Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dreaming of Spain & A Pretty Teacup

Hosted by Beverly and Christine

While back in Mesa, AZ, we ran into a Basha's grocery store for some dental wax for my teen's braces. And while my fam looked, I explored the floral department and look what I saw!

Isn't it gorgeous? But as you can see, it's attached to its saucer! It's meant to be a cute planter... Too bad for me. But then again at $12.99 each, I couldn't afford it! ;-(
Now, let's move on to my Destinations Wish List - SPAIN!

Since I am part Spanish from both sides, Spain is one country I wish to visit someday for some genealogy information huntdown adventure, but look at all these places to enjoy first.

All photos and info courtesy of Iho-Ohi dot org
Alhambra Palace in Granada. Look at those beautiful hedges. From the Towers, you can view the Battlemented Tower, Other Towers, The Torre de las Infantes, Torre de las Damas, Torre del Aqua, Torre del Candil, and Tower of the Girl Captive.

The City of Arts and Sciences, designed by world famous architect Santiago Calatrava, in Valencia

Estepona, in Andalusia. A farming & fishing community.

And of course, The Royal Palace, in Madrid

TABLESCAPING IDEA: ("Brain" really wants to go) Want a motivation to save those pennies for a trip or want a quick cultural theme decor? Try buying a cheap tourguide book and carefully cut out pictures. Laminate and hang them from the chandy to almost the table and have a great centerpiece! Since you're using paper and plastic, better not to have any lit candles nearby. Instead, use plants lit with string lights and small jarred candles with shades for ambiance. Use dinnerware from the area and cook the local foods that you'd most likely be looking for while you're there, if you ever get there.


  1. Beautiful pictures of Spain, Chandy. We have been to Barcelona and would like to go back to see other parts too. Bad experience for us though cause dh got pickpocketed at the Remblas. Luckily, I kept his passport but the lucky gypsy got away with $1500 in cash and all his credit cards, drivers and medical licenses, the worse part was being tied on the phone for hours canceling all his cards. He's learned his lesson since and just travels now with a pouch inside his shirt. LOL....Christine

  2. Oh, wow, need to keep that in mind if I ever get there. Thanks for the heads-up!

  3. If ever Chandy, that is one lovely planter. Very nice to give to someone dear and her fave plant planted on it.

    Oh Spain, those are wonderful views/places. Interesting shapes of structures too.

    Happy PS


  4. Good morning! I'm stopping by to say hello, and HPS! Nice to meet you, it is a lovely blog. Just thought I'd let you know, LOL.


  5. Chandy, Spain would be a great trip. I love the pics you've shown. Great ideas for a tablescape too. I sure wish you were here so we could shop together and you could help teach me how to do tablescapes. I am trying so hard to learn. I find some of the greatest dishes, I just need to learn how to put them all together. I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend. Hugs, Marty

  6. Well if I had been there Chandy, I would have bought you that planter. Just because you are so sweet. I love your pictures of Spain. Barcelona is definitely on my "must see" list.

  7. I too would love to visit! Such a beautiful country! I loved you pictures! I also LOVE that cup and saucer. But pricey....

  8. Happy Pink Saturday ~ I hope you have a great weekend ~ Susan

  9. Hi Chandy, That is a lovely teacup/planter but you're right at $12.99 is a bit "steep". Hope you're all having a great weekend! ~ Robyn

  10. ~WOW! Chandy Spain is stunning!

    Happy Memorial Day! ;)

  11. What a l♥vely Pink Saturday blog entry. This is the one day of the week when I get to sit for a couple of hours and soak in my favorite color. Thanks for being a part of that day☺

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful family weekend. I will be remembering my father who served in WWII, and praying for all of our military who are in harms' way.

  12. Wow Chandy I can picture the tablescape you described it so well! I want to go to Spain and Portugal. Ryans Grandparents have been all over Europe and Asia, but the one place they listed that they wanted to visit still was Spain. I want to go to Madrid and Lisbon first, then see the smaller towns. I think I would need to go soon as they are such night people, and I wouldn't want to be trying the Flamenco at 90 :-)

  13. Hi Chandy,
    You have become my bargain hunter guru! When I shop for dishes I say would Chandy buy this? It would be great to visit Spain; my daughter went with her Spanish class. She was able to give her McDonald's order in Spanish when we lived in Dubai. Glad to know that her lessons did not go to waste, lol! Wishing you a Happy Memorial Day weekend. ~Cathy~

  14. May you have a wonderful Memorial day weekend my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  15. Hello ladies, thank you so much for your awesome comments. I so love "reading" from all of you. It's like a nice surprise gift every time I open my blog.

  16. Chandy, I know you had fun when you were here and how much you enjoyed Fry's. I went there today to get a few groceries, and I had my camera so I took a few pics. I did a post showing some of their gorgeous dishes. If you see something you want let me know and I can get it and send it to you. They have almost all of them on sale for 30% to 40% off. Really good prices. My email is Let me know if you see anything. Hugs, Marty

  17. Happy Pink Saturday. I trip to Spain would be enchanting - and a dream I hope will come true for you.

  18. When I was 13 yrs old we lived in Madrid for 3 years. I didn't know to appreciate it all then, way to young and not enough life experience to know better, thankyou for the memories, happy pink saturday, Char

  19. Such beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing them. laurie


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