Thursday, April 30, 2009

70, 80, 90

Hosted by Susan and Leigh

It is Thursday once again and that means another Thrifty Tablescape Thursday for me! And since I can't afford much, this is one meme I can certainly do every week!

Let's see what we've got shall we?

Ok, it may only be Spring and Summer's not even here yet, but for this gal, I can't wait for Thanksgiving in the Fall. I can't help it, May rolls around and my mind starts to wander on all things Fall! I start sketching and planning, planning and sketching.

Well, last year about late October, I saw this line of Food Network dinnerware at Kohl's. (We have Kohl's very close to us, but I don't go often.) That November, I saw them but since Thanksgiving was so close, they weren't on sale. I decided to wait them out.

After the holidays, I kept missing the sale though they never went lower than 50%. I didn't want the dinner plates as they are very dark, so I decided that I would get the salad plates only and that 50% is a good deal. I guess it wasn't meant to be as I missed the sale again! So, I resorted to just looking and since life took most of my time, this pattern became an afterthought, a good "maybe someday" bit on my "would be nice" wish list. But then again, I am very patient...

Imagine my surprise last Saturday when I saw them at 80% off- the very same salad plates, bowls and even a platter! I quickly grabbed six of each of the salad plates, bowls and the one platter especially when the lady that circled the shelf three times all of a sudden decided she wanted some and was trying to get her hands on some of them! I employed my children to grab the dishes as soon as I got them so that I can grab the others! One is a floral print and one is a hobnail solid dark red ceramic. (Don't worry, I left her all the mugs and two bowls... LOL "Brain was quite proud of me that I didn't do the happy dance upon seeing the tag on these pattern we've salivated over for a while now.)

"Thinking of Fall"

"Red Currant" salad plates by Food Network

I decided that coupling it with creamy white will be the cleanest look for the table that I want to do this year so I paired it with my Thomson "Blanc" solid dinnerware that I got from Ross for $1 each back in February. I also laid a white tablecloth and broke it up with a dark red table runner. (I'll probably change that to a creamy white as well.) ;-)

It's also been raining here a lot so the darkness and otherwise quiet day made me think of Fall and it's symbol of slowing down and togetherness.

The dark wood color of my table nicely complimented the dark brown seagrass round placemats I found at Kohl's for 70% off each!

Here's the table with the Living room light on... I love how you can see the candles' flames! That's Red, my guard rooster on top of the 80% off coordinating platter or $5.99. It's a big platter! Red loves to be the center of attention you know... When he's not on the table, he is on the shelf positioned to watch the front door. ;-)

This is after I turned off all the lights... Don't you just love the shadows that my crystal created? It certainly gave the table a more welcoming glow. I can almost smell the pies and dishes. *sigh*

I also chose to give it another casual twist by putting the utensils in the bowl. The napkins, they are only 49 cents each or 90% off!

But again, this is just a sneak peek, a practice run of my Fall table so more will be added that's for sure. It is still subject to much tweaking, but I love the base look, don't you? ;-) I want to fill up the platter with more fall accessories and fruits. I can't wait!

Oh, do you see Josh and Lily? They chirped and chirped until I heard them because they wanted to be part of the action of course!

I promised Red his close up shot so here it is... Isn't he a handsome fella?

Here's a closer look of the table. I love the shape of the bowls. The hobnail design is on the bottom rim of each bowl. It'll be perfect for that hearty soup I'll be making. I placed apples around the iron leaf-and-stem candleholder I also found at Kohl's for 80% off or 2.49!

Just like you, I gotta have my "artsy shot"! LOL I can't wait to get my garlands and napkin holders and other pretty things to go with this table. I'm getting so excited! Behind that candle, I'll have a great vase that I will fill with a great bouquet!


