Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Post for the Hosts Who Posts to Host!

It's Thursday again? That means tablescaping! Yes!!! Susan, you're a genius to host something like this every week! I dedicate this post to all of the wonderful hosts who never tire to ensure our blogging fun!

I know I'm a little late, but I wanted to show you how my family and I celebrated our VERY FIRST St. Patrick's Day Dinner. Of course, it called for a great tablescape!

"A Tiny Drop of Irish"

All of YOU!

Yes, you read right! Every single blogger who participated in all the previous tablescapes inspired me to finally give in and dig deep for that Irish in me and celebrate it with a great dinner and matching tablescape.

One thing though, I didn't have any clover or dishes with clovers or golden coins, but...

I do have plates called, "Golden Wheat"! They provided the gold that Irish leprechauns are legendary for guarding. My "Rooster and Hen" Bordallo salad plates did a great job accenting the white and green table. How do you like my new Hampton "Lace" utensils? Do you remember me chanting "no chipping, no rusting" from our last "Metamorphosis Monday" with Susan who also happens to be our host today? To be safe, they were handwashed for the occasion.

Again, in the vein of simplistic beauty, I cut the white mums from my daughter's Prom dinner tablescape last Friday and created a "Second Time Around" moment for Diane, when I floated them on my Bordallo "Hen and Rooster" bowl. It's definitely "Three or More Tuesday" with my flatware and mums yesterday! I'm sure Tam would agree. Aren't the flowers beautiful?

As you can see this is an indoor table, so (the other) Susan would not have allowed this to be entered into her "Outdoor Wednesday" fun. My husband was first speechless at my creativity so I guess that qualifies for Dixie's "Wordless Wednesday", right?

Did I mention that I'm a tropical lady? Well, I am... If you want proof, here's a nearby palm I found hanging on my wall for Barb's "What's On Your Wall Wednesday" as well!

Finally here's the "Tablescape Thursday" to join Susan today. This one is with the camera flash on. I elevated my centerpiece by using my Chinese vase stand and did a "Thrifty Thursday" for Leigh by finding these low wooden candleholders for only $1.49 each! My wide runner was my 9-year old daughter's idea. It is her sage green throw fabric remnant, so it's FREE for me!!! She is falling in love with tablescaping and is more than eager to help!

Here it is again on natural light. The napkins were tucked into the drinking low glass and they simulate a white iris blossom. My husband and kids saw "bunny ears". Go figure...
Now tell me, did I pass? Is it Irish enough for my first time?

Dinner plates- Canopy "Golden Wheat", Walmart; FREE- Gift from Neighbor
Salad plates- Bordallo Pinheiro "Hen and Rooster", Sur La Table; $2.49 each
Flatware- Hampton "Lace", Walmart; $40 service for 8 + Serving pieces + tray
Placemats- Green round weave, Ross; $5.99 /4
Glassware- Anchor Hocking "Fire and Ice", Walmart; $9 for 16
Runner- Sage Green Felt Fabric- FREE my daughter lent it to me
Candles- White Pillar, Walmart; $3.00 each
Wooden pillar holders- Low, carved, Ross; $1.49 each
Votives- Ivory, MINE
Votive holders- MINE
Tablecloth & 6 Napkins- Holiday Home "White", Kroger; $8.50 (CC)

The following pictures will definitely pass for one of Michael Lee's (Gollum) "Foodie Friday" along with white grape juice and steamed corn for the wee little ones! Oh yeah, how do you like my "cabbage" and corned beef? Get it, corned beef on a "cabbage" Bordallo platter! LOL

Maybe the corned beef would pass for "Pink Saturday" ... Let me ask Beverly!

Don't forget to grab dessert before you visit another table today! My lovely 16-year old daughter made it just for you! As always, YOU ALL ROCK for peeking!


