Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gift, Cookies and a Quiche?

Hosted by Tam and Diane

On Saturday, I made some cookies, one I discovered accidentally but turned out great,

... after trying out a friend's recipe that turned cakey rather than a regular sugar cookie. Still yummy!

Then, I needed a small pizza pan, had none so I used my $3 Goodwill quiche dish for fun! The fam called this "Easy Crab Bready Quiche"; reason to veto it, I had none. ;-)

Then a few weeks back, a great blogger I follow and she follows me, gifted her loyal subjects each a great treat! What kind, for your nails and feet!

A whole bag to carry your grooming kit, my excitement could not be contained a bit! (Hooray!)

Her name is Lynn of the blog town, "Kitchen Life", a great stop for all things yummy! A great lady after my own tablescaping heart, though her passion comes out in her delicious cooking we can put in our tummy!

Thank you Lynn! Please come visit her if you want great recipes as her blog is mainly for all things she's been cooking up so recipes and tips abound! Let's just say, I'm hooked- I visit often...

To our lovely hosts, Tam and Diane, a world of thanks for hosting. To all who stopped by, my heart is puffy from giddiness...

TABLESCAPING IDEA: ("Brain" loves to throw caution to the wind!) Celebrate any day with a great table. Use only what you have and don't worry about rules. Make it pretty and fun. Even if you don't have a fancy menu, eating on a great table makes it that much more delicious!


  1. Your quiche looks delicious. Now you've added rhyme to your pictures!! What now..What next..? :)

  2. Chandy,
    Looks so yummy! Congrats on being one of CC's winners (me too) how cool is that! Cindy

  3. The quiche and cookies look so good!!

  4. The cookies look yummy. What a neat gift!

  5. Your quiche and cookies look delicious, Chandy. You need to give us recipe for the quiche, I love crabs and always looking for recipes with it in it. Congrats on the lovely gifts...Christine

  6. I once made a crab quiche in a frozen pie shell & forgot to remove the paper liner of the pie shell! *blushes*

    Both your quiche & your cookies look yummy!

  7. GM My friend...WOW!! girlyou done hit the Motherlode of gifts there..and those cookies look just YUMMY...thanks I'll take one for the road...May you have a wonderful Tuesday my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  8. Nice gift!!

    But i zoomed right by the cookies.
    Too much temptation for me. =0))

    Barbara Jean

  9. An unusual combination of posts. Cookies, quiche and a gift. I think I would like to receive cookies and quiche as a gift...

  10. Cookies look mighty yummy! That's exactly why I don't bake, I'd eat it all. The quiche looks pretty tasty as well. And it is always fun to receive gifts.

  11. Oh I forgot to mention that I love the new look of you blog!!

  12. Hello ladies, thank you so much for coming by. Heart you all!!!

  13. You are the first person I have met with a puffy heart! I admire your tables.
    The cookies look DEE-licious

  14. I love how we can tie so many things together by a thread if need be!! The crab quiche looks delish, do you have the recipe to share?

    I love the gifts. I could really use a pedi...really, one a day for about a month to get my feet in shape!! ;-D

    Have a wonderful week, Chandy!


  15. I wish I had a cookie or two around here - I could use a sweet treat and yours look YUMMY! ~ Robyn

  16. OH, congratulations on the nice gifts! Now those cookies look so good - cakey or not, I'll have one, please!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. Hello Shelia, thanks for taking some! Take some more!


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