Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Twofer!

Hosted by Susan & Leigh

This Amerasian family finally enjoyed a Cinco de Mayo feast! At home of course! Everything was just delicious! Let's just say I'm so glad I did it. We do have good reasons to do so you know...

My teen takes Spanish, it was Cinco de Mayo, the kids are home due to the swine flu alert and Tablescape & Thrifty Thursdays are coming up! See, I told you I had good reasons to do one. LOL

"Muy Sabroso!"

Fun & Festive Placemat & Sangria Set

With all of my great clearance finds at Kohl's a couple weeks ago, I earned their $10 Kohl's cash which I combined to buy this set that was already 55% off. My total after tax, $6.21 only! Normally, $35.00 per set. (online picture of the front of the box)

You saw this 90% off Tabletops Gallery "Murado Multi" placemat upside down before but this is what it looks like right side up, with this placesetting using my Culinary Arts "Spectrum Stripes" $1 each dinnerware and I used a different looking crazy straw ($2.59 for 8). Isn't this just perfect for Cinco de Mayo?

I found two twin-sized flat sheets from my children's old bedding set, so I used this dusty blue one as tablecloth (FREE) that complimented the blue in the placemat! The runner was from my daughter's prom night tablescape. See the big green bowl in the middle holding the chips? FREE thru Freecycle- the sweet, sweet lady Edna who gave it to me, said that the two bowls were her mom's when she did catering.
The green one is an IVV Italian glass bowl. It's big, heavy and beautiful.
It's also in perfect condition!
I used it as my centerpiece and scattered votives around, making the table more fun and interesting!

How do you like the table in the afternoon light?

How do you like that spill stain action going on the side there, huh? Proof we used this table! LOL That happened when I portioned out the Sangria onto the goblets while the kids were squealing from waiting to eat. They would literally make a loud noise for every layer I put on the table! I felt bad for being so slow... LOL I had everyone doing something to get this table done because I had a long day- cleaning, cleaning, didn't have anytime to goof off!
I was T-I-R-E-D!!!


Delicious Date Night

Mikasa "Aristrocrat" dinner plate from the
Country English Collection

Isn't it beautiful?
I saw three of these at Goodwill last Monday but the third one had a really bad chip on the underside, so
I just grabbed these two for 99 cents each!

It gave me the idea to do a late romantic dinner for two since we haven't had one of those in a long time plus we've been cleaning all day. Hubby, in the MBR and me and the kids, in the dining area and living room. I told him to not each so much for regular dinner...

Right after, the kiddos quickly cleared the table and I set to work! I didn't want to sit across from each other or next to him off one side. Plus, we have a bench on one side of our table so that gave me the idea to do a long one-sided tablescape! This is my first attempt. I lined up the candles in a row and I used the flowers the kids came home with for the moms after church last Sunday in their primary classes- FREE pink carnations and daisy-like blooms!

Then I said, let me try this! I staggered the seven candleholders- FREE again- they are the Glade Scented Oil Candleholders I've collected in two years! The votives, a penny each when the nearby Albertson's near us in Mesa, AZ closed down. The goblets, FREE from my sister back in Cali. (Excuse the curtain rod, I told you we were organizing around here. LOL)

Here's another angle with less light. The ivory placemats are from Walmart- a sweet clearance find for 75 cents each! My Farberware "Cameo" flatware has been with me since 2000, also FREE from my sister as a Thanksgiving hostess gift. She paid $1 for a box of 12 settings at the Dollar Tree!

The orange red coloration of the napkin (with iris on the front) picked up on the red orange blooms on the plate. Perfect at $2.99 for 16 dinner napkins from Tuesday Morning. That makes each napkin only 19 cents! Yeah!

We dined on poached tilapia and tomato parmesan angel hair pasta, ice water and sweetened the deal with a shared Japanese steamed cheesecake with cut strawberries! The best dessert we shared, a sweet kiss and a pledge to love one another for another decade or so- at least!

How's that for an inexpensive date?

Thank you both to our wonderful hosts, Susan and Leigh. These memes are so up my alley! Woo-hoo! Beautiful and inexpensive, so my style!


  1. Chandy, I love your table for 2, so romantic! Bet you hubby enjoyed that very much. Your cinco de Mayo seeting is also very nice and colorful. Pretty plates! Can I count you in for Sighteeing Sat?...Christine

  2. Christine, thank you, and I'm there!

  3. Oh Chandy! I could picture every bit of what was going on at your house! Your tablescapes took us from fun and festive to dreamy and romantic! I loved both of them! And such deals you found on your beautiful things!! Love it! Have a great weekend...Debbie

  4. Both tablescapes turned out beautifully! The Polish/German/Danish-Americans that we are also celebrated Cinco de Mayo! Who doesn't love Mexican food?!!! LOL

    Also loved your table for two display. How romantic!

