Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Chirp Chirp!" Said the Vases?

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Yesterday morning, after we picked up my official china pattern, we also had other errands to do and one of them was mailing something for my niece in Utah via FedEx. Well, said FedEx is near a Marshall's so I asked dh if I can peek in.

Before I begin my story, I found the same robin-egg blue dinner plates and teacups and saucers and a few bowls that many of you already have, but since I like sets, I didn't buy any. But knowing me, there's no way I wouldn't roam around and "inspect the goods" on every aisle, right? Do you remember Shelia's luck in Marshall's with her cute Spode dishes? Well I scored a great one, too, but that's not my story. I'm digressing...

As I turned into each aisle, I quickly realized that there were obviously no real item of interest to me. The crystals were not winking at me, the dishes weren't happy to see me (except for the light blue ones, I thought I saw them blow me some kisses...) Anyway... I kept walking and walking. I did celebrate a little bit on the spot when I realized that this gem I carefully lifted was a Spode and it was on clearance! (Sorry, you'll have to see it another time. I'm trying to tell you a story here!) ;-)

When I was at the end of the housewares aisles back to the registers, I heard chirping! Of course, I stopped and listened for where it was coming from. Up above my head, yes I'm that short, were two small beautiful birds perched on a hollowed out tree trunk. But before I can grab them, I heard another set of somewhat muffled, but definite chirping! This time I had to look down and really listened for them. There, in the middle shelf, in the very back, were two other, and rather pudgy birds perched on some stalk of flowers!

I grabbed them first and while the two birds above me were laughing from the capture of their two hiding friends, I snagged them too! I silenced them with my Spode bowl and after paying for them, they quietly surrendered all the way home with me. After getting home, I put them on the table and had them talk to each other and maybe apologize for leading each other to their capture. I grabbed the camera, but here's what I get as a thank you...

The two pudgy ones turned their back on me and chirped away at each other! Let's listen in... Do you speak bird?

But I was patient... I just kept the camera on them. Eventually, they couldn't stand it anymore and turned around. A-ha!

So then, I turned the camera to the other two who either looked curious or stunned by the presence of this black clicking menace and the flashes that temporarily spooked their friends. They chirped away rather quietly without looking away, so I wasn't sure what to do next myself... but of course that didn't stop me! (click!)

They too, decided to run away from the camera but I saw how cute those feathers are and I just couldn't help myself. I had to take more pictures! Mwah-ha-ha-ha!!!

Eventually, my arms got tired and I put down the camera, but these four birds are now forever mine. Mwah-ha-ha-ha!!!!

Let's see what other "multiples" are available to visit today... But first, I'd like to thank Tam for hosting another Three or More Tuesday. Mwah-ha-ha-ha!!! (Oh, sorry...)

TABLESCAPING IDEAS: ("Brain" is just unbelievably quick in coming up with these ideas!) Have a lot of vases that coordinate? No problem? Use them all as centerpieces. Put them on different levels and only choose three to fill with flowers. In between a votive or two. Set the table with your chosen dishes and crystals, turn down the lights and take a picture or two before you eat. What for? To blog about of course! Even I know that!


I almost forgot that today is Kari and Kjisa's Door Party Tuesday!

Hosted by "Ask Kari and Kijsa"

I chose this site, SPDoors dot com because I love Spanish doors. Maybe someday...

And here's one I would choose for the doors of my future door if I can ever afford it.

Here's my current front door:

I love how we have our own natural canopy... The breeze freshens up my home and the inside air refilled with life sustaining oxygen! And here are my petunias that greet everyone who wishes to enter within. Welcome to all of you!

Thanks for looking! Now, I'm off to Kari and Kjisa's to see other cool looking doors!


  1. What a cute post, Chandy! And those birds are the cutest! Love them! Happy Three or More Tuesday...


    Sheila :-)

  2. Too cute...birdies and their story. Got right behind you on the list.
    Birds of a feather...Candy

  3. Sheila and Candy; thanks! I was so thrilled to have found them. I loved seeing everyone's birds so it was great to finally have some. LOL

  4. your birds are cute, they have really interesting conversations

  5. Chandy! I love your sweet birds/vases! They made me smile at least 3 or more times!! Happy day to you...

  6. What an entertaining writing style you have...love it! You scored some wonderful birds...happy 3 or More!

  7. Leigh, thanks! They were a hoot!

    Ellen and Cami; thank you, I had fun making them "talk"!

  8. Chandy,
    I agree those are great looking doors! I love you have flowers outside of yours; it is the little things that make a house a home.

  9. Thank you Cathy, you always great comments to warm my heart...

  10. Hi Chandy.

    Love those door pics that you posted; quite magnificent.

    Your petunias are a sweet touch to your own front door!

    Blessings to you from Kansas,

  11. Very cute -- the birdie story! The door thing is new to me ... I'll check it out.


  12. I llike the textureed carving of the doors of your dreams.
    You are so lucky to have fresh flowers at your door step. It's cold and snowy here in Toronto.
    Thanks for dropping by.
    Have a wonderful day!

  13. Haha! Love the birds -- they must be parrots, they talk so well. (wink)

    I am going to have to find a Marshall's and check things out; the last time I went to one, it was to find flip-flops for my daughters!

    Your petunias are lovely; they are among my favorite plants for pots in the summertime. Right now it is too chilly here for anything but pansies, so I have them in a basket by the sunroom door. But soon -- petunias!

    Thanks for the giggle -- those birds are so cute. (favorite: "Are my tail feathers straight?" Hahaha....)

  14. Ladies, I'm glad my birds entertained you... I giggle everytime I see their "conversations"!

  15. What a cute post. I love the tablescapes. One more surface to decorate. yeah.
    I too love the Spanish doors. The wood and iron
    give them presence.

  16. Be still my little heart. I love those birds!!

  17. That door you picked suits you!! In the meantime your petunias dress up the one you have and look great!

  18. We think alike with our pots of flowers at our door.

    Now excuse me, I hear some chirping, and I have to go to the M store.

  19. Thank you dear ladies! And Sal, that's exactly how it happened. LOL

  20. Love your door's tranqil spot! We enjoyed seeing your dream door - yep...that's a keeper!
    Thanks for sharing with us {love your table scapes too!!}

  21. Oh, thank you! I'm quite proud of them, too!

  22. Wonderful post, Chandy! Or should I say "How Tweet!"!?!

    Angelic Accents

  23. Stephanie, my thoughts exactly! LOL

  24. What a cute post and here I'm a day late commenting on it. Please forgive me. As someone else stated, very 'tweet' LOL.
    Have a wonderful evening,

  25. No problem Tam! I'm just glad you got to see it! Thank you!


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