Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why This Blog

I love, love beautiful tables and good food. And, there's nothing better than combining both. My fondest memories as a kid was watching my aunt fill her tables with such delicious foods while also making sure that each dish was the highlight on the table. It was great! I wanted to try every little thing!

So when I got married, I decided I wanted the same. I taught myself how to cook and started to "design" my tables and I haven't stopped since! But as far as blogging, I found this post from Pink Ink after being so excited to find other Pinay (Filipino) bloggers, about going for your dream, so I did! Blogging about my love of tabletop designs and my dinnerware collection is such a therapeutic thing for me!

My Philosophy on Tablescaping:
I use my practice of Feng Shui to produce beauty, harmony and balance to my tables. I believe in multi-sensory tables that you just can't stop looking at. I believe that each tablesetting should make the food look good but accessible. I also believe that if I can't afford it, I won't use it, so all of my designs were a culmination of clearance finds and all of my dinnerware can be paired for different holidays and occasion. Plus, my approach is based on three facts: Still a student, a Mormon SAHM to three and entertains a lot! So yes, all these tables, they're soooo doable! This is a love in progress. I am no Sandra Lee; her style is very different from mine. So no, you won't find birdcages on any of my tables... (Don't want to traumatize our cockatiel!)

I LOVE FOOD. I respect it and use it as my way of honoring my Chinese and Spanish heritage and my family of five. For our wedding, my then boss Andreas, got us two 5-pc place settings of our wedding china, plus two water goblets and flutes or our wedding crystal. Plus, on our 1st anniversary, my hubby got me this beautiful set of pink scalloped floral Noritake Fine Bone China and since then, I was hooked on tablescapes! I have lots of dinnerware and tabletop goodies- I use them all!

So now, after almost 12 years, I'm coming out of my hutch and sharing all of my secrets! With every idea, poor dh is left asking, "What now?"

Thanks for reading! If you want to see my tablescapes, click on the Table Tour on the side bar and enjoy!

Love to all that shares this love with me and love to all that cared to get to know this simple PINAY tabletop designer. Someday, when I have a great big store room to house all of my dinnerware, then I will start a rental business for wedding host tables...

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  1. That is so wonderful! I love all things to do with Feng Shui and interior design.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog also.

  2. Martha, hello and welcome! Visit again soon!

  3. Thanks for your visit today on Outdoor Wed., I decided to come back & visit you again..reading up on your love of Feng Shui, Tscapes & Food. I know I'll enjoy frequenting your blog often~ ;)

  4. Oh, Catherine! You just made my heart puff up! Thanks. I'd love seeing you a lot! You so deserve the award. If you haven't taken it yet, please do!

  5. Hi, I hope this is the right place to post the ans to the ques you asked..
    I got the pale purple round place mats o my TT from a chain called Christmas Tree Shops...very cheap..Kohls usually has them for a lot more...
    Love your dish tour on your sidebar!

  6. Hello, Kathleen, any post is perfect for an answer to my inquiries as I read and re-read my posts... Thanks!


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