Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Carribean Moment with My New Bordallos

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Do you remember last Sunday's post when I said that these following items were meant to be mine? As you know, being Filipino, pineapples are our summer treat. So when I saw these at that Tuesday Morning, I knew I had to have some, someday.

Well, here they are!

"A Taste of West Indies"

Green and Yellow Bordallo Pineapple Collection

Bordallo Green Pineapple platter-$40 reg; I paid 70% less.

Bordallo Yellow Pineapple serving bowl; $35 reg; I paid $5.00 because it was the 2nd clearance item so it was disounted an extra 50% off!

The Bordallo Pineapple Salad plates- I paid $1.87 each!

Of course, I got eight (8) of them...

Here's an aerial view. The serious look of the greens and golds reminded me of the West Indies decor plus the pineapple design against the dark table made me imagine gauzy white drapes, dark chocolate canopy beds with pineapple finials and coffee (in my case, hot cocoa), in the veranda soaking in the moist sea air... I tucked in the napkins so that its whiteness won't detract from the soft white frost and off white backgrounds. The irregularity of the runner and mats just added to the character. I chose my low ball "Fire and Ice" glassware so it didn't detract from the mugs and overall look of the table.

I love how my $1 "Spectrum Stripes" plates helped the plates pop against the weaved runner and mats. And my "Lace" flatware gave it a little romance. My frosted white and green hurricanes is set on wooden candle holders that put the dark wood color on the table. My mugs were 50 cent finds at Kroger on January 2008. The cake stand is also a Bordallo "Bunny" collection for 50% off. The edge have celery and carrots around. How I wish that I had my husband put up my white gauzy drapes, opened the window and give you the full West Indies feel. I guess I'll just have to do this tablescape again, huh?

Here's another closer look...

Here are some evening shots...

Another aerial view

I am loving our dark colored table more and more! It is so versatile! I think I'll have to grab some French dinnerware and see if I can make it work, too! I'll start looking much later; believe it or not, I get tired of looking at all these plates, I want to have some fresh eyes. So instead of buying more, I'll grab dh and ask him to head to the storage, and grab my other ones to play with!



Coconut Shrimp Skewers

Jerk Chicken

Garlic Fried Rice

Grilled Pineapple Wedges & Mango Slices

Citrus Coolers (Virgin)

Cinnamon Hot Cocoa with Chocolate Whipped Cream

Thank you bunches to Susan and Leigh for being our gracious hosts for today!


  1. Hi Chandy! You really got a great deal on those plates! Wow! They are gorgeous! I love the colors and the designs....Christine

  2. Oh lovely. plates with the pineapples. But the evening shots I like very much. so romantic with those candle holders.

  3. Beautiful plates! Your table is gorgeous and the menu sound delicious!!

  4. Hi Chandy,
    I love those plates! What a deal, how do I find a Tuesday Morning? This is a beautiful table you have set, love the music too! Cindy

  5. A beautiful table and I love your new plates -- the best thing is the price! Don't you love a bargain!

  6. I love your table,you really did a nice job, and at a great price too! What time is dinner?

  7. Beautifully done and elegant. Lovely plates and yummy menu!

  8. What a gorgeous, serene tablescape. You got a steal on those dishes. Love the photos by candle light. Great job!

  9. These dishes are absolutely grand.And what a were at the right place at the right time.Congrats.And your FABULOUS.I love it.All of it is awesome...Ann

  10. Wow, I've never seen plates like this! Beautiful!

  11. Beautiful tablescape. So elegant and yet casual. I love all of your new dishes. I really like the pineapple design. Just gorgeous. It does look like a wonderful setting on a gorgeous island beach. Lovely. Hugs, Marty

  12. Chandy,
    I think this is my favorite tablescape I have seen of yours yet. WOW I love those green plates, very, very nice!
    You say you like my blog for ideas, and I like yours back! You have great style and manage it between kids and studying! WHAT NOW, is the perfect name for you! I love those bubble lamps also I bought for my office. They are so fun, but I have got to get in gear and paint that room. Maybe after I look at everyone’s tablescapes! Take care. ~Cathy~

  13. Beautiful table, and great deals!

  14. Oh, the night view was amazing! I love your pretty pineapple plates! Great job!

  15. Chandy,

    The park is Fritz park in Irving

  16. Hi Chandy, what a steal you got on the dishes ! Your table looks great !

  17. Table looks great. And you found some great deals. Now I want to go to the West Indies.

  18. Thank you dear, dear ladies! Your compliments keep my creativity going! I love each and every comment you bestow upon this blog.

