Sunday, July 26, 2009

Will Be Back Soon

Just having a hectic week so I'll be back in a week to keep up with all the memes. See you all soon!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Last CIJ and more SS

Hosted by Christine

Friday was great but like the rest of this week, crammed with things to do. So going to Petland was a little bit of a respite.

Inside, we saw... parakeets of beautiful colors. That teal one in the middle is the one I want!

If my hubby has his way, he'd snag this English bulldog puppy... Isn't he cute?
Here's my son, with a juvenile cockatiel. I don't know which one is more darling. LOL
This white parrot just hung out there on the ledge and would let others pet him without flinching.
Here's a cute bunny for my little cutie!
We went back to the parakeets and look what we found, kissing ones!
Thank you so much for another great week, Christine!


Hosted by Felecia

Ok, so this is supposed to be the last "Christmas in July", so I'm a little sad... But this "Sparkly Kiss of Red" table certainly put a smile on my face... I used all that I can gather together that seem fitting for Christmas as quickly as I can, but I took longer taking pictures! Isn't that always the case? :-)
I used my "Snowfall Splendor" plates and added a double star gold glittered ornament on top. The napkins and few touches of red among all the gold & white gave it a touch of romance and magic that is always apparent at Christmas time.
Here are all the other bling, crystal and glass. I love my "Rose Serenade" Gorham goblets!
Here's the close-up of the double star ornament...
And the napkin... I sprinkled some of the glitter on the table, but you couldn't see them... Oh, well! Oh! The napkins, paper, and only $1.99 for 16 pcs at Tuesday Morning! It's an orchid print with butterflies with gold touches and edging. It was perfect!Can't forget the "artsy" shot. LOL
Or the "on the table" shot. ;-)
Here's the whole table. I only participated for three weeks so that's three tables, three looks. I can't wait until Christmas!

Thanks, Felecia for this fun meme, and for all for peeking!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Black and White

Hosted by Susan and Leigh

Hello! Isn't it a wonderful Thursday? Great day for something inexpensive but elegant.

"Black Ties On"

My B&W pieces

Want to party? Let's go... I found just the right one. Hope your little black dress is ready or have dusted that ol' tuxedo up in the attic. Because... Look... there's a classy placesetting just for you! Are you comfy?
Let's turn down the lights and let the glow of the candle illuminate your wondrous glamour...
Let's look at you from above and make the stars smile.
Let's see some of the special touches... A pair of chic IKEA S&P shakers. At $2.99 a pair, you can afford a juicy filet mignon!
This little gem of a lowball glass with black glass strip on the inside! Marshall's thought you deserve something unique and "just right"... (The price of $1.99 a piece is the "just right" factor) LOL

So... did you enjoy your formal evening? Sure hope you did; I had a great time with you. Thank you for coming along...

To our lovely hosts, a big thank you and glad to see you here again!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Little Sparkly Dust?

Hosted by "Playing With Dishes"

It's another week of "Christmas in July" with Felecia, our host who just loves Christmas all year round. This week, since I'm on vacation (and having so much fun...) I decided to share one sparkly holiday decor that I did for my teen daughter's "White Elephant" Party back in Arizona. We had one each December, for the last three years we lived there.

This is called Holiday Sparkle because the snowflakes had iridescent glitter and the gold wired ribbon was sparkly. It was the focal point for...

... this table centerpiece! I created my own glittered glass ball ornaments by swirling paints in them with glitter. So easy! The hurricanes were from the previous thanksgiving and the flower rings and linens, all deep, deep, clearance priced!
Hope you enjoyed my little sparkly holiday memory... It was a good year!


Hosted by "Christine's Home and Travel Adventures"

Since it's also Saturday, we get to join our other lovely host, Christine for some sightseeing! Last Monday, my in-laws took us to the Bingham Copper Mines where 17% of the world's copper is extracted from Utah's Bingham Canyon. It is currently operated by Kinecott Mining Co.

It also happened to be just a few minutes drive from where they live!

