Friday, April 17, 2009

Papa Murphy's and some more Awards!

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Can you believe it? We've known about Papa Murphy's Take-n-Bake pizza place for a while. In Arizona, we lived practically next to it. In Utah, with my in-laws, we ate some and not realized it was Papa Murphy's or forgot all about it. But... we never went ourselves! And to think we love pizza!
We were quite delighted when yesterday, the stars seem to align in the skies and let us have the opportunity to try it again. We have one near us, everyone I talked to raved about and my own teen even wished it while talking to her boyfriend after school, on their way home. I guess that was enough cue for me to get it for dinner.

So finally, for the first time ever on our own, this is what we enjoyed last night for dinner...
Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza

And these are the last three pieces of the
Cinnamon Wheel.

The strawberries are ours.
They tasted good together! Yummy!

Gollum, this has been another great Foodie Friday! Thank you! I wish I can visit everyone's entries today... Thank you all for stopping by!

TABLESCAPING IDEA: ("Brain" loves Friday!) In creating a tablescape, the first step is to decide to do it. Don't worry abou the rules. Even reverse the norm; let your fun menu meet your good china or formal menu be with paper plates. The point is, a good table makes the food look and taste that much better, no matter what you use, so just have fun!


gave out these two awards to her visitors and blog buddies so
here I am sharing it with
all of you!

Thank you Monica!

Isn't it amazing to think that your blog is "uber" anything? Uber good of course!

Or how about being a sunshine to another blogger?

How wonderful of a notion!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Hello! my dear. Sorry for not visiting you lately. Thanks for that sweet comments you left on my post.

    I have already gained 10 pounds just by looking at these yummy food. Nice header! I grabbed your button and posted it on my sidebar. :-)

  2. That pizza looks scrumptious Chandy! I am glad you are joining me for Sightseeing Sat. Thanks! And thanks for the info on the other Flip....Christine

  3. Chandy-The pizza and dessert look wonderful. Although, we do not have a Papa Murphy's our favorite is the ginormous Costco pizza!

  4. We have a Papa Murphy's conveniently placed right on my way home. They make an adorable heart-shaped pizza on Valentine's Day, too. ~ Robyn

  5. Pizza is one of my favorite foods and this looks to die for!! And the dessert...yummy!!

  6. The pizza and the dessert look yummy.

  7. That pizza looks so good. I love pizza anytime of day, especially for breakfast. I love your Cracker Barrel finds....I need to go get some more pieces for my table. Thanks for letting me know. Have a wonderful Friday!!!

  8. Those are some great 'ringers.'
    Yum, Candy

  9. We love pizza. But, in very.. rural IA we don't have a Papa Murphy's. What a bummer. It looks wonderful!!

  10. Pizza to me is like cookies to the cookie monster. Me Love Pizza!

  11. Thank you ladies! I love reading your comments!

  12. Chandy,
    Yum, this looks so delicious! Now that I have seen this I am craving pizza…

  13. Chandy, I am not a big pizza eater...but honey that pizza looks so dang good!!!! Now I am wanting some pizza and that never happens! My kids will be thrilled!!! They will thank you! Nancy

  14. Cathy, it was delish! Have some. ;-)

    Nancy, you are welcome! LOL

  15. Thy both look delicious! I am getting so hungry!

  16. Kathleen, they are, they are!

  17. chandy-thinking about you and your essays hope you got it all done./
    Hey shoot me an email ( mine is on my profile) so I can respond to you about Marlee

  18. We've lived here for many years with a Papa Murphy just down the street. It wasn't until my neighbor had us over for pizza one night...when we discovered how delish it is. You definitely get a lot of pizza for a great pizza.
    Sweet wishes,

  19. Oops, I meant great price. Now i want pizza too.

    Sweet wishes,

  20. Sara, no problem! I totally would make the same mistake if pizza is involved. LOL


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