Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lara's Garden

Hosted by Susan and Leigh

Another Thursday, it can only mean two things for me! A Terrific & Thrifty Tablescape! I officially declare myself a dishaholic like many of you, but to my defense, I am still quite controlled. How do you say? On my "Must Get" wish list, is the Churchill or Johnson Bros. "Blue Willow" and though Ebay sellers had cheap auctions and Marshall's had over a dozen dinner plates for only $4 each, I walked away! Why? Because it didn't feel right just yet... Don't ask me why but that's how I buy my dishes, the timing and price has to be perfectly aligned... ;-)
Ok on to this week's Thrifty Tablescape...

"Summer Romance"

CC (Catherine de 'the Cups) "Life" Placemats
Summer Time
American Atelier's "Lara's Garden" Salad Plates

This pair is from Goodwill a few months back. They only had two and since most of you were so ready to give your dishes a taste of the outdoors (which I still can't cuz it rained and stormed again), this design called out to me. I was lucky enough to find these two charming floral and bug design and thought...

... it would go great with the two placemats that I won from Catherine's Giveaway! The white handwriting spells out "LIFE" in different languages. See my note on there, can you find the word I was talking about? Hint: underneath the word, "have".

Can't you just see how cute these plates are against the placemats, but since they are on the pastel side, I wanted another strong dish to connect the colors better and thank goodness I have these red solid Canopy "Cranberry" plates. The back of each placemat is striped so I can do so much more with them. Happy dance being executed in my head as we type! LOL

Here's what I came up with... since our patio is still soggy...
I put together this table in less than 5 minutes, but the photoshoot took over 30! Yikes! DH had to show me how to best use the Program feature but the amateur in me still didn't like the grainy look of the photos. I wanted enough candle to float around and from different containers to simulate being outdoors and compensating for the dark. Also the different candles evoked a casual setting while the colors provided the romance. Did I tell you that I met my gorgeous hubby in summer time. Yep, late August, 1993... So this table was in honor of that.

And this is without flash, with the kitchen light on.

How is it thrifty you ask? Oh, so you doubt me now, huh? Well...


Day Spring "Life" Placemats- CC; FREE (I won them)

Hard Rock Cafe Cocktail Stemware- Goodwill; 59 cents each

Canopy "Cranberry" Dinner Plates- Walmart; $1.96 each

"Lace" Trinket Boxes- Big Lots; $5 each

Green Hurricane Glass Vase- Freecycle; FREE

Tealights & Votives- 22 cents each

Tealight Holders- 25 cents each

American Atelier "Lara's Garden" Salad Plates- Goodwill; 59 cents each

Hamilton "Lace" Forks- 87 cents each (92 pcs for $80)

Red Napkins (2008)- 25 cents for 20pcs/pkg


Taco Bell fare because that's where we met...

A great big thank you to our lovely hosts, Susan and Leigh and to all of you for taking a peek! Heart you all for taking time for li'l ol' me! ;-)


  1. Chandy,
    You did a fabulous job with the outdoor effect. I love those lacey candle holders from big lots and how you tied it all together with your lovely placemats from CC. hugs, Cindy

  2. You did a great job making it look like it was outdoors. It's such a pretty setting. I just love all the candles. I wonder if my Big Lots still has any of those trinket boxes. Hmmm. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  3. Good morning, Chandy! The palcemats you won from CC are very pretty. Love the plates especially with the butterfly and good idea adding the cranberry plate under. And good deals on everything, thrifty indeed!...Christine

  4. What a beautiful table you have here. I love the placemats and the dishes! And, I love that you had Taco Bell !! :O)

  5. What pretty colors, Chandy. They go great with your placemats.

  6. Chandy, I love the pretty tablescape you put together. Your new placemats are so pretty and with the red plates they are just stunning. I like the cute little trinket boxes and with all the candles, everything just has such a gorgeous glow. Your 2 new plates are simply stunning. Love them. Hugs, Marty

  7. Love the flower plates. Also like your break down list including sources and prices. It's amazing how little you can spend and make something so beautiful.

    I have the entire set of Johnson Bros Real Old Willow and I love it.

  8. Hi!
    Great table setting!! My favorite color, red! Beautiful! Have a great day!


  9. So lovely and the plates, I would be on the look out for more; they are so lovely.
    The placematts are very pretty and so happy that you won them.

  10. Hi Chandy! I love your candlelit tables that you create. The lighting is always so romantic! Enjoy...

  11. I love the tablecloth! I also love your springy plates! SO pretty! A very fresh and beautiful tablescape, Chandy!

  12. what time do we eat?lovely,just lovely as always.
    chandy,you are just the sweetest lady.thank you so much for all your truly meant so much to me.i feel like we have been friends all our lives.luv ya...ann

  13. Your plate design is just lovely Chandy. love the simplicity and the butterflies. :-)

    And the place mat you won is just perfect. Now, we do know what "buhay: means Lol It is perfect for you!

    Your tablescape today is great for a dinner date for you and your husband :-)Looks romantic with just the tea lights :-) Sweet!


  14. Those plates are great and they look very nice with you winning placemats! Great tablescape and very frugal also!

  15. Chandy, very nice!! Very well put together! I like the P/M's!

  16. A beautiful tablescape! The cranberry plates make it all "pop!" Love the lace trinket boxes!


  17. You did such a lovely job combining colors. It looks so elegant and rich and inviting. Stop by and browse a while. If you like what you see, please be sure to click the "Follow" button so that we can inspire one another frequently!

  18. Your plates are so pretty & such a great find! They're perfect with the chargers and placemats. Great tablescape!
    (I have trouble with the camera too & change the best shot to different looks while trying to get a good picture. Oh, the trials of trying to take pictures for a blog post!) ☺ Diane

  19. Beautiful as always!

    And, I think I need those plates! :)

  20. Beautiful! LOVE the candlelight, and those lovely cut-work candle holders.

  21. Your table is so pretty! What great treasures you have found. I love hunting for treasures at the thrift stores. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  22. You always come up with the funnest surprises in your tablescapes.


  23. Thank you everyone, I so appreciate your comments!


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