Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tablescape Thursday

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Hello! Good morning everybody... This is my very first Tablescape Thursday, so please be gentle with your critiques.... (Eyes closed and fingers crossed!)

"Beautiful Together"

My Valentine Red Roses

When I got these, they were a tight set of buds, even the carnations, so I wanted to use them while they are in their fullest bloom before they died out. If you look closely, there are actually three colors of red: red, cherry red and red wine red

This wasn't an easy thing to put together as I don't have all of my plates in the apartment, but I had fun mixing up my Roscher "Tara" Gray collection of dinner and salad bowls with white scalloped plates and dark red chargers. With my Gibson "Chrome Bamboo" utensils, along with my Canopy ramekins and heart shaped glass tealight holders on a dark red runner, I created a very eclectic yet chic and contemporary tablesetting.
(Psst! "Brain" doesn't want me to tell you this, but the runner? It was my Christmas find that I just turned over. Don't tell...)
Since it is still February, I wanted to do something with red. It actually took a while to get the creative juices flowing because it was a toss up between using gold, off white and crystal to this look. What won this setup was the red color that I felt I should use until March hits... Plus, my teen really likes these Roscher plates, so I had an extra incentive to show her how fun tablescaping can be. LOL

I also wanted to incorporate the roses I got from Valentine's Day since they all still look so beautiful... I liked the red bottom to red on top look. My Anchor Hocking "Fire and Ice" glasses complemented the chunkiness of the Roscher dinnerware. I used the same white tablecloth and the ramekins I used for my V-day tablescape to extract the white from the top two dishes. I also chose to go geometric on the stacking since two are round and two are squares and I wanted a more interesting look to it.

(Sorry, we just ate dinner before, so no food to accompany this setup)

glasses- $9/16, Walmart;
chargers- $1 each, Tom Thumb (CC);
white scalloped plates (no label)- $2.99 each, Ross;
gray dinner plate and bowl- $2.99 each, Marshall's;
red runner- $4, Ross (CC);
white tablecloth and napkins- $8.50, Kroger (CC)

Before (FIRST Picture):
No flash, just regular light

After (LAST Picture):
Played around with some settings to bring out the candlelights better

Hope you like it! I had fun wracking my brain to put this together. Love all of you for looking (and commenting, of course!)

(Psst again! Make "Brain" happy... So she'll let me get more dishes to play with, ok?)


  1. Thanks for the tip on the Chandelier hanging photo collage, I was at Walmart and I found some tiny wooden frames for $0.50! I got a bunch and now I just need to find time to go to the ribbon store! I need bows for Reilly anyway, it is justified shopping trip....It is scouts honor!

  2. Very pretty, love those black dishes.
    Just read about your meeting/marriage. Be back later for more.
    Have a great day, Candy

  3. Anne: Hello! No, thank you! Please take a picture so I can see how yours turned out ok?

    Candy: Thank you; and yeah, my husband's great!

    Happy Thursday!

  4. Glad you participated also this week. Love your square dishes. Your table looks so romantic with the red roses...Christine

  5. Thanks, Christine! My teen thought so, too! Maybe I'll do something like that for her for prom since she doesn't want to eat out.

  6. What a pretty table! I love your dishes. I've never seen those. Now you're tempting me!

  7. Hi CC...I love those square dishes! Is the Tom Thumb near you a convenience store? It is in Florida and I never thought to look there for tablescping goodies! I am always looking for new sources! Lovely, elegant tablescape!...Debbie

  8. CC~ relax!!! No critiquing do we do on TT...just lots of Ooooo's and Aaaaahhh's and encouraging words!
    Your tablescape is lovely! I love how you turned the square plates on an angle, the color scheme is elegant and the roses in the napkins beautiful!
    Great job!
    Have a fabulous day!

  9. Judy: It's hit and miss with every Marshall's, unfortunately. Thanks!

    Debbie: No, over her Tom Thumb is a full scale grocery store. It's a full Safeway with a different name. Thank you!

    Kathleen: Whew! I love ooohhs and aaaahhhs! I can handle and appreciate those! Plus you can't help it, everyone is so talented. My goodness, the ideas floating in my head! HomeGoods here I come! :-D Thanks again!

