Friday, April 24, 2009

Edible Cups? I Say, Yummy!!!

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Today is "Spring Fling" Foodie Friday!
What did you make?

First of all, I want to thank everyone who took the time to visit my dear friend Ann (Hansonpatch) of "Three Little Girls" yesterday during both Thursday memes. We became friends a while back in Arizona, just before we moved here to Texas. She's a fairly new blogger and she loves getting visitors as much as I do! ;-) She is a wonderful woman and mother like all of you and she is a perpetual learner. She also just recently decided that she will homeschool her lovely girls. (I wanted to do that but am afraid my children are way into social things right now that they might hang me upside down over the notion. LOL) That means everytime she meets someone, she makes it a point to learn something from that person. Yesterday, you just filled her mind with awesome tablescaping ideas! I bet she was just in heaven! You all rock!
And again, an armful of thanks to all who participated in the Thrifty Thursday normally hosted by Leigh. She would be thrilled to know that so many of us found great deals on such awesome treasures! I can't wait until she comes back blogging away about her vacay adventures!

To Cathy of The Stylish House, thank you for the award! You are so sweet to remember me. I will feature it with my Sunday Favorite post for Chari's meme! I can't wai to do all of these wonderful things to complete this week!

What does one do when there's simply no time and a hungry family is starting to revolt? You bribe them with an easy but deadly yummy dessert!

Got kids that would rather not use a plate to hold their dessert? Make the container edible!

I call this my "Sweetly Kissed" Biscuit Cups because... it is easy to make and oh so yummy! Each biscuit dough disc from a can of Pilsbury Grands were flattened and molded on to a cupcake pan and filled with a delectable cream cheese filling:

Preheat oven to 400 deg

"Sweetly Kissed" Filling

1 brick of Kraft Neufchatel cheese or 1/3 less fat cream cheese
1/2 cup honey
1 tsp cinnamon
a small pinch of salt

Blend together until well mixed. Taste and adjust.

Spoon into each biscuit cup dough and bake for 10 minutes or until puffed and lightly browned.

Take it out and transfer onto a cookie sheet. Bake for another 2-3 minutes on 400 deg.

Serve slightly warm topped with a tall tower of low-fat whipped cream and cinnamon sprinkles. Any kid can just grab it and eat it without fear of needing to stay put. Why because they'll eat the cream off first and eat inside out! Yum! Of course, you can do the following presentation if you are a proper consumer. (Nah, after I took this picture, I ate a strawberry, took a bite while holding the "cup" in one hand, strawberry, a bite and so forth and so on... You think you can handle that?) :P

I also guarantee you that when you take a bite of the whole filling and biscuit with or without whipped cream is like a "sweet kiss"! (mwah!)

You like the plate? You've all seen it! It's Corelle's "Shadow Iris". I've had this set since 1997 and they all still look fairly new even with three voracious eaters I call my children. ;-)

TABLESCAPING IDEA: ("Brain" is getting hungry over this one) In light of today's post, compose a buffet style finger foods and use it as your centerpiece! Instead of flowers, use cut fruits to bring a fresh factor to the tablescape. Instead of dinner plates, just use salad plates for portion control and talk your guests ear off about how much fun you had putting it together for them! For a favor, give them a copy of the recipes on individual cards with the picture of the corresponding dishes.

A big thank you to our host, Gollum for making us welcome Spring with today's "Spring Fling" Foodie Friday!


  1. Chandy,
    I love quick, kid friendly recipes. I'm going to try this tomorrow morning, I think I have all the ingredients in my fridge! BTW, I didn't know you were in Texas. My eldest son is a college student at UD. Talk to you soon!

  2. Wow, you have a college age student? You don't look like it! :-) Cool!

  3. Ummm, this sounds great. And pretty, too. Thanks for the recipe.
    That German pancake I am showing on my is the size of a cake pan and has only 3 eggs..hubby and I split it as it is large. If you made one for your 3 kids, they wouldn't be getting too many could serve it with fresh fruit and a light syrup or they would love it.

  4. This looks like a giant pastry that I could just dive right into.... I'll definitely have to try this. Looks yummy!

  5. I love this recipe and think it would be fun to take to a church meal, thank you for sharing it.
    Happy Foodie Friday to you, Chandy!

