Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Muggy and Moist...

Today's code word is MOTHER.

Hint: What do moms love to do?


This is the reason why I wasn't able to participate in Barb's Patio & Porch Party,
this 15-minute waterfall from last Saturday.
It fell all over the outside of my unit that kept my patio quite soggy. ;-(

Look at this horizon, it looks like it's foggy isn't it? Nope!
That's a solid downpour of intense rain!

Thanks Susan and Dixie for hosting another great Wednesday!

Make sure to visit her and the other participants today...

TABLESCAPING IDEA: ("Brain" has this in mind soon...) I've seen this in others' blogs. We focus on plates to round out or start off our tablescape, but on wet, cold days, make your meal your centerpiece! On a big lazy Susan, place the big soup bowl surrounded by the bowls or mugs and everyone grabs their own portion and enjoy a heartwarming movie!

I got a question from my yesterday's post. It was asked by Susan @ "Thoughts From Over the Rainbow". I figured many of you are curious so here's the Q&A:

"Now why don't you like Gibson. period. ?:)"

To be honest, I have no concrete reason other than I've only recently heard of them from a friend/neighbor. She had the "Grape Leaves" white embossed plates. My "Nepal" flatware by Gibson rusted after a month and I'm still waiting for the replacements plus back in March, at the same Goodwill, they had two aisles of dishes, mostly intact sets and most were by Gibson. I got tired of seeing their logo after a while and I left with one Sheffield teacup and dessert bowl combo. In exception to the wheat stalks patterned dinnerware, I've never had any of their patterns make me take a second look, really...


  1. You got some wonderful outdoor wednesday pictues anyway despite (or beacause of) the rain. Great photos!

  2. Great capture, Chandy! I wonder if it's the same storm that got here on Sunday. ...Christine

  3. Sunnymama, I thought so too!

    I know, Christine, maybe. But it only lasted about 15 minutes of rain here but days of howling winds and thunder!

  4. happy outdoor wednesday and wordless wednesday,
    i am always amazed at the people who are talented enough to do two posts, especially wordless wednesday...i seemed to have a hard time keeping my words
    beautiful pictures even for rain...we have had rain for a week now

  5. Big Hugs to you! Way to go on a fantastic finish...all A's.
    Be safe and enjoy your graduation.


  6. I love Family Circle, but didn't even think of it... so glad you did...

    now the Grinch... when you join another meme with WW, it should remain wordless... so you should do these two separately... I won't remove your post this week... but check the rules for WW.. because I always love your posts... and I hate being the Grinch!

    have a beautiful Wednesday... indoors or out!
    blessings. Dixie

  7. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Chandy! The rain is one of those things.... but after the rain...ook at all the beautiful things left behind! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  8. Happy Wordless Wednesday to You

    The Raggedy Girl

  9. Nice storm. Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

  10. we've had too much rain...nice to see the sun finally today...hope it lasts

  11. Me, too Deb... Me, too!

    Maryrose, LOL

    Roberta, thanks

    Sorry Dixie, will separate them next week.

  12. i love the little picture.and we've had those storms for days here.the last one about an hr ago.but thank God they are "nice"ones.happy mothers day dear...ann

  13. I love your double post, because a Mother's love is constant...rain or shine!

  14. Great post - I just love the Family Circus. We had that same rain system last week, I didn't think it would ever stop! Great photos. Kathy

  15. Chandy.. We're sharing in the same rain.. had a lil break on Tuesday.. but it's back again. Hopefully we'll all dry up soon. Take care and stay dry.. look forward to seeing your patio when it finally lets up.

  16. Hi Chandy,
    My goodness, you are getting a lot of rain, hopefully it will bring many beautiful flower blooms, I love the idea of putting a big bowl of soup on the lazy susan and enjoying a movie, it sounds so heartwarming, great idea and thank you for sharing, Blessings,

  17. Hi Chandy, goodness, look at that rain!!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday.


  18. Oh my Chandy! that's quite the downpour! Glad you thought to get a photo of it!
    You asked about my everyday camera is a Pentax Optio that I fit in my pocket. The camera I took the waves crashing with is my big Pentax SLR K2000...

  19. Thanks, ladies. It drizzled here again but the humidity is what's keeping us inside. Yikes!

  20. It has been raining like that here as well. It look really pretty in your pic!

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  21. Your pictures are not unlike the English coast in heavy fog. They are very beautiful in their own way.

  22. Christi and Mary I guess rain is everywhere and yes, fog has its beauty and mystery.

  23. Oh, dear, my friend! I am so sorry...I think you should do it anyway when you can. I would love to come to your porch party!
    rain, rina, go away!

    Hope to see you for Thrifty Thursday my friend!

  24. Hi Carolyn! OH, my goodness! What rain you had! I hope you've dried out since then! You did take a pretty rainy picture though! LOL
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)


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