Food Network "Red Currant" Salad Plates & bowls- Kohl's; 80% off or $2 each
Food Network "Holiday Napkin" Glittered White napkins- Kohl's; 90% off- 49 cents each
Food Network "Red Currant" Platter- Kohl's; 80%- 5.99
Hampton "Lace" Flatware- Walmart; $40 for 45 pieces
Gorham "Rose Serenade" Crystal Goblets- Tuesday Morning; 70% off- $4 each
Thomson "Blanc" Dinner & Dessert Plates- Ross; 75% off- $1 each
Holiday Home "Snow Frost" White Tablecloth- 75% off- $1.07
Blossoms & Blooms Seagrass Dark Round Placemats- Kohl's; 70% off- 2.99 each
Dark Red Table Runner- Ross; 75% off (can't remember)

(To Be Planned)

Thanks a bunch again to our lovely hosts, Susan and Leigh.
These memes are so fun for me, I look forward to showing all of you how easily you can create a great table for very little money!

Now make sure to visit them to see other beautiful tables and thrifty finds!


  1. Chandy,
    You may have only paid pennies, but it looks like a million bucks! Your my kind of gal! Everything came together perfectly. I especially like the rooster (I'm partial to roosters). Great job!

  2. Thanks, Lorna! I love it, too!

  3. Hey Girlfriend...

    Girl, you did good!!! I love your new "red currant" salad plates, bowls, and platter! Your patience really paid off, my friend! What a great deal you got on them!!! These dishes will be perfect for Autumn tablescapes and Thanksgiving! Oooh...don't you know they would look so pretty in my red dining room! wink! Well...for this being just a test's absolutely gorgeous!!! I just can't imagine it getting any better but your plans sound divine!!! You're going to have so much fun doing the Thanksgiving table!!!

    Sure enjoyed seeing your little birdies again and big Red too!!! Have a terrific Thursday, Sweetie!

  4. Hi Chandy,
    Wow, you did get some beauties at a rock bottom price - that's my kind of shopping!
    Everything looks beautiful. I can't wait to see it again in November!

  5. Chandy,
    That table looks so pretty. When Kohls marks down to 80-90% off you know ya got a deal! I love your story about having your kids grab things too, training them early is important. LOL, Cindy

  6. I'm like you....I love Fall too! I love this table setting. It looks so cozy. Kohl's is a wonderful place to buy dishes. I have never done a tablescape before. I need to get on the ball. I have plenty of dishes, but I've just never taken the time. I like to look at everyone else's though. I can get wonderful ideas. Have a happy Thursday!

  7. I need to follow you around when you go shopping as I can't believe those prices. your rock!

  8. Such pressure! I can't even get a pitcher of lemonade made and you're planning Thanksgiving! Very smart buys and good idea enlisting the kids :)

  9. Good morning ladies! Tablescaping is my sanity saver! :-D

  10. Chandy, you absolutely inspire me! What a beautiful table. You are a very patient bargain hunter. The pictures were beautiful. Job very well done!

  11. Love those colors. You do have a gift at this, girl.

  12. Morning, Dear One! Oh, I love your table. You're really a persistant little shopper aren't you! :) Wish I had as much restraint! :)
    I love your dishes and your center piece is so lovely. You know how I love the roosters!
    I think we may have the same dishes. On the bottom mine say "Thomson Pottery". I'm just loving them. They will go with almost anything!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  13. Chandy, First off, MISSED YA! Glad to be back. Thanks for holding down the fort last week. I sincerely appreciate it and forgot to mention in my post today so I went back and added. I am sincerely appreciative!
    Your tablescape is so pretty. I love the color of the dishes you reminds me of your blog! The glasses and the glow from the candles, beautiful! And that hobnail, I love hobnail. But what I love most about your table is ole Red! He is quite a beauty! Nice tail!Thanks Chandy!

  14. What a beautiful fall table. Love the colors you used!!

  15. I do love the way the wine glasses cast its shadow on the table. Gorgeous. I also would have never thought to place the silverware like that in the bowls. You are so clever. It's always a joy to come read your blog.

  16. Leigh, I missed ya right back!

    Carrie, thanks!

    Kirby; thanks and I hope you keep coming back!