    This is my first Foodie Friday
    The Raggedy Girl--Roberta Anne

  6. Hi Chandy,

    Your post is adorable; you have the ability to bring out your personally in your....very talented. A cheese cream filled pastry is always my first pick, well unless, I'm in the mood for chocolate. Your recipe sounds great and I can't wait to give it a try.
    I love your blog! It is beautiful.

    Thanks for your sweet comment and have a wonderful weekend!

    Nola @ The Bloom Girls
    Nashville, TN

  7. Yummy...I'll be making these 'cause I love kisses :-) (who doesn't??). Love your new background. Also, thanks for sharing Ann's blog. I believe she and I have a lot in common. Thanks for sharing, once again, a "grand" idea!!

  8. These look great and I like that they're 'portable' for the kids. Cream cheese has to be one of my favorite ingredients. Nancy

  9. What a cute idea! My mind is already thinking of the various possibilities :)

  10. Thank you ladies! Enjoy the recipe and the extra kisses you'll get! ;-)

  11. My first trip to your blog and I love your style and philosophy. Kudos! And this dessert sounds divine. I must try it some time.

  12. Maureen welcome! Visit anytime and thank you for the sweet comment!

  13. This looks so good Chandy. I know I would eat too many, but sometimes it's just necessary to eat more than one, right? I really liked your Tablescape post and didn't get a chance to comment. The green dishes are lovely with the pocketed napkin. Looks like you have a Neoregelia Bromeliad with a pup. Very pretty!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your cute family.

    Cheers! Sue

  14. Sue, thank you for telling me what kind my bromeliad is! I was wondering what kind it was. Thank you, thank you!

  15. These would definitely make my mouth SMILE because I like quick and easy! Have a good weekend.

  16. Chandy,
    Oh, what a pretty new background...everything in this post is just delish ! You bring fresh air into my day with every post you write !

    Anytime you want to share a recipe with your followers be my guest.I love when my blog gets linked so others can visit too...You are so sweet and talented...Thank you LOL !

  17. P.S.
    I see that you almost have 100 followers...WOW ! I'm very happy that so many people have found your blog and love it as much as I do !

  18. Hey Girlfriend...

    Just read your happy to see you today, my friend!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

    Ohhh my...I love this recipe! It sounds scrumptious and so easy to make...which for me is a nessecary element to any baking that I do! hehe!!! I'm going to definitely try these...I just love anything with cream cheese filling!!! Thanks for sharing...

    Warmest wishes,

  19. Thanks everyone! I love it, too!

  20. Chandy,
    YUMMY!!! This sounds soooo good...I might have to add it to my list of cravings!!! 1.strawberries 2.kisses get the idea!!! I am going to make these tomorrow and give my kiddos a kiss;)!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!

  21. Chandy,
    I am copying this recipe down so I can make it, wow it is a great one! It looks like something you spent hours making and yum it is making hungry just looking at it.

  22. Chandy,
    These look so yummy besides kid friendly! I am so glad I visited!

  23. YUMMY and looks simple!
    ENJOY your weekend!

  24. Thanks for visiting my blog. Great post.

  25. Chandy,
    I forgot to mention earlier...I became a follower of yours today...YEAH!!!

    Have a great day!!!

  26. Hi Chandy, I always enjoy visiting you , The sweetly biscuit cups look so delicious, I love the name.
    Thank you for sharing.

  27. Thank you, Cathy! Thank you!

    Sue, me, too! ;-)

  28. That sounds SO yummy! The pictures make me hungry!

  29. Oh those look delicious - whether you have little ones at home or not! Yep! I think I could handle the strawberry in one hand trick! Thanks for sharing this recipe. laurie

  30. Jennifer, it is yummy!

    Laurie, I so agree! it's a great thing to eat!

  31. Hi Chandy, What a great idea - I actually have all of the ingredients for these and I think they would make a fun and quick little breakfast treat, too. I still have my Corell from 1986 and use it daily and it still looks like new. The pattern is Cinnamon. I usually eat from the salad plate - so you'd think I would be thin.....Robyn

  32. Chandy,

    I need to wear my reading glasses while I'm blogging from now on ! You now have 56 followers...sorry about the Boo Boo in my other comment LOL

  33. Robyn, Lynn and Susan; thank you for visiting! Robyn,you are silly, salad plate just means you can go for seconds! LOL

    Lynn, no problem! Still love ya!

    Susan, yes, yes they are! ;-)


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