Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Short "Pink" History

Today, we're going to again explore what makes Carrollton, Texas special.

Did you know that Barney is produced in Carrollton, Texas?

That's where Disney stars Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato
got their start as 7 year old extras on the show.

From the Associated Press:

Sept. 19, 2006

A beehive of activityThe program is produced in the Dallas suburb of Carrollton, inside an unadorned red brick building that bears no hint of the beehive of activity within.
Inside, carpenters hammer away on set designs, elaborate props are constructed, voices and sounds are recorded and dance routines are rehearsed. The child actors who perform with Barney even have their own classroom and teacher.
Barney really is two people, as are each of his dinosaur sidekicks.

Aside from Barney, we also have...

Elm Fork Nature Preserve

This is the Amphitheater

Look at this Carrollton Police Department grounds?

Next Saturday, come join me and Christine for Sightseeing Saturday

and show us what's great about your city

or the places you've seen!


Now onto something pink and pretty!

Hosted by "How Sweet The Sound"

"Victoria Park"

A Pfaltzgraff Pattern

This pretty, graceful pattern is rich in intricate textures and lavish details,
from the fluted exteriors to the scalloped rims,
all rendered in tones of pink and cream.
RETIRED as of 8/31/08.


If you have this pattern, I have one thing to say to you...

You are...


lucky duck!

I'm not into pink dinnerware much, but I found myself looking at this pattern a lot when I visit Pfaltzgraff online.

Thank you, Beverly and Christine for hosting another great one!

My blog buddy, Lynn of "Lynn's Kitchen" has a great recipe for Apple Crisp! Come see her and the yummy recipe. If you haven't yet yesterday, I mean! LOL I will so do it and show you all soon!

TABLESCAPING IDEA: ("Brain is just tickled pink about this idea!) Create a zen table using pink from the tablecloth to the candles. Meaning use the same shade of pink throughout and do a simple pink short orchid stem centerpiece in a clear glass. Use soft pink votives or tea lights in clear containers. By having a monotone table, it looks peaceful and serene, giving a zen feel to your evening. For the menu, plan a menu that's quiet to eat- creamy potato soup, marinated steak already cut in strips, brown rice pilaf or risotto and cheesecake bites. This is a perfect table to create when the whole family is stressed out over something like tests or a big move or not so good report cards. It will be an inexpensive and delicious therapy for everyone...


  1. Hello Chandy! I think it'll be nice to have a walk at Elm Fork Nature Preserve - nice sights and fresh air :-) Oh and the "edible cups" you made sure looks delicious. But I don't bake so it's sad. Someday - maybe :-)

  2. Greetings from Chicago, Chandy! That looks like a fun place to visit, lucky for you it's pretty close to you. The plate pattern is very pretty and I like the simplicity of your tablescape idea!...Christine

  3. Happy Pink Saturday. Your blog is just such a delight to visit each week. Of course, all of the pink goodies always warm my ♥.

    Wishing you, and all those close to your ♥, a purr-fect weekend filled with joy, peace and gracious living.

  4. Thanks, ladies! Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. *´¨)
    ¸.*´¸.**´¨) ¸.**´¨)
    (¸.*´ (¸.*´* HAPPY PINK SATURDAY *

  6. Thank you for sharing1 Love the plate. Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. Looks like a lot of fun and a great place to visit, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  8. Thanks for sharing. That is a gorgeous plate. Happy Pink Saturday.


  9. Thank you, I like that plate a lot, too!

  10. Your zenu sounds delicious! Here's what I want to know...How do you keep up with so many blogs!

  11. Chandy, I was born in Hamilton, Texas. That's not very far from there. What a neat little city. I'd love to go back and see all the wonderful things, and how they've changed. Great post. Hugs, Marty

  12. I love Barney. Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday.

  13. I used to do craft shows in Carrolton! I miss Texas. Lovely plate pattern. Happy Pink Saturday!

  14. Hello! It's nice to see that many of you have been to Carrollton!

  15. Happy PINK Saturday to you Chandy...thank you for coming by and seeing me my friend..I see you are Filipino well on my side bar did you see my Great grand daughter Kyra...her daddy is part filipino and my grandson is on my slide show very handsome young man...I told Christine last year about how good looking this kid was and now his daughter is just beautiful..May you have a great weekend my friend...hugs and smiles to you...Gl♥ria

  16. Oh Gloria, that's great to know, I will definitely be looking again!

  17. Very pretty plate! Happy Pink Saturday!

  18. Oh Barney...I haven't watched him in years. I can still hear his song....Happy Pink Saturday! ~ Robyn

  19. your pink plate pic is pretty, your tour is great but the nordic ware story is so funny!! thanks for sharing and happy pink week!


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