Saturday, September 26, 2009

You are the best!

Taking a breather... Loved all your comments!

Hanson Patch, sometimes, I'm telepathetic, I mean, telepathic. ;-)

Cathy, trying to take more of those breathers... So could use them. FB is so mind numbing sometimes, I revert to that

I agree with Beansieleigh, sometimes flat sheets are better alternatives though in my kids' case, not all the time. ;-)

Nonna Beach please, please forgive me for not checking in on time but if you get this, please add me to your invited guests for your blog. I love checking in on you when I can.

Christine you are just one of the sweetest ladies I ever came across. Big hugs!

Ok, an update:
I'm still alive... :-) Just so grateful for that!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm Still Alive... But Barely

Ok... This is getting ridiculous. I have a full house, I mean apartment unit with one of my teen daughter's friends, now living with us. My dining room, groaning under extra food and supplies, my coffee table, lost under extra boxes and my time, totall spent on catching on homework and errands! *sigh*

I am working on getting my Fall stuff out of the storage and stealing a few hours to get a tablescape or two, done for your viewing pleasures. UNTIL THEN... I'll be here, at home, trying not to fall flat on my face from being too exhausted.

TABLESCAPING IDEA: ("Brain" says... zzzzz...) Tablecloth got you baffled between fabric and vinyl? Have little ones? Then go for vinyl tablecloth with fabric like textures on it and subtle designs. Looks expensive and pretty but durable and checkbook friendly!

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Little Too "Cloche"...

Hosted by Marty

As of late, time is just not on my side, but I couldn't break a promise to join a great party, right? Right! So, though I couldn't afford any real cloche out there, I did manage to find a great alternative. Yay!!!

I needed something small but worthy of using a cloche on so I thought and I thought... Hmmm... Aha! My most important bling! Not money wise, but sentiments wise.

See, the ring is my "upgraded-after 10 years of marriage" wedding ring (and cause I lost the original one. *very sad face*; my mom's ruby earrings for my eldest and the gold bracelet that my baby sister gave me, just because... It's been raining here so the lighting is just horrible.

See how they look in my cloche.

Ha ha, it's an upside down crystal water goblet called "Rose Serenade" by Gorham.

Doesn't it look like a fancy cloche when you don't see the stem?

Proof time... Before it was washed. Found it at Tuesday Morning. Details, next Thursday. But knowing me, I got it at a great deal!

Marty, thanks for being a great host for this party, and so sorry I'M LATE... Thanks for visiting y'all!
TABLESCAPING IDEA: ("Brain" is sleepy...) Just like in this party, there are always alternatives, so find one for every great idea you see in magazines. Sometimes, yours turn out better.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Getting a Handle on Things

Hello all! First off, apologies to my readers for not having anything new. And for the lack of visits lately. Our new schedule is slowly coming along and school is transitioning smoothly for me. Posting will be more frequent soon enough. (Yay!) But I did have some hard facts to face:

We are moving next year, so no major household shopping for me this year, except for a cloche for Marty's party on the 11th. I wouldn't miss that again! (Yes ladies, I am in pain not being able to bring home unbelievable deals, but I promised the hubs, so there.)

I can only post for both TTs, and SS and occasionally on OW, FF and SF only because of Family time rearrangement.

I'm focusing on learning how to bake better sandwich bread as we are trying to stretch every penny for the said upcoming move. (don't know where yet)

I'm not able to keep my personal challenge from my own family's blog, so I know keeping up with the daily memes here would be next to impossible. (But I'm working on it!)

I'm helping a friend with meal planning to stretch her budget so that's where some of the attention is portioned out.

Oh how I miss all of you, but I do need to have a realistic view of our family life this year. Busy, busy, busy!

I leave you all with this:

TABLESCAPING IDEA: ("Brain" is giddy to be posting today) Looking at my own stash, I was inspired to share that sometimes, plates are not the answer. Have fun with all bowls; do a noodle night where veggies, noodles, soup and toppings can all be cradled in different sized bowls.

See you next week!

Niceties first

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