Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Free and Discounted

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I've been needing new pots for a while now (like years now) but am not wanting a set to replace again so I set my sights on Calphalon at Kohl's. Well, last week, we went but didn't buy anything because it wasn't on sale though they gave out "discount cards of up to 15%". Tonight, we almost didn't again until we saw a great incentive that we completely didn't notice last week.

You buy this set...
Get this for FREE!!! (Anywhere from $79.99-$159.99)

Isn't that an amazing deal?! And... I also had a new discount card, 15% again, So, I actually beat the online sale price, plus I got something FREE!!!

I also had a great experience of helping Kohl's sell a 13-piece set of Farberware cookware that has a $20 mail-in rebate! At the register, the same saleslady, who happens to be the Manager of the Housewares Department(of course I didn't know that at the time), was the same woman who was trying to sell this lady the Farberware set! I helped explain that the Farberware line has been around and they are the best for affordable non-stick cookware. The customer didn't understand the rebate so I explained that too and she bought it! So again, at the register, the manager recognized me and greeted me warmly plus... she declared that we make a great team then whispered, "I'm looking for someone, you want a part-time job?" Now that's a compliment! Yeah!

TABLESCAPING IDEAS: ("Brain" is excited, very excited!) When holidays come around, don't be afraid to incorporate simple pieces with lavish but inexpensively acquired pieces. It will give your table a classic and yet contemporary look that is constantly known to surface in design and home magazines!

Thanks to our great host, Leigh! And thanks to all of you!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Packing Has Begun...

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I have been hinting of moving for a while now, but as of last week, the planning of packing and actual packing has commenced. And to be safe, I started with my dishes and decorative items that can be deemed "fragile".

With that said, I won't be around for a while... (I'm so sad...)

We are trying to organize and pack at the same time. On top of that, the hubs just installed Windows 7 in our comps and is still in the process of installing Microsoft Office and Picasa for our pics. So... until that's all sorted out and the packing's gotten under control (kiddos slaving over their excess stuff for their Spring Break- mwahh ha ha ha!), all I can do is maybe visit from time to time.

Until then... (I hope you won't forget me)

TABLESCAPING IDEAS: ("Brain" is still not ready to move) No specialty dishes to play with? No problem! Use what you have and incorporate colors of the theme you want. For example, your dishes are solid bright red but you want an airy feel of Spring time. Easy-all you have to do is use your dishes, but use napkins and vinyl mats that have pastel shades. By enveloping your bright colors in pastel, you achieve the same look and feel you want with a shot of color that represents you!

Niceties first

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