Here's the fam looking down into the mine, over 120 years old!
With enough zoom power, Mr. Man was able to show us a digger...
I took a perspective shot for how big the "delivery" trucks are. You'll see one soon...
There you see the bottom of the mine... More digging!
Oh look! There's a school bus touring the mine. See how little it is compared to the "delivery" trucks? With the naked eye, it looked like an ant! LOL
Here's a piece of Molybdenite that they normally find there along with copper, gold and silver!
Here's one of the many display cases of the items used or found in this mine. They have a whole visitor's center on the site for the curious visitors like us! Beautiful museum!
Here's one of the "delivery trucks". I call them that because they "deliver" up the extracted dirt back up to the processing plants that separate the ores from regular earth! They create so much dust that so often, a watering truck follows or precedes them. We sure had an eyeful of how a mine operates at the source! So cool!
In the museum, they've found dinosaur bones and mouth fragments, just 70 feet down! Amazing huh?
We have so much more pictures, but I barely got back from another hectic but very fun day, so I'll have to share more next SS! Thanks for peeking! Make sure to join next Saturday and share with us the answer to this weekly question, "What did you see out there?"

TABLESCAPING IDEA: ("Brain" just had another idea) After visiting a museum, create a table reflecting that visit. Either it be just the color, books about it, the souvenirs you bought, anything and relive the memory by discussing it during dinner or whenever you do it!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Free, Fast & Fabulous

Hosted by Susan and Leigh

Ok, I found some time to post, so I wanted to share the table I quickly put together while here at the wonderful home of my parent-in-laws.

"A Hint of Southeast Asia"

The Asian Melamine Soup bowl set we gave them

I used the bowl set we gave them several years ago as centerpiece as they also functioned as serveware for a Filipino dish I made.
You see the beautiful Blue and Orange design? I haven't seen those in a while so glad that we found them then as I just love how they look. I was making all the dishes, so I quickly set the tablescape and opted for the paper napkins and simple placesetting. (ooopppsss... I forgot to put away the extra napkins and Mr. Man didn't either. LOL)
There were 7 of us eating, so I had my husband take these photos above and here's what we had... Two kinds of Jasmine rice, white and brown, three veggies and "Bistek" or the Filipino interpretation of Beef Steak (center bowl). My in-laws request this dish whenever we come and I'm glad that they do as it is also much requested in my own family. It is simply yummy!

For dessert, I had the kids make brownies and we had Brownie a la mode with strawberries and optional almond slices. We loved it and to top off the night, we watched, "Wall-E". Family time, you can't beat it!

Leigh, my TT for you is this set, since I used it for FREE and Susan, thanks for giving me the motivation to do tablescaping even when I'm not at home. LOL Thank you both for being wonderful hostesses!

And to all of you, heart your visits and will post again soon!

Monday, July 13, 2009

In Utah Having FUN!

Hi to all! I'll be posting soon, but we are in Utah until Monday, so I'll try to post when I can. I'll miss you all and I hope you miss me, too!

Enjoy your week! See you next post!

TABLESCAPING IDEA: ("Brain" is in pain...) Out of town, nowhere to go, have headaches that last for days? Clean up the table and set it for anytime, anything and be ready for any company. Be prepared to be praised as a great hostess for having a set table.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My dear Ol' Oaky...

Hosted by "Happy to Design"

It's Sunday again and I get to relive another fave post, thanks to our host, Chari, who knows just what we like to do on Sundays... Reflect...

I can't help but miss my old Oak table when I look back at my tablescapes in the past, but I know she's in a good home- my next door neighbor's parents!
From February 6, 2009

After 11 years of beautiful tablescaping adventures, my little fam of 5 say goodbye to our old and big solid oak table (*sob*). Our dining area is too small, the kids kept whacking the rounded edges and access to the kitchen when we're entertaining is almost impossible! Who wants that, right? (*sob*) Even though I love that table (*sob*) I have to think of all the bruises, stubbed toes, ripped stitches from sleeves, the squeezing (oh, those painful squeezes just to get to the other side)(*sob*).
Anyway... (still sobbing) I knew that I wanted a more Asian decor without the stereotypical little tokens associated with an Asian home. After all, I am also part Spanish (Europe, Spain), so I can't go too ethnic on both or my home will fall under eclectic and that's just not my style!

No ma'am! So... when we saw this new one, I fell in love with the color, look and the slimmer figure (now if only I can slim down that quick then we're set! I wish!)

As we said buh-bye to the ole' oakey, we say hello to our new Rubberwood dark chocolate Pagoda 6-pc set from Cost Plus World Market! We picked it up last Monday morning and it was heavy! (Good thing dh is so up to the task with his mus-kles!)

