Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just Lovely...

I am participating in both Tablescape Thursday and Thrifty Thursday today. Both are so much fun to do! Thanks Susan and Leigh for hosting every week!

Hosted by "Between Naps on the Porch"

Weeks after Valentine's Day and the carnations are still kickin'. So what does a tablescaper does with such a phenomenon? Do another tablescape of course!

My glass bubble taper holders and the red carnations from V-day

Whoever said that a beautiful table has to have a reason, must have been a traditionalist. Well, in my home, anything goes- within limits of course...

Our teen daughter was away in a State Academic Decathlon competition and the tribe is restless.

So... between the deals from last week's Thrifty Thursday and my new plates for Easter, I thought the day screamed for another beautiful table! Using my three oddball clear glasses as vases, I placed the newly shortened carnations into a carefree bouquet and placed it around the candle holders. I also remembered that I still had some solid red napkins from last Christmas clearance, so I used those by placing them under the crystal goblets.

"Clearly Just Because"

This is right before we ate... with the kitchen light on.

After we turned off all the lights except for behind my dh, he took this picture with a 3-second delay in the shutter. I think it turned out beautiful! It was so romantic...

Canopy "Golden Wheat" Dinner plates- Walmart; FREE- gift from neighbor (2009)
Gibson "Chrome Bamboo" Flatware- Ross; $38 for 40 pieces (2008)
Thomson "Bianca" Salad and bowls- Ross; $1 a piece (2009)
Home Trends "Fresh Ivory" Placemats- Walmart; 75 cents each (2009)
Luigi Bormioli "Michelangelo" Crystals Goblets; FREE- wedding gift (1996)
Sensations "Cherry" Napkins- Target; 25 cents each (CC)(2007)
"Two Bubble" Glass Taper Holders- Hobby Lobby; 80% off (2009)
Main Stays "Federal" Ivory Taper candles- Walmart; 88 cents each (2009)

Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup
Ground Beef Saute with Cut Green Beans and Tomatoes
Steamed Rice
Ice Water
Vanilla Wafer Sticks

Now, for my Thrifty Thursday...

Hosted by "Tales from Bloggeritaville"

Let me show you my $1 finds! Yes, you read right, $1.00 each!

I found 7 of these at Goodwill for 99 cents each. They're made in Japan and are called "Stockholm". Here's a close up of the details. It spoke to my simple and subtle style. I can't wait to have an Americana table to do for 4th of July!
Yesterday afternoon, my neighbor told me that Kroger was having some dishes on sale, so when we went, I found 8 each of the bowls and dinner plates on the clearance table. The pattern is "Spectrum Stripes" made by Culinary Arts. I just love its festive colors! Perfect for Mexican Food Night! Yes! Here's a close up of this fun pattern.

Here is a picture of my other thrifty finds...

These were from a recent trip to Albertson's. All 6 pieces for $3.25! The candle and the vase were originally $8.oo each!

If you want to read the back story, read "Brain Takes on Albertson's!"

Thanks for coming by and enjoying my Thursday Tablescape and Great Finds. See you at other cool blogs!


  1. Your blog is absolutely delightful. This is my first visit to a blog dedicated entirely to tablescapes and I am awed!!

    Lovely stuff you got here!

    - Sharon

  2. Oh my ~~ that WAS a romantic tablescape, perfect in every way. Love those vases.

    It is so fun to see what we bloggers find at the goodwill. YES! I can see those dishes being fantastic for 4th of July.

    I'll be watching for a sale at OUR Kroegers!

  3. Pretty yummy! to the eyes and to the tummy!
    while I am typing this I see that beautiful 222 Fifth-Gabrielle-Pretty Paisley!! plate
    Blessings, Candy

  4. Lovely! Thanks for sharing! Beautiful dishware! ~Katy

  5. Lovely images... great candlelight setting! Thanks for sharing... ~Katy

  6. So pretty!
    Love your dish finds!
    I love doing July 4th will have fun with it..

  7. Carolyn! What a pretty table you've sat! I love it all and your special finds are awesome. I see a couple more tablescapes in the future! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Love your tablesetting and the simplicity of it makes it very elegant. Gotta love it when chicken noodle soup is on the menu!

  9. Well, I'm just dying of envy and that's not my best look. I love the striped dishes! How perfect for Mexican!


  10. Hey Girl! Osrry I am late today, I had so many errands to run, that I am late in replying to participants. Shame on me!
    I LOVE your tablescape. Isn't is something how "something simple" can make any occassion seem scpecial. "Just Beacause". I love the candlit photograph. just pretty!
    I also love your thrifty finds! You have some steals of deals there. $1.00 plates? No way! And I adore the "Mexican night" plates. So colorful and fun! I cannot wait to see that tablescape!
    Great job! Thank you so much for playing along!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  11. GREAT thrift finds! You have an excellent eye for pretty bargains. I like your tablescape; it just looks very warm and inviting.

  12. I just love your blog! Very romantic table setting:) I am going to add you to my must read list. Those thrifty finds are great! Can't beat a bargain. Have a great day!
    Gina Jo

  13. Ladies, ladies, you are all so awesome for visiting and leaving such heartwarming comments... (Mwah!) Love you all!

  14. Your candlelight dinner looks lovely and romantic.

  15. Kathy B.: Thank you for noticing! :-)

  16. Chandy,
    you have a beautiful table today! Great finds too, don't you just love a bargain. Cindy

  17. Thanks for visiting me on Tablescape Thursday. Those Mikasa dishes “Love Story” would be on my wish list too! The design reminds me of fancy script done in chocolate!
    You photo by candlelight is lovely. I’m having camera issues right now and everything wants to come out that dark-but blurry! Always a fun jaunt to your blog!

  18. Hi,

    Great dish finds and setting, I have such a hard time NOT adding to mine. :( Thanks to your visit to my blog.


  19. Hi Chandy! I love your tablescape! It took me a while to figure out where to come and I love your blog. Love the things you found on sale too! I'm going to continue to browse I have the Gabrielle- Pretty Paisley and the Bordallo Pinheiro bunny plates in yellow. Deb

  20. Cindy: Thanks, and great bargains are always a treat!

    Jersey Girl: I'm glad you found my blog. Thanks!

    Deb: I know about the Gabrielle; I'm so jealous! I feel so lucky to have found them!

  21. I love those candle holders. They look absolutely beautiful on your table. And how yummy does the whole tablescape look? Great job.

  22. Brenda: Thank you! Welcome to my blog! I was so glad to have found them at Hobby Lobby for 80% off!

  23. Chandy,
    I'm late, too! Love your table and I can't believe all the super finds you got! That's fantastic! Linda

  24. Oh, I love your blog. Thanks for stopping by my blog so that I could find you. This was my first Tablescape Thursday post and I am learning so much from visiting all the amazing participants. Can't wait to do another post next week.

  25. Linda: Thank you so much!

    Mrs. G: Thank you and welcome! I will stop by more. You will love it! Thank you for following!

  26. Chandy,

    What can I say ? Simplicity and elegance that I just love in the menu and the tablescape ! I read a long time ago, we should treat our family like company, make delicious meals for them and set lovely tables so they feel special and loved...what better way to keep our dear ones close to us daily by gathering for meals at the dinner table !!!

  27. Hello! I so agree! They do seem to behave better at the table knowing how pretty everything looks! I so agree with what you read!


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