Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Little Sad Now That I'm Back...

Hosted by the lovely Leigh and Susan

Yes... I'm a little sad... That my busy schedule also led to some loss of dear followers. But I assure you, I haven't lost my touch even in the midst of a chaotic unpacking into a new, and finally a house, home.

You know I'm all about THRIFT with STYLE. So of course, our 4th of July table wouldn't be any less than that! Brain would not let me! :-)


Whatever I had available from the few boxes I was able to unpack

And since all that I used have been with used for other tablescapes, it cost me NOTHING! How's that for thrifty, Leigh?

(Psst! Psst! See those lamps there? Got them from Lowe's for $7.50 each! Originally, $40! The plants and pots, all on clearance, too! Told you I still got it. LOL)
I used my red check tablecloth and a floral dusty blue and white flat sheet. To simulate the first USA flag, I used a glass table top surrounded by tea lights. The centerpiece floral arrangement, just of grass blades to remember the simplicity of the land at the time it was being fought for.
I used plain white salad bowls, forks and float mugs and red, white and blue starry napkins I got last year.

I used just what was available and stayed within the scheme of the theme. (Look, I'm even rhyming for this meme!)
What do you think? Did I do alright? Susan, does this qualify as a tablescape? Ok, love to all!

I'm working on another blog that focuses on being frugal, practical and inventive.

Come check it out and tell me what you think. Then tell your other blog friends. It's very new so it's still being polished, but just like this blog, I know You won't be disappointed.

If you are feeling adventurous and want more cooking ideas, then check out my friend Lynn's blog called Nonna's Kitchen Life. It's packed full of great stuff to make you a great cook!

TABLESCAPING IDEAS: (Brain thought this table was clever) If you find yourself short on materials, focus on colors. Often, the theme is recognized from the hues layered on the table.


  1. Welcome back and that is a very cute pulled together tablescape!! Yep you still got it!

  2. Glad you are back, Chandy! Love those starry napkins!

  3. So glad to see you back. You always do the best tablescapes. Can't wait to see more of the new home. Hugs, Marty

  4. That has such simple elegance! Very pretty.

  5. Hey, Chandy! Welcome back. I hope you can come more regularly now cause I have been missing you. Lovely table! Very simple but very pretty. Love the patriotic theme. How is the new home coming along?...Christine

  6. Your Fourth of July tablescape is simple and attractive!

  7. I like a simple but well thought out table like this. The tealights look great on the glass circle.

  8. Hi Chandy!
    I think you've captured the patriotic theme...with a clean simplicity that our forefathers would have appreciated, too!
    Great deal on the lamps!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!
    Have a beautiful day~
    ;-D Kathleen

  9. Chandy welcome back to blogging sweet friend! We all missed you!

    Your tablescape is gorgeous. Patriotic themes always look wonderful. Your blog looks pretty and cheerful as well.

    Have a blessed day!
    ~Melissa :)

  10. So happy to see you posting that red pitcher!

  11. Hi Chandy!Oh, what a lovely table. You still have it for sure!! What bargains you get!! Your red vase on your table is so pretty!! You've set a pretty table
    I would love to have your snap for me. Just let me know when!!

    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. For starters, I think that you are going to love the lighting in your new dining room. You've created a smart, sophisticated tablescape. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  13. You still have your magical touch Chandy ! Very festive table and those great deals on such nice stuff...Wow great !
    BTW, thanks for the shout out on my blog and linky love !

    Have a wonderful weekend !

  14. Thank you all so much; I just love hearing from all of you!

  15. Found you on SITS and I'm so glad I did. That table is beautiful! I would love to have dinner at your house. Lol

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