Friday, May 1, 2009

Virtual Feast Down South

Hosted by "Designs by Gollum"

I've got four tablescapes to do the next 5 days, so I really haven't focused on any food. Not that I haven't cooked, I just haven't cooked according to FF meme theme. But I should be good for the next set of Fridays.

Today, I give you again inspiration menus for Cinco de Mayo. Our Cinco de Mayo dinner will be done then so watch out for that.

Ok, so let's put on our imaginary Mexican Hats and sit down on a glorious Cinco de Mayo tablescape...

The food's not quite ready yet so let me offer you some- Virgin Strawberry Margarita! This hostess does not do alcohol, sorry... but I promise it's just as refreshing!

While sipping our margaritas, let's admire the grand bouquet of Mexican Hat flowers freshly picked off a nearby field.
(Texas Parks and Wildlife)

Let's pass up the time with some pinata hitting! Here's one of Texas, one state that borders Mexico.


Ok, that was great! "Food's ready!" Let's see what we have...


Mmmm... some beef tacos! Note that it's not ground beef, it is thin and sliced...

Here's some fresh out of the oven enchiladas. How does it taste?
I added some extra lime juice in the filling! ;-)


Getting full, you say? C'mon, you have more room for some fresh, golden, ripe Mexican mangoes. Am I right, am I right, huh? ;-)

(Dallas News. com)

Alright, let's wash it all down with some Horchata! Aaahhh.... All done!
Who wants to watch soccer?

Ok, slowly... take off your hats and open your eyes... You're back in front of your keyboard about to leave me a great comment.... LOL

Did you enjoy our Mexican feast?

Thanks Gollum for hosting this great theme today!


TABLESCAPING IDEA: ("Brain" is craving Mexican food!) It's fun to do a tablescape for a cultural holiday with your stamp on it. Not all the accessories have to be authentic. Base everything on the colors and you can put together a table for a lot less and come up with the same effect! If you want authenticity, start researching menus and recipes you can do. Then shop for your tabletop goodies on clearance right after the holiday and you'll be ready with everything you need next year! Like I mentioned in my sidebar, under "Holiday Holla", choose which holiday you want to set a nice table on then start looking!"


  1. Everything looks so yummy Chandy :-)And that refreshing drink (to help push all those tacos and enchilladas) mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    (your table on the previous post looks so romantic with the dim lighting and all)


  2. Hey Chandy - you just made me crave Chipotle! Do you ever eat there? I love their Chicken or Steak fajita burritos and tacos! ~ Robyn

  3. WHat a lovely blog you have. And my mouth is watering. I think I'd better get some breakfast!!!

  4. Yum! I am craving mexican food now.

  5. Always make the virgin margaritas for the little kids when they want a 'fancy' glass like the grown-ups. Actually, at times I can't tell the differene since I don;t like 'burned' cocktails!
    All the food is mouth-watering.. Too bad I had to come back to reality!

  6. Chandy, what a great post. We just had fajitas and I found the best spice in the whole world for them. It's Don Sazon Carne Asada. It just makes the meat so delicious. If you can find it you just have to try it. Perfect for Cinco De Maya. Hugs, Marty

  7. Now, I am hungry after looking at all these food. And I am going to have some mangoes. Great pics, Chandy!...Christine

  8. I loved reading this, Chandy! Fun post!


    Sheila :-)

  9. Thank you ladies for the great comments, I sure do love "reading" from all of you!

  10. I think I'd like one of those pink drinks please :0) Happy Foodie to you!!

  11. Okay Chandy, what is Horchata? It looks so good.
    Love this post for Cinco de Mayo! yum...

  12. I feel as though I have gone on a wonderful little vacation. Didn't close my eyes though or I wouldn't be writing you but you would hear me snoring.

  13. Ellen, one coming up! ;-)

    Sue, I'll look it up for you.

    Lori, true, true... Sorry about that! LOL

  14. Chandy, this was such a beautiful post. Your tablescapes are gorgeous!!!


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