Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Enchanted Easter...

I know that most of the tablescapes lately were about Easter and Spring tables, but I wanted to post my Easter table today, Easter...

Let me tell you a story... an Easter story...

Once upon a time, in the deepest part of the woods where mushrooms grow and the rain waters form a lasting river, a group of four magical but mischievous fairies dwell. Even their names are magical: Zjena, Blossom, Elina and Amethyst. They love to play and play tricks on each other all day to practice their magic. But they are also very hardworking.

They live in the middle of a river, a magical river (a river to us tall humans, but a lake to them) that keeps their homes and mushroom garden float! They made houses of white mushrooms fashioned into a hut full of windows. The fairies didn't need any doors as they turn to pixie dust when they fly in and out. What a magical and peaceful lives they lead...

What the fairies didn't know was that beyond Lavender Lake was just any ordinary woods where bunnies and other animals pass by. Now that it's Springtime, bunnies are everywhere, taking orders for Easter egg deliveries. While some of the bunnies are getting ready to figure out which area they should leave eggs on, their meeting location happened to be by Lavender Lake, the very lake of the fairies who are always wondering what's beyond their world, but are too tiny to explore out of the stretch of the lake.

It was called Lavender because the fairies turned the water purplish and instead of fish, purple colored blooms float by. In the middle of the lake is a hollowed out trunk that they enchanted to produce only tulips, any color they want but their favorite, purple and white.

The fairies love being out at night, so when they discovered that some plants have waxy nectar, they started collecting them and created tall and short pillars. At the top, it magically lights up. Each one brightens up the night with sweet perfume to make night times much more magical. All four worked on all the "nectar light pillars" but the first one is their favorite and copied the varying colors of the lake.

Being very curious, they listened in on the bunnies. Talks of eggs, chicks, Easter, children laughing and chocolate prompted them to get closer and closer to the bunnies.

One of the bunnies saw them and proceeded to twitch its nose to alert the others. But the fairies were quick!

Some were turned into miniature bunnies doomed to lay eggs on a flower on top of impenetrable circles, while the others were turned into hollowed out colorful statues. Each statue was stuffed with white petals to keep them from escaping. One lady bunny, rather calmly told them to stop and she will tell the fairies what Easter truly means. She thought that maybe the fairies were as curious about Easter as much as the bunnies about them. She didn't even mind when one of the fairies gave her a green dress and hat while she carried her basket of eggs and freshly picked flowers, hiding her bunny identity to keep the other bunnies from coming over and interrupting their story.

(Can you see all the fairies?)

(Mushroom Glen on Lavender Lake)

So, she told them of one Jesus Christ who descended onto the Earth to save mankind, past, present and future from all the sins they have and will commit so that someday, when He comes back, man can be judged according to his good works and intentions. The bunny continued that Jesus Christ had to die on a cross to fulfill His mission here on earth in our behalf. He wasn't afraid because he knew that only HE can conquer death and soon be with His father in heaven again, his real home.

The fairies listened to how three days after He was buried in the tomb, he was ressurected by the power and will of Heavenly Father. She told her four captured audience that good deeds help each being come closer to Jesus Christ. They promised to turn every bunny back to normal but are still very curious as to why He had to die. You see, the bunny explained, "Jesus Christ knew that showing man how to conquer death would also mean that He had to die here on earth. It is to fulfill His mission. It is because Jesus Christ had completed the tasks he was set to do here on Earth that death had power over him no more...

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16, KJV)



"Easter Magic"


These fairies from the Dollar Tree


Thomson "Bianca" Dinner plates & bowls - Ross; $1 ea

Bordallo Pinheiro "Hen and Rooster" Salad plates - Sur La Table; $2.49 ea

Yellow Green round placemats - Ross; $5.99 /4

Hampton "Lace" SS Flatware - Walmart; $40 / 46 pcs

Gorham "Rose Serenade" Crystal Wine Goblets - Tuesday Morning; $4 ea

Purple & White Fresh Tulips- Tom Thumb; $6 / bunch

Scented Candles- Ross; $2 & $3 ea

Mushrooms - Tuesday Morning; 60% off

Home Heritage "Lace" Trinket Boxes - Big Lots; $5 ea

Ceramic Vase - Joann's; MINE (2004)

Holiday Home "Winter Frost" Napkins - Kroger; $8.50 with tablecloth

Bunny Napkin rings - Kroger; $2 ea

Mama Bunny - Ross; $3

Bunny Flower bowls - Ross; $6 ea

Sheer Floral Lavender Fabric - Walmart; $1/yd


Lisa's Deviled Eggs

Roasted Game Hens with Lemon Ginger Glaze

Spare Ribs braised in Barbecue Sauce

Brussel Sprouts & Green Beans

Buttermilk Biscuits

Tilapia pockets

Pasta with Shrimp

French Chocolate Silk

Coconut Cream Pie

Easter Cupcakes

Creamy Secret

Tea Cakes

Ice Water


I'm so glad that Easter is here... But the best part of all, the fairies learned that beyond their world, is a Savior who truly loves us. Today, the fairies learned what LOVE truly means...



  1. Chandy,
    I love this story, and the beautiful tablescape that goes with it. Have a wonderful Easter with your family. I am so glad to have you for a blogging friend; you always put a smile on my face. ~Cathy~

  2. Your tablescape and the menu are breathtaking, but the story is just magical. So well done, and with the true meaning of Easter. What a fabulous story. Have a very Blessed and Happy Easter. Much love, Hugs, Marty

  3. How beautiful! I've never created a tablescape but now I'm feeling the urge.

    I am so looking forward to being able to buy a beautiful set of dishes in the next couple of years. My kids are ALMOST old enough for us to ditch anything plastic or Corelle and get some REAL dishes and, dare I say it? GLASSWARE again! Watching your blog will help me figure out what I want.

  4. Happy Easter Carolyn! Beautiful just Beautiful!

  5. Thank you ladies! I love it, too!

  6. Beautiful!!! Loved the candle light! :-)

    Cute fairies!

    Hope you've had a wonderful easter!


  7. Beautiful and engaging on several levels with a great tie in to Easter!

  8. Ladies, I'm glad you like it too!

  9. Beautiful story, and lovely tablescape. Thanks for sharing this. laurie

  10. Beautiful and enchanting tablescape. Love it, Chandy! We are finally home and I am playing catch up which is probably impossible, lol! I hope you and your family had a wonderful and blessed Easter!...Christine


  12. Barbara, you are so funny! Thank you for visiting!

  13. Fantastic table and menu Chandy ! Thanks for coming over to my blog for a visit...I'm going to do a prettier "Chandy" type table for Mother's Day... you have really inspried me to use my good china and things and to try new things. I love all your tips and treasures too !


  14. I can't wait to see it Lynn! I'll be checking in!

  15. Oh how enchanting. The story is beautiful and the little fairies are whimsical. What a menu!
    Bet the Easter bunny made it to your table.
    Happy Twirls

  16. Yes, the Easter Bunny had a lot of fun hiding the eggs in the most unusual places! LOL

  17. I LOVE this post! It is absolutley fabulous! And I love how magical it is.

    I also love your leaf dishes in the post above. I LOVE those!

  18. Thanks Leigh! I'm glad you got to visit me again!


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