Ready to take a look-see? Are ya? Alright, here they are... (old and new of course- gotta build up the thrill factor, lol)

My ole' oakey is off to a wonderful couple who's been looking for someone like her... She's not old, the warehouse we got her from gave us a 50-year minimum lifespan, so she's still a tween (*sob*).

I just love this set!!!

It was 53% off in store (that's how we bought it) and would have been 65% off online (but they didn't want to honor the paper ad)
It's a sturdy and beautiful table

(four legs with brace, oh yeah, it's not going anywhere!)
4 chairs and a bench!
(I've always wanted one...)


Thank you so much both to our lovely host, Chari and to all of you for stopping by!

TABLESCAPING IDEA: ("Brain is a little tired") Remember that the tables you use is just as important as the dishes you use so consider the future tablescapes you want to do on it if in the market for a new table. Test it out at the store if they have other things to sell there, do a tablescape on the table. Let the piece inspire you.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Little CIJ, SS and Q&A

Hosted by "Playing With Dishes"

We all know that Christmas comes with its own symbolism and commercialism. But if you really want to see the magic of Christmas, even in the scorcher month of July, you have to see the colors... Not just any colors, the three main ones, "red, white, and green"... There is nothing so obvious and beautiful than these three colors when thinking of Christmas, so for this week's "CIJ" with Felecia, I present to you...

"The Christmas Magic's in its Colors"

Red, White & Green

To me, Christmas is a time of reverence and gratitude so when I was thinking of what to put together, I didn't think of the usual adornments, but rather, I focused on the colors and what they meant...
Christmas time is a gift or rather to reflect on the greatest gift man ever received so I made the kitchen towel/napkin look like a long red gift box with two festive bows "melting" into the bowl. Exactly how I feel, I melt with gratitude during Christmas time.
Everything is focused on the main colors of Christmas, true that we have expanded on that to include all colors for whimsy, but when we think of Christmas, these colors surface to the top...
I opted to use something dark to hold the tealights to highlight this time of year is when we should have hope for mankind and within our own hearts...
I think it communicated "Christmas" well enough without the obvious "hallmarks", don't you?
Ok, let's see what this holder is made of... It's got three leaves with a bird on top of the branch they share! Yes folks, in other parts of the country or the world for that matter, birds and trees of all kinds get to enjoy Christmas, too! LOL
And here's the whole table... "Merry July Christmas!"

"Merry Christmas in July to all, and to all, a good night!"


Hosted by "Christine's Home & Travel Adventures"

We can't forget that this is also Sightseeing Saturday with Christine. Instead of taking you to an exotic place, I opted to show you one of the grocery store area we live close to. These are what gets my children walking to from time to time.
Strategically, there are cement statues of animals! Like this beautiful squatting horse... Perfect to ride on with great shades in the summer time!
At the very end is this big hippo, and... (don't my children look comfy) ;-)
This bowing elephant greets us at the other end! Look at my son, he's showing you how fun each one is! ;-)

Now for the Q&A:
I was asked two major questions last Thursday.

"Where do you store all these stuff"?

Answer: I live in an apartment so storage is very important for my tablescaping. I have two big trunks in the living room that hold my accessories and my wedding china. I have a 10-opening bookcase that holds 10 of my dinnerware sets that's next to our dining table also serving as my buffet. Above it are wall shelves that hold my more "can use daily nice china" and vases. I also have some dinnerware at the very top of my pantry shelves. The more overt seasonal patterns are in the storage and gets swapped according to my designs and inspiration. My stemware are held in two small cabinets lining up in our hallway, and again, more are in the storage. I've been collecting since the late 90s, so I had to be creative with storage, each year and with every move.

"Do you eat at these tables or do you just set them for fun?"

Answer: We eat on 99% percent of the tables I set. My children love playing, "restaurant" the best where I get to serve them and they just wait to have their plates filled. LOL I invested in stain-resistant white tablecloths and use blankets no one uses anymore and wash them as spills happen to avoid any stain setting in. If I can't imagine a menu to go with the setting, most likely it won't get done. Plus, most of the "fun" tablescapes I do, it's between meals, so I make sure to take a lot of angle shots to recreate it someday.

Thanks for peeking! And a big thank you to our lovely hosts, Christine and Felecia!

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