Sunday, April 5, 2009

Patience is a Virtue...

Hello to all!

I write this post with trembling hands...

As you know, my original wedding china pattern was Noritake's Halls of Ivy. It is a beautiful ivory and gold fine china with embossed ivy leaves all around. Even back in 1996, I have never been able to afford it, but it was the most inexpensive placesetting pattern in Macy's at that time. So being a soon to be Mormon bride with a groom to be who wasn't thrilled about my need for a wedding china, he and I reluctantly decided that we will have to agree on the pattern and combined with the inexpensive (not really) price tag, we chose it.

My boss at the time, a single man, didn't mind picking up two placesettings plus two of our crystals to help us get started. But that's it since 1996... And for the fact that I'm deathly afraid that I'll break the possibly only fine china I'll own before I can complete it, we used it only once.

But my love of all beautiful dishes never died and my husband slowly realized it when I stood in front of the Nikko "Precious" plates we found in Costco in 1997. We came back to it twice and after agreeing that it will be my 1st wedding anniversary present and for hosting our first Thanksgiving dinner with family, we bought it. The fever grew, and since then, we have decided on every dinnerware we've purchased or at least, he found a way to like them. LOL

As I am a self proclaimed tightwad, I became very picky and never regretted my choices. I have had good friends ask me what I want for Christmas or birthday and I tell them, I want dinnerware! I even joined Freecycle to find more.

Anyway, as many of you have had a peek at my collection and wish list, I have never forgotten my desire to complete a wedding china pattern that I would love forever. At first I thought it was Noritake "Sampaguita" because it was made in the Philippines. But no, because I already have a lot of green dishes in my Bordallo collection.

Then I thought it was Mikasa's "Love Story" since it is only swirls of ribbon and it's not gold (Not a big fan of gold rimmed dishes, except for one, Target's Holiday '08 collection called "Snowfall Splendor" in Gold.

I also thought that I found my pattern in 222 Fifth's "Gabrielle", but no to that pattern as well though it is unbelievably pretty.

But then, just a few weeks ago, I posted about dinnerware named after women, and to my surprise, Noritake, my favorite fine china maker, created one called "Carolyn". Yes, named after me! I was shocked beyond belief! But again, "Brain" helped me block this out... or so she thought...

I've since looked it up and just last week found over 80 pieces (12 placesettings) of this pattern being auctioned in Ebay for a fair amount of money and only one person bid. This included the crystal goblet in the same pattern, but I was only really interested in the plates. I've found my crystal goblets, so no problem there.

Yesterday afternoon was the last day to bid and I almost did! I found myself registering in Ebay and I got as far as putting in the next highest bid, but something stopped me. I just couldn't! So I quickly erased the number and closed the site to prevent any accidental clicking... Boy, was my heart heavy! So close, but not quite! But it felt good to walk away because that's money I didn't have to spend, you know?

Then last night, when I revealed my hesitation to my husband, all he could do was smile and feel a little disappointed for me. I thought of it no more, but while he got ready to go to work, I felt the need to look if the auction was extended or a similar one started. I scrolled down and I saw pieces of Noritake "Carolyn" being sold inexpensively by one seller! And she had each 12 dinner and salad plates, a platter and 4 sets of teacups and saucers. All very inexpensive!

To get to the point, I went to email the seller for some clarification and found out that she works near where I live! And because I wanted to buy everything in the pattern she was selling, she gave me a discount! A good discount! So, for pretty much the same amount of pieces, I bought my official wedding china pattern- NORITAKE "CAROLYN" for a third of the auction bid price!

Yes! Patience won out again! I am very grateful for my husband who didn't push me either way, for my friends Heather and Michelle who thought this pattern is made for me and that I deserved it.

I will share with you all the details why during one of the memes, maybe Thrifty/Tablescape Thursday? Leigh, Susan, what do you think?

Thank you for reading. I love you all for experiencing this with me through this post!


  1. Good morning and congratulations! Some things are just meant to be and it looks like your china was one of them..Can't wait to see your tablescapes!

  2. What a find. So neat to find your wedding china and what a thrill to get it for a reasonable price. I so look forward to seeing it. Congratulations. Hugs, Marty

  3. Ohhhh Chandy! I understand the thrill of finding wonderful china at a bargain price...but it doesn't seem to happen very often! How wonderful for you!! I can't wait to see your beautiufl dishes!!! Hope you are having a good weekend...hugs...Debbie

  4. Your bad friend finally has the thank you for the award up.Sorry it took me so long...Ann

  5. WOW! What a great find!
    Thanks a lot for your lovely comment, too!
    Have a great day,

  6. Patience does pay off...I am so happy for you...your post got me to thinking about my own fine China by Noritake "Blue Charm" My Hubs got it for me as one of my wedding gifts in Hong Kong. I liked it, but have never LOVED it, if know what I mean ? I preferred the pattern my Hubs got for his sister at the same time ( can't recall the name, but it is more ornate ) and when I saw it after she got married, I wish I had seen it first and picked it instead ! But the "Blue Charm" was the pattern Hubs picked for us so I never quibbled about it.

    I rarely take it out and use it...what the heck am I waiting for ??? I have been married almost 37 years and only brought it out maybe 10 times total ! So guess what I'm using for Easter ? ...thanks to you LOL

  7. Lynn, you are a sweetheart! Please do take pictures of your table so I can see it and get some ideas? I love it when you come and visit... Thank you!

  8. Ladies, I am so happy about it! Thank you!

  9. Chandy,
    It was meant to be! The heaven's smiled and said yes, this is the one! I loved the way you told this story and even better because it is true! Enjoy these special dishes. I am happy for you!
    hugs, Cathy

  10. Thank you, Cathy! I look forward to having them in my home this Monday! ;-)

  11. OH, Carolyn! I'm so happy for you! I know you're just thrilled! Can't want to see them in your next tablescape!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :0

  12. Thank you, Shelia! I'm excited too!

  13. I agree that good things come to those who wait. Unfortunately, I'm not usually one of the lucky ones...That is so wonderful you got the china you want at a great price.

  14. Marivic, I know! I'm so excited to see them all in person in a few hours!


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