Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another Year's Chandelier Wish List: Which One?

This small frosted lidded candy dish is from GW.

A mere 59 cents!

I used it for my Easter Dessert table last week!

The following photo is not "bought" used but rather a re-used collection,

so I thought it might somewhat qualify for this meme as well.

The pot has been with me since Gilbert, AZ, just right after my son was born in 2002
and it has been indoors and outdoors like here.
The petunias are on their bi-annual anniversary this coming May.
The Easter Lily used to be on my mantle; paid $6.99 for it.
The soil is from last season's petunia planting!


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As you know, I am part Spanish as well as Chinese born to parents born in the Philippines.
So in my future home, my style would be "Spanish Asian Fusion"

I want my main lighting to be Spanish, not Rustic, but the romantic wrought iron design of Spain's artistry with iron. So, now and again, I add to my collection of wish lists. This year, these are my choices from Lamps Plus!

This is called "Malaga"

This is "San Dimas"

And this is "Sierra Madre"

Aren't they just beautiful?

I can't wait to own my own home and take one of these beauties home!

TABLESCAPING IDEA: ("Brain" is so clever sometimes, I'm so glad I have her to help me!) Most of us know two of the main things that make a table memorable are flowers and the lighting. The next time you do up a table for any reason, make it shine with just the right amount of candles (odd) and overhead lighting dimmed just so and flowers (faux or fresh don't matter) and give it movement. Let the these two elements dictate your design and be swept into the romance of the evening- even if you're dining with your children!




  1. Hi Chandy...

    It's just little ol' me...I was here once today already! Hehe!!!

    My friend, that little lidded candy dish is so pretty! I love the color! And love your potted lily and petunias too!!! You really do have a green thumb!!!

    Girlfriend, those chandeliers are just gorgeous! I think I like the first one the best...love the ornate detailing on that one! My friend...I too, hope you get your house soon so you can enjoy those pretty chandeliers!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  2. First time to your blog. The candy dish is very pretty. The flowers wow, wish we had those in PA, still alittle to cold for us. Those chandeliers are lovely. Thanks for sharing the tablescape ideas also.


  3. Love your chandeliers.

    Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

  4. Sierra Madre is my favorite - and I really like the rusty shades.

  5. Chandy,
    I love all your chandeliers...gorgeous!!! I can't decide which one is my favorite. Your tablescaping is always so lovely...always done with such passion!!!

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!

  6. Chandy, you do always create such wonderful tablescapes, and I love the thought of the candles and the wonderful chandeliers. I hope you find the perfect house and I know you will decorate it with such love and perfection. All of the chandeliers are wonderful. It would be really hard to decide which one to get. Thanks for the inspiration again. Hugs, Marty

  7. Beautiful chandies! I like the first one the best. Love the color of that candy dish...what a steal! Love the beautiful flowers too....Christine

  8. Fun 2nd time arounds! I think that 3rd chandelier is my favorite!!

  9. Oh my...what a great post....love it all....great use of the candy dish....AND what a steal! And chandelier...would have to have thenm ALL!

  10. Oh...and I REALLY...REALLY love your bloghome!

  11. Very pretty! I like them all!

  12. Chandy, your post is always fun and interesting. The chandies are all great and the flowers do qualify as does the candy dish. Loved it all, REALLY!


  13. I love candles but I never have enough of them on my table to make it really sparkle and glow. I will take a cue from you and change this.

  14. Ladies, you all so rock! Will be visiting you all later; the kids have so much going on today...

    Heart you all, Chandy!

  15. Love the lighting...they are so pretty!
    Have a wonderful Tuesday..julie

  16. I love the lidded candy dish - what a find!! And the 3 chandies are nice too! Great combinations!

    Happy 2ndTAT!

    Linda C

  17. Very pretty lighting to choose from for your future home. Thanks for visiting me today! Happy Tuesday!

  18. Chandy, I love your blog. I love the chandeliers. My home is almost 25 years old, and some of the lighting is in desperate need of being replaced. These are just splendid. Thanks for always stopping by my blog and offering wonderful encouragement. You are just a delightful person. I love all of your dishes and tablescapes. Thanks for the hint about odd numbered lighting...I never knew!! Of course, I'm learning there is a lot I never knew. Today, I posted my 2nd time around entry on Tam's blog (Gypsy's Corner) by accident. I am addicted to this blogging, but there is just so much to take in. I love it!!! Thanks again...hope you have a restful and blessed evening.

  19. Hi Chandy! As always, I love your posts. But my jaw dropped when I saw the "San Dimas" chandelier -- if you take off one "layer" and make it a single chandelier, it could be the double for the one that hung in our former home. Except ours had no shades (except when I would add them!).

    I loved that light fixture -- and loved decorating it for holidays, too. :-)

    Your advice about setting a beautiful table is good advice! And you are so right about using odd numbers -- I remember learning "the rule of 3" in a design class many years ago!

    And I apologize -- I don't think I ever picked up my award from you! I've been running around lately with my parents -- health problems, unfortunately. But you know I thank you, and I will track back and retrieve it!

    All the best... Cass

  20. Cass, you take your time. No problem!

    Crystal, you are so fun! Odd is a good rule because it breaks the formality phase of any decor and it is more eye catching!

  21. Ladies, I love that you take time out to leave me such great messages. Thank you all so much!

  22. I did a chandy for second time around too. One I reclaimed from my son's dumpster..I hung it in the gazebo..come look..
    Pretty flowers..I don't know which chandy I would choose..:(
    All set for tomorrow?


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