Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pink Invades Harbor Freight!

Hosted by Beverly & Christine

In light of Memorial Day, I wanted to take a virtual trip with you to PEARL HARBOR IN HAWAII... To also remember the brave soldiers who fought to keep us free. I know that December 7th since 1941 has been it's Memorial Day, but such brave moments in history should be remembered more than once a year...
Here's the USS Oklahoma also to "die" in Pearl Harbor, so when you (and hopefully me someday) go to Hawaii, you'll see two ships, USS Arizona and Oklahoma to commemorate the lives spent defending our honor...

Thanks Christine!
Hope you all can join us next Saturday!
Now we know that today is Pink Saturday's birthday celebration over at Beverly's
so to "mix up" the party, I looked for unusual pinks. And guess where I found some!
Another Harbor...

Some pink car wash solution for the cars of the invited,

Some pink can coolers for the sodas,

how about some pink key holders to get each car key straight...
Of course we can't finish a painting job (for our virtual mural to Beverly) without some pink tape...

Or some pink twine to tie up the wrapped gifts...
Or even tie up anything together in style if not for some pink tie wraps!

And of course if a Pink Birthday Bash ever gets out of hand,

You'd need a PINK hose to clean the mess up!

Thanks for hosting Beverly and a Happy Birthday to Pink Saturday!

TABLESCAPING IDEA: ("Brain" is just tickled pink!) Many of us adore the color pink. And honestly, which woman doesn't? Anyway, if you truly are a pink fan, why not make a table of just pink! Use b&w or light sage green plates, outline floral not colored in and use different shades of pink to make it pop! Centerpiece, easy, light pink roses with hot pink tulips. An instant wow!


  1. Chandy, where in the world did you find all of that pinkness??? You amaze me! That pink tape I have to have! LOL! Such fun!

    Happy Pink Saturday...


    Sheila :-)

  2. I love all your pinks, Chandy! Sometimes I forget all about these things that are available in pink. And I love the post about Pearl Harbor. Happy Pink Saturday, my friend!....Christine

  3. Morning Chandy, Your virtual trip to Hawaii is inspiring, but alas that will probably be the only way I will get there. harbour Freight is one of Jacob's favorite haunts and he would go there any chance he could. Happy Pink Saturday! ~ Robyn

  4. Chandy,
    I can’t believe all this great utilitarian pink objects you found! I want a pink garden hose.

  5. Those are nice aerial view Chandy.

    Now for those pinks, did anybody looked at you while you took those photos? And have they noticed that you only took photos of pinks? :-)

    That pink hose sure can make watering a little fun :-)

    Happy PS!


  6. I'd love to have some of that pink tape and one of those pink water hoses... Ricky goes to Harbor Freight all the time... but he's never told me they have PINK! Guess I'll have to join him the next time...

    happy PS... Dixie

  7. Great pics...I do hope to make it to Hawaii some day.
    And I can just see you in my pink dress and your pink garden hose out watering the pink blossoms in your yard. (in June Clever style!)

    Livin' PINK,

  8. Hawaii is near the top of my husband's list of places he wants to go.

    I love that pink garden hose. That would sure make watering the plants more fun.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  9. My grandfather in law fought in the second world war. He fought through the war and then helped to clean up the horrors of Hiroshima. He is noble and surprisingly upbeat despite all that he has seen. It was a different time, and while evil abounded everywhere there was greater good. My favorite of his stories are the ones that revolve around the good things people did for one another in the face of so much adversity and ugliness. Life is good, and so are people.

  10. In Alabama, they would say that's a pink hose pipe.

  11. Hello all, glad to see you all here!

  12. There's just something about Pink Saturday that brings our the sweetness in people. Beverly sure knew what she was doing when she brought her concept to the world of blog.

    Your offering for this FIRST PINK SATURDAY ANNIVERSARY is wonderful! This is the one day of the week where I can totally indulge my passion without spending a dime!

    Wishing your and those you love a special weekend filled with sunshine and family fun!

  13. I can't believe you were able tofindall of that pink Chandy! Happy Pink Saturday ~ I hope you have a great weekend ~ Susan

  14. HI Dear Chandy! Oh, we've been there at that very spot quite a few times and it is so very touching!
    Now on to Pinker things...I want that pink garden hose! That's just too precious!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. Ladies, I love your comments and your visits!

  16. I am sorry that I didn't acknowledge your visit to my blog. Honestly, I don't acknowledge much these days - it's takes all my energy to be a good mother to my children and a good wife to my husband, while still grieving the loss of our boy. Thank you for your kindness and for crying with me. You are a beautiful women! Thank you for reaching out, I'm sorry it took me so long to reach back! xo Misty

  17. your post was a delight and I am so sorry it has taken me this long to get in here to you. the list this week is very long and I still have so many more to go. happy pink saturday, Char


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