Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tabletop Metamorphosis

Hosted by Susan of "Between Naps on the Porch"

You remember the ones above, they are the past Valentine tables I've done but here's a hint of what's to come... What do you think is the mighty, but V-day appropriate CHANGE... I will make with this set?
Target's "Red Solstice" dinnerware set

TABLESCAPING IDEAS: ("Brain" is seeing red...) Tablescape is not always about themes and holidays. Sometimes, all you need is a crisp looking table ready for any guest to arrive and join in.

I apologize for not participating more often this time around. My time is divided into planning how to reduce, reuse and repackage our stuff to ease our pending move. We know we need to move before the new school year starts, so the packing has been commencing. Albeit, slowly, but it's getting done and that's what matters right now.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you at your blog! Susan, thanks for being a great host!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I know I'm Right, What About You?

Hosted by Susan

Hello all! I haven't had much time to get all the decor back in storage, so I'll just share with you our three days of feasting!

New Year's Eve FINGER FOODS PICNIC by candlelight and snow...
This was my tablescape for my Christmas Day Dinner; simple but ready for any type of dining.

Now on to some awesome deals!
Hosted by Leigh

We went to Kroger tonight and noticed their 75% off deals for their Holiday items. In one aisle, big discount signs shouted the deals waiting ahead, so naturally, my hubby and I, partook. Well... I guess their own people didn't know what those signs meant since only 1 of these three were on sale correctly! We had to call in the manager twice to figure out what I already knew- I was right, they were not! In the end, we got our money back and sincere apologies. What else could a girl want, right? :-D

$5 for this 7-cup votive holder...

$5 for this V-day ready tablecloth...
and $7 for this game my family's been requesting... Woohoo!!!

I just love getting a good deal, don't you? Oh yeah, I also got $20 worth of FREE clothes, off their many clearance racks, from Kohl's with their Buy $50 get $10 back promo back in late December. Gave them the $20 Kohl's Cash voucher and saved over $60 to boot!

Tablescaping Idea: ("Brain" is lobe-to-lobe smiling) Since year end holidays seem to have one thing in common, cold weather ahead, use colors that can be extended to at least two of the holidays. You save money, time and effort in coming up with original ideas.

Thank you all for coming by! To our lovely hosts, a million thank yous...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Hello to all! I hope you're enjoying your New Year's day so far. I can't wait to participate again in most of the memes and start this year off to a fun start with you.

Tablescaping Idea: ("Brain" is pumped for this new beginning) In "dressing" your table for any occasion, do not hesitate to use what you want that compliments each piece. Ownership and creativity go hand in hand in bringing beauty to any table. Your guests will love the personal touches and make them feel quite welcome in your gathering.

See you soon!

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