  17. Chandy, this looks just fabulous. What a wonderful tablescape. I love the new dishes and they are indeed a fabulous buy. I love it when something I really like comes up on sale. You rooster is adoreable, I have a similar one that sits on my kitchen island and I love it. Thanks for the beautiful tablescape. Hugs, Marty

  18. Hi Chandy! Thanks for visiting and your sweet comments!
    LOVE your tablescape--great job putting together all the color and texture and CANDLES!! Beautiful!!

  19. Love the rooster - Happy Fall, Y'all!

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  20. GM Chandy this is so beautiful and your prices are just wonderful my friend...thanks for sharing all the information on this beautiful table..May you have a great day my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  21. Thanks everybody! I love how it turned out, too. Now I really can't wait for Thanksgiving!

  22. Chandy...I was so delighted when I saw that you had paid me a visit. Thanks so much! Then..I sort of got embarrassed! Yes, embarrassed ..and wished I had used my good juice glasses..instead of the ones we REALLY use! My husband actually thought the whole set up was for him! Poor baby..I told him he could certainly sit..if he sat carefully! (I'm teasing of course!) That was set up on the little portable island in our kitchen. :)
    I could not believe how beautiful you made things look and how little it all costs. Thank you so much for the hints and especially the prices! Gives a place to start!
    Have a wonderful Thursday..and again..thanks for stopping by.

  23. Thanks for the birthday greetings and hug, Chandy. If you visit my post today, you will see how we celebrated part of it. We were in Chicago and most of the day was spent in traveling. We arrived home late last night. It was a lot of fun!...Christine

  24. My first visit here, what a wonderful idea to have a tablescapes blog! I bookmarked it and will return to catch up on your archives!

    The fall tablescape is gorgeous! Love the rooster!


  25. Chandy, that looks amazing! Makes me want to pull up a chair and say "What's for dinner?" :)

  26. Love the plates. You always find the best deals. I want to go shopping with you. Then again, maybe I don't. You'd get the deal before I would. lol. Great tablescape.

  27. Oh Chandy, tell Red that I am in LOVE with him... that is one handsome rooster! I think he would be very happy living here if you ever get tired of him!

    And now I'm going to have to toddle off to Kohl's and see what they have at 80 percent off. I LOVE those plates with the beading.

    Love the whole table -- so beautiful, and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, no matter what season it is!

  28. Hello Chandy, you are definitly all about tablescapes. This one is wonderful with your oh so pretty bargain dishes. I love your search and patience for just the right price. I am picturing your kids helping you get those dishes. BIG smile here. It is all so beautiful and festive.


  29. Cass, I so agree with you! I can come up with Fall tables all day!

    Jeanne; yes, yes I am! LOL Sometimes, you just have to listen to your wallet... ;-)

  30. Wow, what a terrific bargain! They are beautiful -- you will have such a lovely fall table. :)

  31. I'm impressed with your patience! You out-waited Kohls and got a great deal! Your purchases certainly make for a great tablescape. Gorgeous!

  32. Lovely! I like the way you had placed the flatware - very creative.

  33. Chandy, you got some real bargains, and your table looks so pretty. Big Red almost stole the show though! He sure is pretty. laurie

  34. Thank again ladies, I agree, Red is such a star! I'm glad he's not acting like a diva yet like our cat. LOL I like how the flatware looks, too!

  35. That's great.. I can see why you can't wait till Fall.
    .I love bargains too..Come see my new dishes...Neiman Marcus via TJMAXX..:)

  36. Love the salad plates and 80% off is a great deal. I check out Kohls often and find some wonderful prices too.

  37. are a smart, lucky girl...WOW, 80% off...what an awesome deal! I love your beautiful tablescape and the candlelight pics are wonderful! Your crystal is beautiful in the candlelight! Thanks for a great never disappoint...always have a gorgeous tablescape for us! :-) Susan

  38. Kathleen, thank you and I will check out those dishes!

    Michelle, yes, yes it is! ;-)

    Susan, thank you so much! That means a lot from someone who certainly has a gift for beautiful tables!

  39. Chandy,

    You have some fabulous table pieces here. I also love fall tables. The colors are out of this world. Love all of your good deals. Those seagrass mats are great.

  40. Christina and dear ladies, thank you!!! I can't wait for Fall!


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