    Blessings to you from Kansas,

  5. You are quite the bargain hunter!

    Everything looks so pretty - and you have so much fun with it. ;)


  6. Both tables are great. The table for 2 is very romantic. Love it!

  7. How can you do a twofer??? I am lucky to get a onefer up!!!
    Love the cute straws on the grandkids would love that! Great idea!

  8. This table for two is awesome. All your dishes are so beautiful. Thank you for stopping over at my place.

  9. make me smile my friend! I love your tables... I hope you have a wonderful Mother's are such a good mom! Happy Tablescape Thursday ~ Susan

  10. Hello and good morning ladies! The pictures turned out great, I'm quite pleased! ;-)

  11. Chandy,
    Both of your tablescapes are fabulous! I love the Cinco de Mayo table. I love the placemats & plates. And I love your new Sangria set from Kohl's. You always find such deals. I love finding deals as well. And your romantic table for two was so romantic. I'll bet hubby really enjoyed that. Were you able to keep the kids from disturbing the two of you? Have a happy Mother's day on Sunday. And thanks for visiting my tablescape & leaving me a comment. It really means a lot to me.

  12. What gorgeous tablescapes! I will have to run out to Kohl's to see if they still have that pitcher and glass set! I can afford $6 and change! That was such a fun tablescape. Don't you just love Freecycle? I recently got a set of apple stoneware plates and bowls there, plus the sweet lady added in some apple decorations. I felt like I had hit the jackpot!

    I really like the romantic tablescape too, and the food sounds so yummy! Bet your hubby appreciated a dinner like that.

    I sure do love to see how others create beautiful tablescapes on a budget. It's nice seeing it all broke down by cost too.

    As for my dishes, they are from Kayson in a pattern called Golden Rhapsody. These were out in the early 1960s so they aren't produced any more, but you can find them in thrift shops and Goodwill. Of course, you can find them on eBay too and, but at a higher price.


  13. I love your tablescapes! Loved the cinco de mayo, it looks so festive.

  14. Checking in at lunch time, thank you ladies, you're all so generous with your great comments. ;-)

  15. Chandy,
    What a romantic table for two.

    I love your new bright dishes, too. Perfect for Cinco de Mayo.

  16. Chandy! You did a wonderful job on both "scapes," and love the romantic candles in the last one in addition to the wonderful table settings in both! Great job!


    Sheila :-)

  17. Chandy, What a great twofer! I love that you and your hubby make the time for romantic dinners. THat is so important in a relationship. Kudos to you both!
    That cinco table is my favorite! I love the festiveness of it. AND I LOVE those dishes. I am going to go on a hunt now! BEAUTIFUL! And what a bargain! Girl, wish we could shop together!

  18. Wow, two for one, we got our money's worth here! Great job on both tablescapes! Yes, I like your blog, I enjoy seeing all the different china sets!


  19. Great tables. I love the spill. do that all the time. I enjoyed your blog. Thanks for visiting mine.

  20. Sheila, Leigh, Katherine and Sofia, you all are so sweet! I've been doing so much tablescapes lately, it's nice to have a break with some organization!

  21. Both your table settings are fabulous. It's great how you put together all the varied elements into a lovely and chic setting!

  22. Carrie, thank you and welcome! I do love experimenting!

  23. Great job Chandy,
    Your great at this and the Cinco table is just so darn cute. What a romantic table for you and hubby, and what wonderful deals. Cindy

  24. Thanks, Cindy! I love it when you stop by!

  25. Hi Chandy,
    Sorry I am a day late - there were so many participants this time I have to part one day
    and part have been busy ! The Cinco D Mayo table is great and those poor kids
    waiting to eat and mom is making the table pretty, lol ! Crazy straws - how cute and I am sure the kids loved it. I can't believe the buys you got....Wow. I love the circle place mats and the colors all coordinate...The table for two (like the second one better...) I never
    thought of purchasing just two of something...I will keep that in mind for the future....I love thrifting too ! I love your
    new spring background on your blog , it is so
    springy ! Love your Dish Wish List...hee heee.
    Good luck finding the Bordalla bunny stuff - it is driving me nuts , cuz I want some too !
    I need to make room for more dishes because again I have no extra cupboard space.....
    Have a great day and thanks again for visiting my blog !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  26. Chandy,

    I just love this! So color coordinated and pretty! Your menu sounded mouth watering!

    A nice idea for spending quality time with the one you love! I should try it~he is my "best" company!!


  27. Very fun and festive tablescape and this one is so romantic

    Have a beautiful weekend

  28. Thank you much, Kammy, Jane and Robin...


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