by to see and say "hi"...

  17. Hello Chandy!
    Another great table you've created with lots of thrifty items! I like it. Love that dish pattern! I think I have a few pieces of it...
    Enjoy your day!

  18. Oh, Chandy! I just love your tablesetting today! Those dishes are so charming! Love everything you've done to your table! It's very romantic.
    Hope today is bringing you more good health and you're feeling better.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  19. Beautiful tablescape. The plates are very pretty, love the greens and pink!

    Thanks for sharing


  20. pretty, pretty dishes. I do love pink and green together.
    I was wondering about the wrought iron planter and then I read down and you explained it. I love when that happens! :)

  21. I love your dishes and glasses. The whole table is beautiful.
    Very nice

  22. I didn't see this the first time around, so it is lovely to look at it today. It is just so inviting in a beautifully casual way. You accomplished exactly what you were going for. Those are definitely the most luscious deep red pots of mini roses on the table. I didn't see the carnations..but I hope you eventually kept these roses growing on. Bravo as usual Chandy!

  23. How beautiful! That is sweet that your DH understood you enough to know that you truly wanted them!

  24. It could be fenton. There are some fenton websites-- check them out. If I had a closer up pictures I could tell a bit better. Are their swirls etched in the top?? I have quite a bit of milk glass but it is not necessary Fenton. If I have read correctly milk glass was an era thing.

  25. hi Chandy!
    This is sooo pretty! But then I'm partial to those dishes...I have the very same ones! I collected mine...just plates and salad plates... at TJMaxx and Marshall's with Christmas money one year. I tend to not buy "sets" of dishes...but I like to have LOTS of plates of the same I bought about 14 or 16 and then several salad plates...only found 2 bowls so far. I love them!
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Happy TT!

  26. I love your focus. sometimes that can be a problem. fun to see your creative settings and interesting food. Happy thrifty Thursday.

  27. I love those dishes! Cute story!!!!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes for Carmen. It's your mom's name? Mine too! Actually it was my grandmother's, is my mom's, is my FIRST name, although I have always been called Jewel, and now my daughter's. She's Carmen the Fourth!!! :D Jewel

  28. Hello ladies! Great to see you all here!

  29. Oooo what pretty dishes Chandy! I just love pinks and greens together and roses too!

    Sorry to hear your having bad weather... there seems to be alot of that going around. Except it's been very nice here. But I heard it may to rain tomorrow.

    Thanks for the peek!

  30. Sweet Chandy..
    Thank you so much for the comforting words you left regarding the loss of my beloved Binks. I do miss her terribly.. but do feel comfort from so many like you. I'm truely blessed to have such wonderful friends here in Blogland.

  31. oh such beautiful dishes! I love those colors. And what a cute story! Gee, our first anniversary seems like so long ago -- we'll be celebrating our 30th next month. lol

  32. Gorgeous tablescape and dishes and I love Adobo (chicken)!

  33. Chandy, I can see why you were drooling over the dishes. They are so pretty! You are too funny (the puddle of drool on the floor really should have been a huge hint that you wanted those dishes!). Your table looks so pretty, and I really like the way you "hacked" away at those candles!! I was laughing when I read that. laurie

  34. Hi Chandy! Thank you for stopping by! I love your Nikko plates! They are so pretty! Your tablescape came out just lovely! Huggy Hugs!

  35. Laurie, Dy and Lynn; I love how it all turned out, too! It was such a casual evening but because of all the punches of red, flowers and candles, it was also quite a romantic evening! Thank you all!

  36. Chandy, Better late than never, huh? I am on vacation till Saturday so I am late in checking. I apologize. Thanks for your sweet comment to me. I just adore you!
    I love this tablescape. So classy and feminine-like you! Gorgeous!

  37. Loved loved hearing about how got your Anniversary Dishes! Love the carnations too. Your dishes are lovely!!!!


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