  19. Chandy, what a beautiful setting! I really like the pinapple plates, and what a deal!!

  20. Oh WOW....I clicked on YOUR blog and for a minute I thought I had clicked back to MINE*! Check mine out and see what I mean. (SMILE) I love your table*! _Ashley*

  21. Lynda, Ashley, thank you so much! I love it more and more...

  22. I really like the pineapple plates. A sign of welcome!

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  23. Christi, thank you, I agree!

  24. Great deals and great table and also I like the menu...sounds delicious. Thanks for stopping by my first tablescape.

  25. Hi Dear One! Oh, it's good to be able to visit you again! Your table is just wonderful. I haven't seen this pineapple pattern and I love it!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  26. I am ready to come over for the Bordallo and the menu, yum!
    I am hooked on Bordallo Majolica now too!

  27. Oh, Chandy, this was so fabulous, I had to make my husband read it too. We both are coming for supper, k? LOL! What a menu. What gorgoues plates and tablescape piecs. You got some amazing deals. I am going to have to go to Tuesday Morning and see what I can find.
    I felt "virtully" right at home with the the windows open, the seabreeze blowing the gauzy curtains, and enjoying my grilled pineapple with my citrus cooler. All this citrus....I am feeling much better! Thanks! MAybe I needed just a good dose of vitamin C...C-handy! Thanks!

  28. Wow - you got some great deals! Those green plates are soooo pretty! Linda

  29. I really like those hurricanes. All you ladies' and your gorgeous tables put my fast food right out of the bag to shame!!!

  30. Leigh, you and your husband are welcome anytime!

    Linda and Keetha, thank you. I got them at Ross!

  31. Those pineapple dishes are amazing -- I love them. Pineapples are an early American symbol of hospitality -- they were so expensive way back when, that you only served a pineapple to a very important and honored guest!

    I love those dishes... I think there is a Tuesday Morning not too far from here, and I am heading there tomorrow just in case they have these dishes... wow, gorgeous table!


  32. Barbara, thank you!

    Cass, I love that fact! Considering my husband is American and my culture loves pineapples in the summer. It is one of our welcomed summer fruits. We know it's summer when pineapple vendors line up the streets.

  33. Hi Chandy! We love pineapple, too -- and my father, who is 89, has dinner at our house every week, and I nearly always have cut up pineapple on the table because he loves it so.

    What other fruit tastes so good, and LOOKS so amazing? :-)

    Thank you for your kind words on my TT post, and for the award. I will accept it tomorrow; I am too sleepy now and need to go to bed! Best wishes always ... Cass

    PS My girls are 21 and 23 and I still entertain on their behalf!

  34. Cass, I so agree! I always stock up on pineapple for the fall because that's also a holiday where we combine our culture on the table. My children drinks Pine Orange juice for Thanksgiving every year since we moved to Arizona in 2001.

  35. I love your pineapple plates!
    It's all so beautiful! :)

  36. I was just searching for plates this week! You have a really fun blog. I enjoyed my visit!

  37. Cheffie-Mom; thank you for visiting! Don't be a stranger!

  38. LOVE those plates! And the table looks amazing at night, too!

  39. Mary, thank you so much! I thought so, too!

  40. Sorry I am late getting here this week!
    Your bargains are wonderful!!..I love the bordallo..I have a few in my collection.
    Very pretty table, love the pineapple!

  41. Kathleen, any time is a great time for you to visit! ;-) Thank you!

  42. lovely setting :) and nice menu hmmm

  43. Equidae, thank you and welcome!


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