Monday, March 30, 2009

What to do with an Oddball

Hosted by "Smiling Sally"

Here's a Royal Blue Asian runner from Mrs. Lin's Kitchen dot com. Isn't it pretty? Happy Blue Monday to all and a big thanks to Sally for hosting!


Hosted by "Between Naps on the Porch"

For today's Met Monday, I decided to show how I convinced my dh that my first find at Goodwill is just as versatile as my other dishes.
Remember this pattern, "Stockholm"? A stoneware made in Japan.

My dh wasn't thrilled about the look of this pattern; it reminded him of the 1980s. Or the fact that I've never really dabbled in any Americana decor that this may fit in. So I had to figure out a way to prove him wrong before he begs me to give it away! I created a tablescape to not only incorporate it but make it shine as well!

First, I consulted "Red" my dining area guard rooster. He immediately took the center spotlight and introduced himself to the two golden foil chicks I won from Robyn of "There's Always Thyme For..." They got along just fine. They looked a little cold so I had them huddle around a warm candleglow. I looked for more things to add and I spotted my very first pitcher embossed with veggies. I rescued the mums and poofed them on top.

Then, since I didn't have any blue on my centerpiece, I tried to find a way to make this pattern work. So, remembering my Canopy "Golden Wheat" dishes, I used it as a charger to spread and tone down the gold. To achieve a casual look, I used our everyday plastic placemats and runner that do a great job blending in with the table. So then, I set my oddball pattern and set the table with my Hampton "Lace" flatware and Anchor Hocking "Fire & Ice" highball glass.

I added my Bordallo "Hen and Rooster" bowl for the menu. "Red's" comb was nicely complemented by the red on the plates. By not using blue anywhere else, the plates stood out beautifully and the centerpiece with the simplicity of the pattern reminds me of the simple beauty of being down in the farm at dusk...

What do you think? Is he right, or I am right to keep this pattern?

"Farm in the City"

No, I didn't bribe him with his favorite dessert, "Butterscotch Banana Bread"! It was for the foil chicks! ;-) LOL

Happy Met Monday everyone! Thanks Susan for being our gracious host once again!


  1. You were right, Chandy. It really does work! Great centerpiece created with the hen and foil chicks...Christine

  2. Looks good to me! Happy Blue and Met Monday ~ Susan

  3. Susan, Christine, thank you! I think so, too... I'll let him know you agree with me. ;-D

  4. I like the pattern, It's not too over the top and the plate is mostly white, I think you could do lot's a different table scapes with it easily. Mary @ Boogieboard Cottage

  5. Checking in from SITS. Wishing you a beautiful week. My best. Zen Cupcake

  6. That is lookin' great! I also enjoyed the green majolica bowl, I have the exact one and it sits on the kitchen counter.
    Have a Lovely Day~

  7. The blue runner is pretty, and so is your dish with the blue print. Happy Blue Monday.

  8. Love the title "farm in the city". Keep your Goodwill find--it just takes men a little longer to adjust to change :)!

  9. Do you use the runner as a runner? The way it is photographed makes me think how pretty it would be displayed on a wall.

  10. Looks good to me too. I love the foil chicks.

  11. Oh, I think it all looks just perfect.
    Happy Blue Monday, bj

  12. Chandy, I think it is just perfect! Great job, and I love you pop of blue in there accented with the gold charger. And that foil chick... darling! And that bread... Yum!

    Happy Blue Monday...


    SHeila :-)

  13. The setting is just right. I bet your husband changed his mind when he saw the finished product :-) And your centerpiece with the rooster and chicks are adorable. Good thing they get along fine :-)

    Oh I want a piece of that butterscotch banana bread. You baked this this, right? :-)

  14. Love the chickens as a centerpiece. I am fairly obsessed with them.


  15. Happy Blue and Met to you. What a fun tablescape you created! :0)

  16. Chandy,
    Your blue table runner is striking such a vivid blue I love it!
    Also come by my blog, and see the new buttons. There are 3 choices, just let me know which is your favorite. Write to me under the giveaway post. I want you to be happy so don’t be shy if you want me to adjust the look. Once you decide I will write the code for your new button.
    Cathy The Stylish House

  17. Looks wonderful.... Happy Blue Monday and have a lovely week.

  18. Thank you ladies! Yes, I baked the bread, but no the runner is not mine; I just saw it online while browsing.

  19. Oh it definitely is a keeper. I love your rooster ( I have the same one ). lol Your tablescape is just perfect. I think we need to keep all of our beautiful dishes. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  20. I love table decor, what a fun blog!!!

  21. What a wonderful post. I love the table decor and your great blog! Happy Blue Monday!

  22. Chandy,
    Your button is ready! I need your email address so I can send you the instructions and the code. Write me at
    I can't leave the instructions here, because this comment section does not allow me to post the code part. I tested your new button if you want to look at it on my blog. I think it turned out spiffy, and it links back to you. I hope you like it.

  23. Love the rooster! Your blues are pretty too.
    Happy Blue Monday!


  24. Yay, he can't make me give them away now!...

  25. I think it looks down home good and with that yummy bread! Cock-a-doodle-do! I say different plates for different moods...NO RULES!
    Blessings, Candy

  26. Tell your husband he has been out voted! Works for me.

  27. Oooooo LOVE your rooster!!! I am a rooster fan!


  28. well i think it looks fabulous! and candles always add such a nice glow. Husbands, mine tolerates alot from me, or shall i say he has just become ammuned.

  29. Hello again ladies; I'm glad to report he has conceded with the proviso that I will continue to find cool tablescapes to incorporate the pattern as he really doesn't like them by themselves. I'm up for that challenge! LOL

  30. Men-what do they know? Your table looks great! laurie

  31. Terrie, thank you! It was a great web surfing find... :-)

    Laurie, I agree! LOL


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