Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Little Northern Exposure and Spode Wish List

I love this plate, but the only one inside the Tuesday Morning I saw it at, the edge was chipped and cracked! I hope to find one exactly like it (found this pic online) at another Tuesday Morning! I'm patient when it comes to my plate hunting, so I'm not worried...
(fingers tightly crossed, though... LOL)

Isn't just grand in pink? I've seen it in blue or green online,
but upclose in pink, there's nothing like it!

I forgot to sign up in time with Beverly's email but I hope she doesn't mind me joining in anyway.

Hosted by "Christine's Home and Travel Adventures!"


This summer, my family and I would like to experience the following places before we take off to another state for our vacation spot. We will bring our cameras, capture the magic of the following fun places through our eyes and memories we'll make...

First, we want to visit the Dallas Arboretum and soak in all the glorious magic of nature...

Then , we want to experience the Great Wolf Lodge and Indoor Water Park in Grapevine.

Maybe catch some fresh air while cruising down Lake Lewisville in Lewisville

Then head off to Duckberry Creek Blackberry Farms for some juicy picking time in Denton

And learn of our past in The Dallas Museum of Natural History, in Dallas of course!
Please join me and Christine next time in Sightseeing Saturday.
We'd love to see what's great in your area!

Where would you be this summer?

A big thank you to both of our hosts today, Christine and Beverly!


  1. Love the 1st photo, I have one almost exactly like it from Dallas Blooms

  2. Hello Deb! Yeah, I just found that online!

  3. Happy Pink Saturday...I found you anyways even if you didn't sign up! Love the plate!


  4. Linda, I'm glad you found me! I love it, too!

  5. Hi Chandy...

    Ohhhh my...I'm with you! That is one of the prettiest pink plates ever! I'll cross my fingers (tightly) for you too...hope you find more, my friend!

    Thank you for sharing your family vacation photos of Dallas! I loved seeing the Dallas Arboretum...can't you just imagine that pretty walkway when the trees have their leaves on? Ahhhh...what a beautiful walk!

    Hope your Saturday is filled with pretty pink pleasures...

  6. We will be thinking of you today. WOW! Love that pink plate, too cool. I know what you mean about the Pink post, takes a little extra planning the day before. And happy to learn about sight-seeing Saturday. That will be a fun one. Have a good weekend and rest after all that writin'...and thinkin'!

  7. Chandy,
    Thanks for spreading the word about the give-away. Good luck to you.

  8. Dear Chandy,
    I'm with you!!! Love everything Spode. I had a spode gift year a few years back. DH and I went shopping for a dining table for 10 (our kids were beginning to get married) and a matching china cabinet was on sale and he bought that for me. I had alot of creamware, but needed some color too. For my birthday that year he bought me the blue collectable Spode plates and then for Christmas I got a set of red. So now I use the blue for spring and summer and the red for fall and winter. My quest for dishes never seems to end though.
    Have a great weekend~
    PS. Johnson Brothers also had a 'Castles' pattern that matches the spode patterns too. I'll take a picture of a salt and pepper set I just got and put it on my blog.

  9. Love the gorgeous pink plate. I hope you find more. Your trip to Dallas sightseeing is wonderful. So many neat things there. Hugs, Marty

  10. Sis Robbins; I loved seeing your post about the JB and Spode reds...

    Marty, I do, too!

  11. Chandy,
    I have had my eye on those same Spode plates at Tuesday Mornings. I will check next week and see if they have the lion. I remember they had the elephant and some Asian scenes. Have a wonderful Saturday; hope it is sunny where you are. Cathy

  12. I do so love your plate and I hope you find an entire set.This does remind me of dallas Blooms.Lovely,very lovely...Ann

  13. Cathy, hello! I know what you mean, it is pretty! The one I saw at TM, was cracked and chipped on the edge and you couldn't hide it... Oh well...

    Ann, me too, but I've seen them once and that one was chipped and cracked!

  14. I'm still amazed that I lived in Dallas longer than anywhere else, and didn't know about these. Guess we will have to move back and do it right! Happy Pink Saturday!

  15. Nancy, that would be a great idea! LOL

    Happy Pink Saturday to you as well!

  16. Your plate is VERY special with the Lion on it!

    AND I sure would have loved to be on that tour with you! :-)


  17. I have yet to own one of those plates! I'd love to have them soon though...

  18. Love the plate. I hope you find it!


  19. Pretty pink plate!
    Thanks for the information on Dallas...looks like fun!

  20. Oh that plate is beautiful! I have a thing for pink plates too! Have a great weekend!


  21. Beautiful plate. I have not seen it in pink. Happy Pink Saturday.

  22. Diane, Karyn and Sue; it is beautiful up close. I so hope to find an intact one soon!

  23. Those look like great places to visit Chandy! I was just in Tuesday Morning. I love that store. I'll have to keep my eye out for that plate. Happy Pink Saturday!

  24. SSP; I hope you find one, do a giveway and I hope to win! LOL

  25. Hi Chandy! I would love to see those places someday. They look like a lot of fun to visit! Love the spode plate too! We are sailing on our way back to Fort Lauderdale and I am trying to use up the internet service min. that we paid for here. Looks like you've been busy. I have missed you all. I will try to load pics for Sightseeing Sat. right after I sen you this. Will you please join me again if I am able to?...Christine


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