  1. You definitely passed a Filipino touch of an Irish tablescape, Chandy! You can even cook the Irish way. I am impressed! Funny how your daughter is already catching your obsession, LOL! I wish mine would too....Christine

  2. Beautiful tablescape Chandy and the food looks delicious, Happy TT and FF. Kathy.

  3. Love the table,looks so festive and the food looks so good. Cindy

  4. Pretty tablescape, very clean and neat! Love the colors... I see a flower too in that fold! ;) But bunny ears works too ;) ~Katy

  5. So pretty Chandy!

    I'd say you have a wee bit o' the Irish in ya.


  6. Delightful. Love the peach and green and the food looks too good for words.
    Happy Tablescape Thursday.

  7. This Irish gal approves! It is lovely..I so enjoy your description of all the pieces you use!
    Great job..and yes, corned beef is PINK! :)

  8. Perfect table for an Irish meal.
    Food looks yummy, especially the potatoes.

  9. I love the beautiful simplicity of your flower centerpiece. Very nice table.

    Have a Thankful Thursday
    from the Raggedy Roberta Anne

  10. I think you covered everything! Looks fantastic!

  11. What an awsome post I love your blog. Thank oyu for sharing.

  12. You're so clever and I loved your post! The tablescape is beautiful & I giggled as I read. You passed with 5 stars & covered the entire week!!! ☺ Diane

  13. I can't get those brownies out of my head! They look especially deliscious on that lovely greet plate. Good job!

  14. Wowow.I am spinning.How in the world di you manage to pull ALL that off?Are you really doing all those meme?Why not?I just couldn't pull em off.3 is a little on the stressful side for me.
    You table was exquiste.Your meal looks delish.The flowers are lovely.The ONLY thing wrong?I'm not there to share it with you...Ann

  15. Hello Chandy...

    Just wanted to stop by your place to say thank you for visiting my Spring & Green tablescape...sure appreciate your sweet comments!

    Well my friend, I would have never guessed that this was your "very first ever" St. Pat's Day tablescape! It turned out fabulous...I love the shades of green that you used...the green of the table runner and the green of your Bordallo dishes! I loved the golden color of your dinner plates with the green too! And...those floating those pretty white mums for your centerpiece...gorgeous! A beautifully done tablescape!!!

    Loved all of your meme cute! That would have taken me days to word and work into a post. How creative and so much fun!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  16. Ladies, thank you, I feel so loved!

  17. Lovely post...your table is beautiful!
    thanks for stopping by for tea!
    Happy Spring!

  18. Terrific St. Pat's table! I really like those green plates -- wow! what a find!

  19. Chandym not only do you pass...I would say you are a winner! And all in one post! Girl, you are efficient and soooo goood! I love that! BTW I also love those green plates. They are gorgeous. And those Thrifty wooden candlesticks, adorable!! Chandy-YOU ROCK!

  20. Your green plates are so pretty and the dessert yummmmm!
    Thanks for stopping by.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  21. Oooo.... I'm a tablescaper and I love dishes and all such things! Your table looks awesome and I am off to look at the rest of your Spring Fluffing!

    Happy Spring!

  22. Oh, this is such a DELIGHTFUL post! You just outdid yourself on all of it. Your table looks awesome, the menu, to die for...and that dessert...Yummy...GREAT POST!
    xo bj

  23. You more than passed muster for your first Irish tablescape!! It's so great that your daughter is becoming interested in the tablescapes as well..especially liked the way you listed everything at the end of your post.

  24. Hi Chandy! Love your tablescape! The napkin treatment is so pretty and the food looks yummy!!...Debbie

  25. Leigh: I would have to agree with you girl! LOL

    Ladies: You are so awesome for approving of my FIRST green table!

    I heart you all for that!

  26. Great tablescape and the menu sounds yummy! :D Jewel

  27. CJ: Thanks! I love it, too! :-)

  28. are the brilliant one...incorporating ALLLLL the memes into this one post! WOW! :-) I don't know if my feeble brain could have put this allll together! LOL That's a lot of different events! Great job and your table is wonderful! You definitely passed the Irish test! :-) Susan

  29. Susan, thank you! I had a lot of fun coming up with it and it came rather simple enough once I got started! :-)


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