Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome Autumn!

Hosted by Rhoda

Hosted by Susan and Leigh

Hi everybody, I'm back! Well, temporarily anyway... Found some time and space tonight to do a Fall tablescape and it just happens to be Thrifty and Tablescape Thursday as well as a Fall Party! Lucky me!

"Fall Is Here"

Clearance Fall Tablecloth

I found this tablecloth at Kohl's a few months back for 80% off or $2.99 only!!! I was so happy when I found it but quickly blanked out on what to do with it. Then this whole uninvited break comes along and I completely forgot about it until just recently when I found it in one of our closets.

The Gibson "Wheat" dinnerware (I'm still not a fan of Gibson; just sayin') beautifully contrasts against the full pattern of the tablecloth. And... I only paid 99 cents each for those dinner plates! My thoughts, "voila!" a great tablescape!

Then there's my another Kohl's 80% find- Food Network's "Currant" dinnerware. Paid only $1.59 per salad plate!
Here's the tablescape. Informal yet with understated elegance. How?
All the pieces used are found on clearance or dirt cheap.

Two colors of paper napkins, purposely brighter than the tablecloth to simulate lightness or "floating" effect. The iron candleholder, also 80% off at Kohl's...
Gorham "Rose Serenade" crystal goblets, only $4 each, normally $15...
The fun setting of the utensils, Hampton's "Lace", deliberate to give each setting its own spotlight. (sorry the crystals are not polished, didn't have time.)
Didn't use any placemats or chargers to give it a more casual and rustic feel. Just like autumn...
Would you like to sit down? Choose a spot and enjoy a feast of your own choice abundant this season...
Aerial shot of the centerpiece- from back in June; candles, my staple white pillars.
A better aerial view...
How about here, by the window and feel the crisp breeze an autumn eve brings.

Thank you much to both our hosts, Susan, Rhoda and Leigh for being such wonderful hosts. And to all of you for being patient with me. I hope to be able to keep up with more memes soon!

TABLESCAPING IDEAS: ("Brain" is happy to have done one!) For busy or printed tablecloths, punctuate and accentuate simultaneously with solid dinnerware. Each piece stands out and blend in quietly, giving a harmonious note to any table.


  1. I am so glad you posted today, Chandy. I have missed your beautiful tablescapes and this one is so pretty. Great deals!..Christine

  2. I forgot to ask you to please visit my blog this Friday, the 2nd. (will be ready tomorrow night) I am showing our whole house cause Cheri wants to feature it. Thanks...Christine

  3. Thank you! I'll be there, Christine! I can't wait to see your beautiful home...

  4. wow yu sure did get some good deals, love the tablecloth and those glasses are really a show stopper, would love to have some of those...thanks for sharing..Phyllis

  5. Hello ~
    That is one thrifty and beautiful table....I love the kohls plates and so reasonable for new - just fab !

  6. Hi Chandy!
    Good to see you again...sounds hectic there!

    Your table is beautful, you anti Gibson person you! LOL
    Love the tablecloth, great buy!
    The glasses are lovely too and it does look very fallish..
    I know you love bargains, if you have a minute hop over and check out my WSonoma buys in Monday's post..Merchandise Monday, LOL!!

  7. Everything looks just gorgeous. YOu always put the prettiest colors together. All of your dishes and crystal are stunning, love the tablecloth too. Just so pretty. Hugs, Marty

  8. Very pretty, I love the jewel tones and the candle light. Beautiful design on those burgandy plates. Lovely!

  9. Oh you have done a great job with this table. The cloth is such a fabulous background for your selections and such great colors.
    Happy Twirls

  10. Oh this is just beautiful! Definitely a fantastic way to ring in fall! Oh, and if you're going to be doing any spooky Halloween decor, stop by my blog for a how-to and a giveaway! I hope you can!

  11. So beautiful, Chandy!!

    Happy Fall!

  12. Wow!! beautiful, I love the colors!!

  13. Hi Chandy..

    Just read your sweet note, my friend! So happy that you stopped by and took a peek at my autumn tablescape!

    Girlfriend, I love your autumn table! The tablecloth is all those pretty fall colors and what a deal you got! I love, love, LOVE your "Currant" salad plates...such a pretty color and they look fabulous with your new tablecloth! Your pretty autumn florals took my eye first...absolutely gorgeous, my friend!!! Thank you for sharing your pretties with us today!

    Warmest wishes and Happy Fall!
    Chari your new header! Ahhh...that elegant autumn entry table is fabulous!!!

  14. You have a great creative eye...what fun to get new dishes and accessories and put together a pleasing setting for a meal. I love how you set the flatware in the bowls, on the plates and the napkins. Fabulous style!

  15. I love Kohls! You can always find great deals. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great day!

  16. found some great bargains girl! And it sounds like you have been super busy! Try to take a bit for yourself and enjoy Fall! Happy TT!

  17. Now these are plate colors I truly appreciate. Love the wheat on the sides, and the pretty salad plate on top. Lovely tablescape!

  18. Thank you ladies! I so love your wonderful comments!

  19. Nothing improves a fabulous table like candle light. It takes it from fab to smashing.

  20. Hi Chandy, everything is just gorgeous. So wonderful and Fall like.

    Barb ♥

  21. It's all so pretty, Chandy! Thanks for joining the party.

  22. Hello Chandy - what a beautiful table scape! Love the candles, the color scheme, the new cheap but pretty plates...everything! Very elegant.


  23. This is such a pretty tablescape and I love your fall candle glow -- very nice!

  24. Oh wow!! You got some kind of deals!!! I need to go shopping with you!!! The table looks wonderful!!!

  25. I have missed your beautiful tablescapes and this one is so pretty. Great deals!..Christine
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