  10. Very pretty setting! I love the color combination. Happy TT.

  11. Ellen: Thank you! Happy TT to you as well! Welcome!

  12. Very pretty! Glad you joined the party!
    I have a few of the Churchill blue you have in your sidebar...I started buying settings for 2 or 4 since that is the number usually served, and no more room for the service for 12's. I try to have a different setting every night, it is fun!

  13. Hello Kathleen! Welcome to my blog! I want the Churchill Blue Willow since I'm part Chinese on both sides! It would be a great tribute to how my dh and I feel about each other. I want the bigger set since I'm thinking of throwing a party with them on our 20th WED ANNIV!

    Thanks for visiting :D

  14. Loved your table and your post. Isn't tablescape thursday fun, I am fairly new to it too and I am loving it. Thanks for letting me share a peek. Maryrose

  15. Maryrose: Welcome! I know it's so fun!

  16. What an elegant table setting! I love your dishes and to know you did this on a budget! You're good!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. Shelia: Thanks! And welcome, welcome! Well, if you don't have much money, you don't have much money. LOL

    Will do on the "be a sweetie" request. :-D

  18. VERY pretty! Love the square plates!

  19. Hello Fifi! I love them, too! Thanks... :-D Welcome!

  20. CC.. I love your dishes.. girl I don't have any that color.. my heart is going a thump a thump.. going to have to look for some of them..Your carnations are gorgeous and the crowning touch to a lovely table. Thanks for swinging by the blog and becoming a follower..the more the merrier...:-)
    hugs ~lynne~

  21. Lynne: You and me both; but I've already promised it to be my teen's wedding china. She loves it that much! I need to go find more that's for sure!

  22. I love your tablescape. So simple, yet so elegant. I love all your plates. I'm going to hit up some Marshall's & some Ross's on the way home from work tonight. lol. I love finding new plates to drool over on Tablescape Thursday. Welcome. You did good.

  23. I love those grey plates! Wonderful!
    I wanted to personally thank you for becoming a "follower" of my blog. I am always humbled that anyone would care enough to read it.

    Thank you so much-because it led me to your great blog! I love new friends!

    Leigh, Tales From Bloggeritaville

  24. Kim: Thanks! It took eleven years to gather them all, but the collection will continue to grow... Good luck with the hunt!

    Leigh: Thank you, you are awesome!

  25. Hi CC!

    Love the gray dishes, so unique! You did a beautiful job with the table and I love the flowers. Is the red polka dot vase from the Christmas Tree Shop? I saw dishes just like that but not a vase. It's very cute!

    Thanks for coming by for a visit. My blue dishes did come from TJ Maxx, I try to swing by once a week and see what is new, but it is very dangerous to the budget!

  26. Tracy: I love those blue dishes. I was so mad when someone snapped them up and left one cracked one! I'll stop by TJM one of these days and I will find them. Once a week? Wow, that sounds heavenly!

    Thanks and welcome!

  27. Running late this week visiting blogs....

    Hope you had a great Tablescape Thursday


  28. I love the simplicity of your table very elegant

  29. That is a stunning table setting. The square plates are especially pretty, and gorgeous flowers! Linda

  30. Susan: I had a lot of fun, thank you!

    Love: I agree!Thanks!

    Linda: You rock for saying that, thank you so much!

  31. Hi CC... thanks for stopping by French Lique, TX and leaving your comment! I love your tablescape... I adore the simplicity of Asian design, but have to admit that I don't think I could live with it 24/7... I like too much "fluff" in my life... so I can just and visit you when I need a fix.. right! I look forward to reading some of your older posts soon. blessings. Dixie

  32. Love your dishes and your tablescape as well -- the colors go so well together.


  33. Great job and welcome. I love those grey plates and bowls. Don't we love Marshalls!!
    Thanks for stopping in at my blog too.
    Nice to have you join the rest of us plate addicts. I was fine actually till I joined Tablescape days! lol
    Linda Q

  34. Dixie: You are welcome to stop by this blog anyday and anytime of the day! LOL Thank you!

    Martha: I agree, I just love them! Thanks for noticing!

    Linda Q: I am now happy to declare, "I AM A PLATE ADDICT!" (lol) Welcome and thank you!


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