Friday, December 18, 2009

Hiatus Update

Hello all! I am doing fine but with all the little surprises this month has been bringing (it's a mixed bag), I've decided to wait until next year to join all of you again.

I am posting short daily stuff on our family blog, but joining in all of your fun, I just can't keep up with right now. Please forgive me. *on bended knees*

Boy, do I miss all of you, but I do have to make a choice...

So, until then, enjoy the holidays!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Memory

Hello to all! I haven't participated in Beverly's PS for sometime now, but I really like her theme this season so I knew I had to be there...

She asked us to share a childhood holiday memory and this is one I'll always treasure...

I lived with my dad in Manila from 12-15 yrs old. During those years, during Christmas time, just after the midnight mass, throngs of Catholic parishioners gather round these snacks carts that sell "puto bumbong". They are sticky, delicious, purple-colored glutinous rice flour, and steamed in slim bamboo tubes, type of delicacy that's unique to the Philippines. They are topped with grated coconut and sugar and served on strips of banana leaves.

My friends and I would carol each night starting December 10th and I would save my portion so I'd be ready to buy one. Often, I would beg my dad to give me a similar amount to what I earned so I can buy two! They are my favorite Christmas treat! Since the vendors are more prolific at midnight at Christmas Day, we would help each other wake up at 11:30 and walk all the way to the church where the vendors are lined up for the after mass mob.

They are the highlight of those Christmases for me and I wish that I can taste them once more...

Thanks Beverly for such a grand idea for Pink Saturday! And thank you all for stopping by!

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