Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Last Look At My Cabbage Patch!

I apologize for not visiting much of you yesterday, but though I tried, I was just too exhausted from our Easter celebration.

For today's Three or More Tuesday, I decided to give many of you an exclusive opportunity (a VIP showing if you will... LOL) of my Bordallo Pinheiro Cabbage collection pieces and other Easter goodies before they get boxed up to make room for the next set of holidays. They will be stored away in our storage far from our home, but in an accessible manner as I am always thinking of ways to incorporate all of my pieces into a tablescape. I found all of them between last February and March.

Here they are! (No tickets needed, just come and see!)

This lidded cabbage head is small enough for me to use as candy dish, which I did yesterday to hold all the whopper eggs so my children wouldn't eat them all. She has a slight chip at the top, and she ended coming home with me from Tuesay Morning with an extra 20% off though she was already 60% off!

This beautiful serving dish is deep enough to hold pastas or a mountain of mashed potatoes! I got her from Marshall's for 45% off.

I don't know why the pictures are on its end, but the top one is my three-bowl condiment or candy dish from Marshall's for also 45% off.

This platter is from Ross for 50% off. DH gave me that "What Now?" look and convinced me to get this one over the egg platter in the Bunny Bordallo collection. (In my best new Texan accent) "Y'all seen a peek at my first St. Pat's Day tablescape." Isn't she beautiful?

Here they are, all together for one great shot to bid you adieu for now or until I use them for another tablescape, lol!

Here are my three "mini bunny-in-the flower" candy bowls. I had to go to three different Ross stores for each as each Ross only had one! I also got each one for 50% off.

And of course, the greens of the bunch! I found "Mama St. Pat's /Easter Bunny" at Ross for 50% off and the mushrooms at Tuesday morning for 60% off.

TABLESCAPING IDEA: ("Brain" loves these memes, totally beefs up her idea bank!) For specialty pieces such as themed and colored Bordallo pieces or fine china that have a decided theme on it, mix and match them according to between seasons. For example, In March, we have St. Pat's, in April, we have Easter, in May, we have Mother's Day and Cinco de Mayo. Find a way to use these specialty plates according to the season, not the holiday. That way, your dishes are being used more than once and you have once again, achieved a unique tablescape.

Tam, thank you very much for hosting another great meme today. I'm off to join all of you now to see what you've got lined up for my eyes to feast on today!


  1. You really have quite a collection going and the "jump" on me--I should have been packing Easter decorations instead of reading blogs :)! Love your great Bordallo pieces!

  2. Adorable bunny in the candy bowls!!!

  3. Hi Chandy! I LOVE these pieces...especially the bunnies!! So cute! I have a few of the cabbage plates, but you have found the most wonderful and unusual serving pieces! Hope you are having a good week...Debbie

  4. Chandy,
    Since I started reading your blog, I have developed a bit of an obsession over dishes! Lately I have been eyeing those cabbage type plates at my favorite Marshall’s store. However I am thinking of buying some white dishes I saw at Big Lots…they have been nicknamed Gollum dishes. Hope your studies are going well. ~Cathy~

  5. Very pretty, I would love to have a few pieces (or all) of these beautiful dishes. Yours are wonderful. Happy Tuesday.

  6. I love the mini bunnies in the flowers. I never saw these at any of the Ross's I went too (and I frequent about 4 different ones). Boo hoo!!! I love Bordallo plates. Just got into it this year. Need to get more. Haven't been able to find any at Home Goods, Marshall's or Ross since end of Feb/early March. Stuff goes quickly here in southern California. Nothing is usually left over for after holiday clearance.

  7. I love your collection! Very pretty! Thank you for visiting my blog:)

  8. Hi Chandy! I love all these items you are showing us today! They are all so sweet!
    Happy 3 or more.
    FYI...sometimes when I try to come over to your sight and comment my computer shuts down on me. I just wanted to let you know that if you don't hear from me it's a computer issue :0)...

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. To answer your question, the stand did not come with the Murano glass. Actually, the stand was made years ago by my father, who my son is named after. I thought they were a good match. Enjoyed your posting on your green dishes - bargains like that are wonderful, aren't they? Sally

  10. Surely you will not put away the cabbage leaf dishes. They'd be good to use any time, not only for Easter.

  11. Thank you ladies! They need to be put away, but I know I'll get to them again soon for a like a garden theme or something!

  12. Beautiful collection, Chandy!...Christine

  13. Gotta love those cabbage leaf serving pieces - I have a few and I dig them out now and then and use them! I passed on the bunny egg plate , too! But it sure would have been cute to use on Easter. You're lucky you got them all at such a bargain! ~ Robyn

  14. Thanks, Robyn! I'm quite happy about the deals, too!

  15. Love it all Carolyn! Oh, you have the cutest little bunny dishes and you know how I love the Bordallo dishes! You really have some pretty pieces!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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