Monday, May 25, 2009

Teen Sanctuary Redo

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Back in 2007, a few months after we moved in, we figured out how my teen's room would look like. I even repainted her mirror to reflect her new color scheme. It used to be blue with a gray wash.

Then last year, early May, she decided she wanted a more Asian look after we found those melamine plates at Target. Though it looked cleaner, it still didn't feel right if she wanted an Asian feel to the room plus the drapes were too busy.

I even had the silly idea of uploading to RMS, but the moment I did, I knew it didn't look right. So here's the before of the second redo. That headboard, FREE from a friend. The mirror, normally $7, marked down to $5, at the check out, rang up $3! Woohoo! These are my thrifty treasures share for today.

Here's after we bought some deep red stain with sealer. Several coats on the mirror and headboard to reflect the color design on the plates and the iron lamp color. But it still didn't feel Asian... "Brain", wake up and help me figure this out!

Since my teen didn't want too much color, we opted for earthy colors. I found these solid taupe drapes at a Mervyn's in Utah for 50% off clearance. We gave our daughter a mini treasure chest for a Young Women's activity at church a few years before, so I used that since it was made in India, found in Target. It has intricate carvings and very solid. The iron bamboo frame was from Kohl's, 70% off and the slim ceramic vase with thin bamboo stems, $5 from Ross.

Now, it is more serene, and since her Feng Shui color is green, her element is metal, and her number is 5, we incorporated complimentary elements to bring her peace and quiet when she is in that room. For example, 5 is a middle number indicating indicisiveness, change or transition, so to break that up into more positive numbers, I grabbed two dinner plates and three salad plates.

The number 2 symbolizes unity and strength while three is symbolizes communication, openness. Metal is strong, unyielding, powerful so to tone it down, using the earth element colors tone down my daughter's strong personality side and allows her to think. Also, having the lamp lit at night to her right and the light fixture above her represents the fire element that further tames her "metal" personality, allowing her to be moldable, teachable. She has understood many complex AP Calculus AB & BC and AP US History homeworks in that room that she normally would be impatient about in any other room.

She has a schedule most adults would avoid so this room calms her down and she loves it!

I hope you liked it as well... Thanks for peeking!

TABLESCAPING IDEA: ("Brain" wants her bedroom redone) With any redo, there will be remnants of some sort. See if any of the pieces can be salvaged. Either take a picture or use it as part of your centerpiece to help you celebrate your accomplishment with a great menu! Even if it's a table for one!


  1. I LOVE that there are plates on the WALL! So cool and the room looks great. Help me out how do you figure out your number, element and all of that? It does look calming!

  2. Very nice, Chandy! I like the calmness feeling of the room. Love her headboard too...Christine

  3. Chandy, you did a great job on her room! Very calm and pretty. Love it!


    Sheila :-)

  4. Chandy, that is beautiful - what a change - I know daughter must LOVE it! Linda

  5. Love the makeover. The headboard looks great in the dark color. Love the clean lines of the room.

  6. The headboard and mirror are just lovely in the darker color. Love the colors and the beautiful drapes. You've done a gorgeous job. I know she loves her room. Hugs, Marty

  7. Chandy,
    I like learning about Feng Shui and enjoy reading how you incorporated it into this space. I am a huge fan of Asian and have several books about Feng Shui and would like to take a formal class on the subject. I even have a compass! Your daughter’s room looks very peaceful and serene but not boring. I love, love, love that headboard and WOW what a great find for you!
    your friend ~Cathy~

  8. Wow Chandy, you have done an amazing job here. I love how you have worked with Feng Shui to create a peaceful and calming place for your daughter.

  9. HI Chandy! Oh, what a wonderful room you've created! Love the headboard!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  10. Very pretty, Chandy! Thanks for stopping by this week.

  11. Chandy, This is a beautiful peaceful room, you incorporated some great bargain in it too.
    I love the headboard and plates.

  12. Chandy, this bedroom looks so serene and pretty. I know she just loves it. laurie

  13. Chandy...this really turned out great and I love all the information about numbers and Feng Shui...very interesting! Great Met Monday post! :-) Your daughter sounds realllly smart! She gets that from her Mom, right?!
    Thanks for you stop by the porch...and your comments made me laugh. Wish I didn't have to go to the grocery of my least favorite chores! :-)

  14. First of all, my dear, you are the most amazing bargain finder. I bow down to you!

    Second, that bedroom is beautiful -- what a soft and serene place to come home to. Lucky daughter! (Well of course she is... she's got a great Mom!)

    And thanks for the information on Feng Shui and numbers; I have to claim ignorance on Feng Shui but I am very interested in it. Can you recommend a book or website?

    Lovely, lovely post. Thanks!

  15. Thank you ladies! Such great comments you leave to make me smile!

  16. Thank you, Leigh. Always love seeing you here!


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